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2012. 8. 27. Guideline for International Exchange Students.

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1 2012. 8. 27. Guideline for International Exchange Students

2 1. Housing - On campus: Dormitory(Woojungwon) * Payment has to be made within one week once you arrive by credit transfer or in cash at Woojungwon admin office. Then please hand in receipts for meal vouchers. * Fee Dormitory fee(1,187,000)+Deposit(100,000)+Membership fee(10,000)+Meal Voucher(243,000won- 90 vouchers) = 1,540,000won * Account Info: Hana Bank, 205-01529600201, GS 건설(Name of Account Holder) - Off campus: Find one on your own (Google ‘Housing around KHU Global Campus) Room TypeFees (Won) Double Room (4 months) 1,540,000won (including meals and others) * Please check below

3 Guideline for International Exchange Students

4 2. Dormitory(Woojungwon) Information - Address: Woojungwon Dormitory, Kyung Hee University – Global Campus, 1732 Deokyoungdaero, Giheung-gu, Yongin-si, Gyeonggi-do, 446-701, Korea - Tel: +82 – 31- 201- 3640 - Website: * Rules 1. All heating equipment are prohibited to prevent fire. For those who wish to cook, please use the international student lounge located on the 3 rd floor. However, it is not a real kitchen. You can cook instant noodles or convenient food. 2. You can only check in from 4 or 5 days earlier before orientation day. Even if you can afford to pay extra, there is no pre-check in. However, you can stay longer after semester is finished. Extra fee is 32,000 won per night upon request. 3. Pillows and blankets are ready in your room once you arrive. If you need extra, please ask laundry room or administration office at Woojungwon. You can also purchase new at Homeplus which is a market located in Yeongtong. Guideline for International Exchange Students

5 3. Academic System - You can make enrollment at your department after orientation. Buddy students help you register courses. - Course list is updated in February and August. For the course list, please email at or refer to OIA’s * OIA’s website will be renewed soon. Sorry for the inconvenience. Guideline for International Exchange Students

6 5 4. Pick-up Service - Each buddy student picks you up at the airport once you get out of exit. Student holds a sign board so that you can find him or her easily. If anyone who comes earlier than orientation, please let us know your arrival date so that buddy student can be assigned and meet you at the gate of KHU before orientation. 5. Available period for Woojungwon - It is generally available one week before orientation is held. * 1 st semester: End week of February, 2 nd semester: End week of August - If anyone comes earlier than this period, please find a place to stay since available period for Woojungwon is already fixed.

7 6 Guideline for International Exchange Students 6. Delivery of Certificate of Admission - Since exchange student’s application deadline is on May 1 and November 1, certification of admission is delivered at the beginning of January and July via UPS. - It goes to your home institution international office directly so that you can pick it up there. - It is delivered with acceptance letter. Please have your certificate of admission and acceptance letter with you when you apply for visa.

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