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Incident Business Workshop Ben McGrane May 3, 2011

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1 Incident Business Workshop Ben McGrane May 3, 2011
Fire Procurement Incident Business Workshop Ben McGrane May 3, 2011

2 R6 Fire and Aviation Contracting Team (FACT)
Regional Office AQM Group FACT Members: Ben McGrane – Lead & Aviation Kermadine Barton – CO Leif Shjeflo – CO Juanita Johnson – Procurement Tech Headquartered in Redmond, OR Responsible for all preseason IBPAs VIPR Competitive Local IBPAs (noncompetitive) Regional Aviation Contracts/Agreements

3 Aviation - Helicopters
R6 CWN Type III Helicopters Current Contract expires 5/15/11 New BPA 2011 R6 Exclusive Use Type III Helicopters Contracts – Exclusive Use 4 Bases: Siskiyou, Frazier, Prineville, Wenatchee National CWN – RFP out soon Exclusive Use - Renewed

4 Aviation – Light Fixed Wing
CWN Light Fixed Wing Current BOAs awarded 2010 Year 2 of 3 20 Vendors & 57 aircraft Air Attack LaGrande & Wenatchee – Year 3 of 3 Redmond & Klamath Falls – Year 2 of 3

5 Agreement Types - Equipment
Incident Blanket Purchase Agreement (IBPA) Competitive Preseason IBPA Noncompetitive Preseason (Local IBPA) Emergency Equipment Rental Agreement (EERA)

6 IBPA vs. EERA Contractor can check out PPE, Shelter, etc.
IBPA (VIPR) EERA Contractor comes equipped w/ PPE & shelter* Rates: Competitive Term: up to 3 years Can re-use Contractor can check out PPE, Shelter, etc. Rates: Established, 90%, or negotiated. Term: ends at Demob Cannot re-use

7 Competitive IBPAs Characteristics Done in VIPR National Template
Competitive Pricing “Best Value/CBA” Host Dispatch Dispatch Priority Resources: Water Handling Heavy w/ Water Mechanics Fallers Potable/Gray/HW Trailer Clerical GIS Mobile Laundry Reefers Heavy Equipment Weed Wash Fuel Tenders

8 Region 6 Local IBPAs Same process as 2010 Last Year for USFS
Competing, Commercial Hire, or EERA in 2012 All preseason IBPAs administered thru FACT E.g., Drivers, Camp Equipment Established and/or Negotiated Pricing Rate Guide Still “hosted” through local Dispatch ITEAM program Employee Records IBPAs Dispatch Electronic Process

9 EERAs Hired after VIPR Agreements Exhausted Incident Only
Hired for specific incident Local AQM, Buying Teams, IMTs Expire with demob Can be used to make changes to IBPA Can be done in ITEAM Standard Method for Toilets & Tents

10 VIPR IBPA Update Most IBPAs from 2009 & 2010 still valid
E.g. Waterhandling New Resources for 2011: Heavy Equipment Fallers Fuel Tenders Weed Wash Helicopter Support Trailers* Office Clerical * GIS* Communication Trailers* Mechanics* * Word of the Year = Protest

11 VIPR Rollovers All existing VIPR IBPAs (2009 & 2010 awards)
Waterhandling, Potable/Gray/HW Trailer, Heavy Equip w/Water, Reefer, Mobile Laundry Allowable Changes: Vendors can re-price Change Dispatch Locations Upgrade/Replace Equipment Recalculate Points Will generate new DPLs for 2010

12 2012 Templates Potable Water, Gray Water, Trailer Mounted Handwash Trailers Portable Toilets Mobile Laundry Medical Equipment Aircraft Rescue Firefighting Apparatus Coach Bus Vehicle Rental ATV Computers/Printers Chippers Mobile Sleeper Unit Feller buncher/ Masticator/Forwarder/Skidder Copier/FAX Road Grader Chainsaw Repair

13 References Region 6 Fire Procurement Site: Google “Fire Procurement”
Google “Fire Procurement” POCs Copies of VIPR Agreements References, Guidelines, etc.

14 Fire Procurement Agenda
Rate Guide Review 2011 Equipment Updates Payment Scenarios Fire Procurement Resources ITEAM Overview Website Overview

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