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Kick-Off Day What will the challenge be? Game Challenge History Every year it’s a different challenge. You never know what to expect…

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2 Kick-Off Day What will the challenge be?

3 Game Challenge History Every year it’s a different challenge. You never know what to expect…

4 2001 RAD TO THE CORE The objective was to design and build a remote controlled machine that runs on an overhead track. The machine must remove fuel rods from nuclear reactors and place them into a Multi-Tube Containment Vessel (MTCV).

5 2002 WARP X: Blast From the Past OpportunityPoints Flipping Paddle10 pts Noodle Extraction10 pts Dynamite10 pts Rings 1st Level 20 pts Rings 2nd Level 30 pts Rings 3rd Level 40 pts Bumble Ball50 pts Picture provided by

6 2003 TRANSFUSION CONFUSION The objective was to safely transport as many blood cells as possible into a Cell Saver. Points depended on type of cell and which level of the Cell Saver they were placed.

7 2004 BEST FEVER The objective was to separate PCR Primers (tennis balls) from DNA (playland balls). DNA placed in your area were worth 1 point, placed in a shared area were worth 4 points, but the points were shared with the neighboring team. Capturing and placing the Hidden Gene game piece on to the elevated post earned points for all teams. Picture provided by

8 2005 MISSION TO HUBBLE Students had to design a robot capable of replacing the Hubble's aging batteries and gyroscopes. Students had to work together to score—one team member operated the robot while the other “drove” the robot through space.

9 2006 LAUNDRY QUANDRY The objective was to retrieve "dry" laundry from clotheslines and place "wet" laundry on clotheslines. Points were determined by the height of the line.

10 2007 A ROBOT ODYSSEY Exit the base and cross the Martian surface. Drive up onto the ASV and load supplies. Drive off the ASV and store the supplies in a storage bin at the Martian base. Picture provided by

11 Robot Construction Process Teams have six weeks to design and construct a robot Robot must fit within a 2’ x 2’ x 2’ area Robot must not exceed 24 lbs

12 Robot Kits All materials are provided FREE of charge to schools Teams can ONLY use the materials provided Motors, servos, batteries, & RC unit must be returned









21 Finished “Working” Robot

22 BEST Award

23 Project Summary Notebook Implementation of the Engineering Design Process Research Paper Brainstorming Approaches Analytical Evaluation of Design Alternatives Offensive and Defensive Evaluation Design Creativity Support Documentation

24 Project Summary Notebook Advantages: Attaching aluminum grasper to Grasping Mechanism #1 allows us to pick up both fuel tanks and equipment boxes Disadvantages: Aluminum grasper did not have enough gripping surface Only picked up box if the edges of the grasper caught under the lid of the box

25 Autodesk Inventor 2008 Reversed engineered robot parts (motors, servos, pulleys, etc) Use files to assemble parts into final robot design Allowed for computer testing of design

26 Table Display Recruitment of new schools Sharing information & mentoring other schools, including other BEST teams Presentations and robot demonstrations Publicity Fund raising and/or sponsorship efforts Use of technology, display models or boards, or multi-media at display Creativity in design and presentation of this exhibit Interviews at Table Exhibit, in Pit, and in Stands

27 Transfusion Confusion

28 BEST Fever

29 Mission to Hubble

30 Laundry Quandary

31 2021: A Robot Odyssey

32 Power Point Presentation Company Information Design and Manufacturing Process –Brainstorming approaches –Analytical evaluation of design alternatives –Offensive and Defensive strategy evaluation –Effective implementation of process Use of Available Technology Marketing Strategies Team Demographics and Operations Quality of Presentation

33 Team Spirit Exhibit vigor and enthusiasm throughout competition event. Use of signs, posters, props, costumes, t-shirts Cheerleaders, mascots, bands, etc. Number of supporters with school Discretionary Outward display of sportsmanship Grace in winning or losing Evidence that students are the primary “pit crew”


35 Robot Demonstrations

36 Presentations

37 Community Outreach

38 Publicity

39 Video provided by








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