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Meet the 2014 Ranch Camp Summer Administrative Team

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1 Meet the 2014 Ranch Camp Summer Administrative Team
Miriam and Gilad Shwartz (and Sivan); Co -Directors Meet the 2014 Ranch Camp Summer Administrative Team The Faces on the Other Side of the Phone Eli Shaffer (and Tonka); Assistant Director of Staff Management Gina McReynolds; Assistant Director Jonah Baskin; Rosh Judiacs Anna Kite; Rosh Specialists Alexa Wynschenk; Rosh Banot and Deena Glucksman; Rosh Office and Logistics

2 Camper Information Meeting 2014
JCC Ranch Camp Elbert, CO Miriam and Gilad Shwartz, Co-Directors Gina McReynolds, Assistant Director Eli Schaffer, Assistant Director of Staff Management Deena Glucksman, Rosh Office and Logistics We will introduce ourselves and welcome everyone. We will let them know that they are welcome to ask questions along the way but that will we have a large question time at the end.

3 History of Camp What makes Ranch Camp special and awesome?
-Established 1953 -Serving over 400 campers each summer. 40 horses, 90 staff members, 2 goats, 5 chickens, 2 ducks + dogs and cats! 400 acres (Inner 40, Outer 400) in the Black Forest

4 Preparing for Camp Sage-like advice for free!
Go over the Parent Manual, Packing List and Behavior Agreement together. Tip! Do things as a whole family. Include your camper in the process of preparing for camp!! Connect with friends attending camp and/or plan slumber parties to practice being away from home. Talk about camp! Use positive, affirmative speech. “You will have a great time!” “ I can’t wait to hear all your stories when you come home.” Have a communications plan with your family (i.e. will you send bunknotes, letters, packages…if so, how often?) Attend Open House on June 11:00am-3:00pm Parents – Prepare yourselves for camp! Read literature on how to prepare yourself for your child going away.

5 Packing Tips and Tricks of the Trade
Trunk vs. Suitcase vs. Duffel – Any of these will work but we really like trunks or top opening duffels. Your camper will get 2 shelves for them to store their belongings; the rest they will need to access from their trunk or bag. (If you are planning on purchasing a trunk, consider using and use promo code trail301JC) Laundry – Full session campers will do laundry 1x per session so please pack accordingly!! (Laundry is done by a staff member but colors and whites are mixed) Bring a laundry bag to hang off the bunk. This is GREAT for storing dirty clothes and, when the session ends, you can leave your dirty clothes in the bag to save time on re-packing. Hand out packing list and encourage families to follow the list!

6 Packing Tips and Tricks of the Trade
Packing list cheat sheet taped to trunk or bag. Label, Label, Label!!!! Use full name, not just initals. You increase your odds of having your item returned by A LOT. Recommended label company: Mabels Labels ( OR use a permanent marker. (Items WILL get lost. PLEASE refrain from bringing items with high sentimental or dollar value!) It’s Maccabiah/Color War/Israel Day/Capture-the-Flag!!! Make sure to pack clothes that are Red, Yellow, Blue AND Green so you will be ready for whatever team you are on. Tie-Dye – Pack1-3 white, cotton items to tie-dye (shirts, socks, pillow cases, etc. – NO towels or full sheets) Trip or special programs – make sure to follow the list and get your questions addressed. Sleeping bags – campers will use sheets on their beds but will need a sleeping bag for campouts AND these work as a great comforter or fluffy mattress pillows.

7 Transportation Get on the bus!
Start your session of on the right wheel and decide how you will be traveling to camp. The Bus!! A great chance to meet staff and campers – start bonding now! Camp – Want to see camp for yourself? We recommend Open House or picking up your child at camp on the last day of the session. Air – We are DIA Champions! If you ever have the need to travel to camp via plane, you can trust us for a safe experience. We will go over transportation and push BUS travel TO camp as the best way to have a good transition. They can pick up at camp if they want to see camp or, better yet, attend open house.

8 First Day Expectations Day One schedule
Go over first day of camp. 1. Meet you Cabin group and staff. Start bonding with games. 2. Arrive at camp and eat grilled cheese and tomato soup! 3. Find your cabin, Find your bunk and start unpacking 4. Re-connect with old friends and start making new ones! 5. Visit different areas of camp with your cabin group (Swim Test, Horse Talk and infirmary) 6. Take a cabin photo 7. Eat Dinner 8. Campfire!! Meet the staff and learn camp songs 9. Bedtime

9 Snail Mail and More!

10 Snail Mail and More! Technology through the ages (all used today at camp!)
Letters Tip: Send your Child with pre-addressed and stamped envelopes. Send your letters 3-4 days in advance! Packages Tip: Do NOT send food. The office staff or critters will eat it. What to put in packages? Popular items include: books, magazines, crafts, games AND things to be shared with the entire cabin group. Bunk Notes - Online letters. Pay service through CampMinder which we print 1x per day in the mid-morning. Birthdays – Talk to Gina or Deena in the office and we can arrange treats for the cabin. We also have our own b-day traditions!

11 How to be a Camp Spy Purchasing and viewing summer photos, blogs and social media.
We will be sending out a Communications Brit (agreement) in June, check it out! - – we will communicate with you, and you with us! - Phone Gina and - First time Camper Calls will be made to you within 48 hours - Welcome Cabin Calls – At least 24 hrs prior to the session from your cabin staff. - Cabin s – There will be two cabin s per session from your staff member. -Blog! This will be updated regularly and is a great window to camp! -Photos!! 100+ photos 7 days a week! View, purchase, send, enjoy. Smile! -Facebook = Like us! 1-2 posts/day year-round, get connected to the larger camp community.

12 CampMinder is your portal for forms, photos, bunknotes, and more
CampMinder is your portal for forms, photos, bunknotes, and more! See your packet for links and tips on how to use CM. You can also check out our How-To Youtube video online. Reminder to tell parents to look at their notes for links to CM, how to videos, their account, staff bios, and other related rescourses like trunks/labels etc

13 Homesickness. We have all been there!

14 Homesickness. We have all been there!
Homesickness. Everyone gets it. 95% of campers AND staff! Steps to prepare and cope: Parents! Please read the information in your packet about how to prepare your camper for camp. This list is the BEST I have seen. Please also read the information about preparing YOURSELF to be away from your camper while they are at camp. Campers! Check out your sheet about coping with homesickness at camp. These are some great tips to help you get through it! Talk to someone about how you feel. Your counselor, a friend, your rosh village or anyone you like to talk to. We are homesickness experts! If you feel homesick, don’t worry. We are here to help you and will be there for you. Camp is awesome.

15 Camp Food…Yum!! I don’t like it! Do I have to eat it???
Kosher, Homemade (not pre-packed), Juice not Bug Juice, PACKED Salad Bar, Allergies OK Here!, PB&J and Fruit Bar, Hot options for every meal, Friday lunch in the commons, Shabbat Dinner! There is also snacks provided in the morning and afternoon. I don’t like it! Do I have to eat it??? Food is when we come together each day, 3x a day as a community so we work to make is awesome. If you have specific dietary questions, please see us after the presentation.

16 FAQ’s from Campers When do I take my medication? We have med calls around each meal and at night so whenever you normally take meds at home, you will take them at camp! You will either go to the infirmary to take your meds or they will be delivered to you at night. Your staff member will be there to show you and remind you! Will there always be a staff member in my cabin? Yes! Even when you are sleeping. During staff meetings 1x per week and Shabbat evening, there will be a staff member in the village checking-in on each cabin. Do I have to swim/ride horses/etc.? No. At Ranch Camp we practice Challenge by Choice. We will never make you do anything you do not want to do. However, camp is a safe place to try new things and we encourage you to reach outside your comfort zone and try new things! Can I bring my ipod/cell phone? You won’t even want it so leave it at home! We do not allow any electronics at camp because they distract us from having fun with our friends in the outdoors (with the exception of b’nai mitzvah students). Can I call my parents? Letters are the new telephone! Get those pens ready and write some memories down.

17 FAQ’s from Parents What if my child gets sick? We have a Doctor or Nurse on staff all summer dedicated to the health of your child. We will also send your child to nearby health clinics if necessary. You will be contacted if your child has a health issue during the summer. My child has allergies, can you accommodate them? Most likely! Our kitchen staff is amazing and can handle a wide variety of food allergies. Make sure to talk to us about your child’s allergy (food or environmental) before camp starts and list it on their forms. If your child needs an epi-pen or inhaler, staff members will carry this for your camper. How will I know if my child is happy and having fun? Encourage them to write home but don’t be sad if they are having too much fun to write often! You will be contacted by our staff if your child is having any problems including homesickness, behavioral, etc. Trust us to be your eyes and ears. Also, see the communication and media information on how to be your own spy as well!

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