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Ardouin Mélodie Flahault-Franc Emmanuelle Galante Mathieu Ledoux Cédric Lepetit Muriel Seres Charlotte.

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1 Ardouin Mélodie Flahault-Franc Emmanuelle Galante Mathieu Ledoux Cédric Lepetit Muriel Seres Charlotte

2 I- Context - Trends - Concept - Target - Market - Competitors II- Business - Design - Services - Suppliers - chiffres du magasin pilote (muriel) III- Development - franchise -legislation -implantation - chiffres / consolidation (muriel?) IV- Communication - com (cedric) - RP (muriel) Summary

3 I- Context

4 Western society trends Observations : –More journeys made + Longer average journeys –Predictable delay at peak times –Willingness to use journey time for multi-tasking –Manufacturer and retailer actions Consumers are used to moving on everyday New distribution and new product development have encouraged consumers to consider on-the-move consumption much more seriously than they had before Trends - On-the-move consumption : a new phenomenon I- Context

5 blabla Concept I- Context

6 Consumers Profile Target consumer : 18-25 years old The typical service junky has high expectations of quality of life and levels of personal needs : they don’t want to spend their time to focus on housework People-on-the move explores the social, technological and logistical drivers that encourage on-the-move consumption Early evening consumption The time-period which is most likely to generate on the move demand => eg. rush to a social occasion Target : People on-the-move I- Context

7 Some cultural differences… The willingness of consumers to eat, drink or groom is depend on their cultural heritage Performing traditionally indoor acts in public is seen in some countries, such as France or Italy, as particularly anti-social … for an easily adaptable target to new lifestyles Nevertheless, young consumers are the most likely to consume while on-the-move => they generally more adaptable to new patterns of behaviour created by changes in the duration and mode of travel They are also more likely to find the idea of conducting these activities in public less abnormal or impolite Target : People on-the-move I- Context

8 33 surveys completed by people from 18 to 30 years old going regurlarly or occasionally to a Launderette Study of their consumption of Launderette and perception of the concept Qualitative study : laundrettes I- Context Main Results Young people who go to the Launderette are mostly students They usually go to the Launderettein the afternoon and early evening, and stay about one hour Going to the Launderette is perceived as an effort, and even a drudgery : the Launderette is a cold, unwelcoming place They would feel like going to a laundry-bar instead of their usual Launderette : they would be likely to spend more money to buy a drink, and tell their friends to join them They would have the feeling to waste less time than in their usual Launderette

9 30 surveys completed by people from 18 to 30 years old, going regularly into bars The main criteria for choosing one bar above another is the decoration and the atmosphere They consider alcoholic drinks essential in a bar, but not necessarily heavy drinks The drinks they buy the more frequently are coffee/tea, beers on draught, cocktails and soft drinks Qualitative study : bars I- Context

10 We should target students (from 18 to 25 years old), people on-the-move attracted by the idea of saving some time The laundry-bar concept settles several target’s problems The afternoon and the early evening would be the time of main frequentating Qualitative study : conclusions I- Context

11 In 2001 On-the-move market turnover = €69 billion European consumers journeys = 544 billion (1 hour per day) 9 % of consumers ate and 4 % drunk while on-the-move = €56 billion was spent on eating and drinking while travelling In Europe, the British and the Dutch spend the most on on-the-move drink consumption at €67 per person per year On-the-move market I- Context

12 On-the-move market forecasts In 2006 : On-the-move market turnover forecast = between €60 & €80 billion Europe consumers journeys = 560 billion The time spent travelling per person per day will increase : - to over one and half hours in Italy… - … and well over an hour in France, Germany, Sweden and the UK People in 2006 will make 4.0 journeys per day I- Context

13 A new lifestyle New product & service development, and the creation of on-the-move distribution channels will have an important role to play in answering consumer’s specific needs The first priority is to encourage consumers to consider on-the-move consumption as a new aspect of their lifestyles The on-the-move environment will have to be redesigned and re- packaged in order to become more attractive to consumers There is a real opportunity opens to players who wish to target this lucrative market I- Context

14 SWOT I- Context Internal Analysis StrenghtsWeaknesses Communication items - awareness - image - positioning Simplicity and pleasure 2 services in 1 None New company in the market Marketing mix - product strategy - price strategy - place strategy - promotion strategy Practical : two services in one Not expensive prices Essentially by buzz A new habit Center of the city places availability Target - 18-25 years oldEasy adaptation to new social patterns Very unpredictable and unfaithfull Company ressources - financial - technological - trade franchise basic material franchise business less benefit

15 I- Context External Analysis OpportunitiesThreats Company environment - economical - technical - legal - socio-cultural Economic growth is back Simple material On-the-move consumption Security / hygiene / alcohol licence Anti-social activity perception Market - size - structure - trends - place - consumption behaviours - motivation and choice items New Very divided Growing market Easy adaptation to new social patterns A social activity / New / not boring A little number of good places : Geo-marketing Competitors - classical bars - personal laundries - public laundries - home laundry services Only one service Not a social activity Boring and early closed Expensive Alcoholic drinks / smoking Simple and practical Fast service / quality of service SWOT

16 Competitors I- Context In France 2300 Launderettes. Main networks : 5 à sec, Wash’n Press, Clean Planet, Roto Clean, Lavomatique, Clean City Laundry - bar : an unknown concept In Europe One example of laundry-bar in Germany In USA Laundry-bars already exist in big cities (Miami, San Francisco)

17 II- Business

18 Design II- Business

19 Design : map II- Business 1 m

20 Design : logo II- Business

21 Services II- Business

22 Suppliers Laundry machine suppliers : MIELE Professional 2 laundry machine models : 10 KG (ref. WS 5100) and 14 KG (ref. WS 5140) 2 tumble dryer models : 8 KG (ref. T 5200 EL) and 10 KG (ref. T 5250 EL) II- Business

23 Suppliers Furnitures : Customized tables, chairs and bar => former laundry machines Alcohol : Wholesalers and brand alcohol companies Decoration – embellishment : posters of old laundry advertisings II- Business

24 Chiffres II- Business

25 III- Development

26 Franchise III- Development

27 Legislation III- Development

28 DEW franchise Setting up III- Development DEW franchise will be present in Western Europe in the main « student cities » such as : France : Paris / Toulouse / Lille UK : Cambridge / Oxford Spain : Barcelona / Madrid / Salamanca / Valencia Germany : Munich / Hambourg / Berlin Italy : Roma / Milano / Naples etc.…

29 DEW franchise Setting up III- Development Setting up in the European cities : in downtown not in the most prestigious places… …but in the very dynamic ones, eg. students neighbourhood, next to universities => Geo-marketing studies will be very important before setting up

30 IV- Communication

31 Objectives IV- Communication Focus on brand awareness… Since DEW is a new brand, totally unknown … and consumer cognition Because It is a new concept that must be fullfully understood by our target

32 Objectives IV- Communication Two distinctive targets : Franchise Consumers => Two distinctive communication strategies

33 B2B operations One main objective : Convince people to franchise their business IV- Communication Franchise Development : Owning a stand in Franchise shows Advertise in specialized magazines In France : –Franchise Magazine –L’Officiel de la Franchise –Défis Being present on franchise specialized web sites : bristish franchise federation : french franchise federation : british franchise association : french franchise association

34 B2C operations IV- Communication Two main objectives : First reach the target, through magazines and faculties Then, remind us to them thanks to marketing services operations.

35 B2C operations : Reach the target and remind us to them IV- Communication Faculties Own a stand near faculties Distribute flyers and leaflets Magazines Only specialized magazines, able to reach our target In France : Zurban (culture & night life), Nova (culture, lifestyle, trends), Jalouse (for young and independant womens) Marketing Services Leaflets and flyers inside the bar Member card : a member card will be available, which will offer reductions on washing and free drinks Designed bags : a special bag, designed in a very DEW style, will be offered to every new customer with a member card Stickers and « sous-bocks » will be given free

36 Common operations IV- Communication Launch of a Web Site A web site divided in two distinctives parts : one for the franchise and another for the customer

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