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Taking Our Council To A Higher Level - How We Changed Our Council Culture - GK Handbook Serge… St. Joseph Council 8872.

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1 Taking Our Council To A Higher Level - How We Changed Our Council Culture - GK Handbook Serge… St. Joseph Council 8872

2 ACTIVE MEMBER SURVEY St. Joseph Council 8872

3 ACTIVE MEMBER SURVEY Successful Program: –More than words –More than a suggestion at a meeting –Taking an initial idea, modifying it to suit specific situations, and implementing Solicitation of ideas and invitation to a Planning/Dinner meeting. St. Joseph Council 8872

4 INACTIVE MEMBER SURVEY St. Joseph Council 8872

5 INACTIVE MEMBER SURVEY We want to help you rekindle the flame... Tell us why you’re not active: –Work related issues. –The current program of activities is not of interest to me. –Other members haven’t made an effort to interact with me. –Other reasons – Please explain: St. Joseph Council 8872

6 SURVEY FEEDBACK St. Joseph Council 8872

7 SURVEY FEEDBACK Not enough service to Church and community Communication needs to improve St. Joseph Council 8872

8 SURVEY FEEDBACK The monthly meetings have no life… I think most members dread them. When I attended my first meeting I really didn’t know anyone…No one came over to introduce themselves to me…I felt like a real outcast. I never came to another meeting. St. Joseph Council 8872

9 SURVEY FEEDBACK “I felt as though I had my arm twisted to join… some guy I hardly knew coming up to me with a membership form…I thought I was coming to the Church to find out more information…it turned out to be the First Degree Exemplification Ceremony. Because of this I have never attended a meeting.” St. Joseph Council 8872

10 SURVEY FEEDBACK Need to have social time with our Brother Knights and with our wives. Need to recruit members of all ages and give them a reason to stay involved. I have seen new Knights join the Council. At an event there are 3 or 4 new members with 18 others to do the work. We have 80 Knights who do virtually nothing... St. Joseph Council 8872

11 ROADMAP TO NEW PROGRAM Seven Directors – Appointed Each Director to hold meetings with interested members Provide each member with an abbreviated “Surge… with Service” program St. Joseph Council 8872

12 ROADMAP TO NEW PROGRAM Formulate committees, chairs, and build the Council Organization Chart. Build a Council Calendar for the Year. Design a Council Budget St. Joseph Council 8872

13 PROGRAM IMPLEMENTATION Increase Community Service Activities Increase Church Activities Improve Communications –Phone Tree –Email Reminders –Council Newsletter –Council Bulletin Board –Monthly Calendars –Council Website St. Joseph Council 8872

14 PROGRAM IMPLEMENTATION Membership Candidate Information Meetings –Insure potential new members understood what becoming a Knight of Columbus really meant. Written Invitations to husband & wife. Evening or Sunday Morning Meetings Wives of Knights present at Meeting. Explanation of Knights Internationally and Locally. Question and Answer time. St. Joseph Council 8872

15 PROGRAM IMPLEMENTATION How we treat new Members. –Greeting at door to Council Meeting by Officers –Mentor’s assigned at First Degree Exemplification. New Knights First New Friend. Introduce New Knight to Council Members. Call New Knight for Meetings and Activities. St. Joseph Council 8872

16 PROGRAM IMPLEMENTATION How to Make Our Council More Visible to the Parish: –Provide Council Vest after First Degree Exemplification –Wear vests first Saturday and Sunday of each month. –Publish pictures of Knight/Family of the Month –Parish Bulletin “Thank You” for activity support –Council Bulletin Board in church dining room St. Joseph Council 8872

17 PROGRAM IMPLEMENTATION New Member Information Packet –Reviewed immediately following First Degree Exemplification Restructured our monthly financial report for clearer presentation Build council budget St. Joseph Council 8872

18 Monthly Business Meetings St. Joseph Council 8872

19 Monthly Business Meetings Utilize Power Point presentation software –FS and Treasurer Reports –Director Reports –4 th Degree Report –Field Agent Report –District Deputy Report –Pictures of Activities Send Power Point presentation to entire membership via email St. Joseph Council 8872

20 Knights of Columbus St. Joseph Council 8872 November Business Meeting St. Joseph Council 8872

21 Membership & Retention Director – Pete Fortin Membership – (Bob Watkins) –Motion to accept the following Candidates for Membership: Dave KingmaGlen Campbell Scott CharleboixChris Boza –Total New Members from Sept & Oct Candidates Information Meetings is now 9. –First Degree Exemplification is scheduled for this Saturday November 6 th at 10:00 A.M. with lunch to follow. –Mentors for each new candidate have been ass igned. St. Joseph Council 8872

22 Church Activities Director – Jim Sever Religious Devotions (Chuck Killian) - –Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament is tomorrow evening Nov 5 th from 5:00 to 9:00P.M. –Sign up sheet after meeting for Dec 3 rd Adoration. Vocations (Don Patchett)- –Our Vocations Breakfast will be Nov 14 th after both of the Masses. –Seminarians as well as Novices & Sisters will be in attendance so we can meet them. St. Joseph Council 8872

23 Pro-Life Activities Director – David Gay Childbirth and Parenting Assistance (Ken Wise) The Laundry Basket Project provides parents with needed baby supplies and laundry baskets! Collect baby items such as diapers, blankets, pacifiers, teething rings, and clothes, then place them in a laundry basket for CAPA. Practical and fun, these baskets provide much needed supplies to our parents and their babies, plus a laundry basket to tote clothes to the Laundromat ! Campaign to be held Saturday & Sunday Nov. 6 th & 7 th and 13 th &14 th St. Joseph Council 8872

24 Coats for Kids Breakfast St. Joseph Council 8872

25 Community Service Director – Bob Watkins St. Joseph Council 8872 Coats for Kids – (Larry Knutson & Leroy Bird) –190 coats were delivered to New Hope Resource Center.

26 “Keep Christ In Christmas” Tree Planting & Blessing St. Joseph Council 8872

27 “On Your Knees” Prayer - 40 Days of Life - St. Joseph Council 8872

28 Membership Information Meeting Director – Pete Fortin

29 Community Service Activities N.C.F.P. – “Food Sunday” Delivery of Parish Food Donations St. Joseph Council 8872

30 “Keep Christ in Christmas” Christmas Tree Lighting St. Joseph Council 8872

31 “Keep Christ In Christmas ” Tree Lighting Dessert Social St. Joseph Council 8872

32 Altar Server Recognition Program St. Joseph Council 8872

33 Community Service Activities Wheelchair Sunday Breakfast Director – Bob Watkins St. Joseph Council 8872

34 Community Service Activities Human Needs – New Hope Resource Center Director – Bob Watkins St. Joseph Council 8872

35 Council Bulletin Board Displaying All Seven Service Program Activities Knight & Family of the Month Pictures & Monthly Calendars St. Joseph Council 8872

36 Family Activities “Wine Experience” Director – Dean Bryans St. Joseph Council 8872 36

37 Family Activities Parish Fish Fry St. Joseph Council 8872

38 Community Service Activities N.C.F.P. “Cool Room” Project Framing Out for Cooling Unit St. Joseph Council 8872

39 Community Service Activities N.C.F.P. “Cool Room” Project Final Coat of Paint St. Joseph Council 8872

40 Family Activities Parish Auction St. Joseph Council 8872

41 Parish Auction Proceeds St. Joseph Council 8872

42 Monsignor Steiner Leads Parish in Celebration of Councils Accomplishments St. Joseph Council 8872

43 Membership Activities First Degree Exemplification on May 7th St. Joseph Council 8872

44 Wheelchair Donation to Shriners Hospital for Children St. Joseph Council 8872

45 Wheelchair Donations to Catholic Charities of Spokane St. Joseph Council 8872

46 Taking Our Council To A Higher Level - How We Changed Our Council Culture - St. Joseph Council 8872

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