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BLUWOOD – IT’S THE SAME WOOD, ONLY BETTER. WHAT IS BluWood? A two-part factory applied preventative coating system for lumber and building products. Wood.

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2 WHAT IS BluWood? A two-part factory applied preventative coating system for lumber and building products. Wood preservative and water repellency. Stops mold, fungal decay, rot, and wood ingesting insects including termites.

3 PART ONE : INFUSION FILM Bonds to wood substrate at the cellular level. A vapor permeable moisture barrier.* Allows trapped moisture to escape while keeping external moisture from seeping in. Locks the insect repellant (DOT) into the wood. Effectively prevents mold growth on all coated components. 1.75 on perm scale with <1 being water proof Disodium Octoborate Tetrahydrate

4 PART TWO: DOT A PMRA* registered DOT** wood preservative-A proven fungicide and insecticide borate solution that resists decay, and provides exceptional protection from rot fungi and wood ingesting insects. Global Warming has resulted in increased insect infestation. BC, Guelph, Vaughan…. There are termites in Canada! The problem is growing * Pest Management Regulatory Agency, Health Canada ** Disodium Octoborate Tetrahydrate

5 BluWood – The Process Factory Application Vapour Permeable Film Continued Penetration Cellular Bonding

6 BluWood – The Process The Application ProcessBluWood

7 WHY BluWood There is an increase in public concern and awareness about indoor air quality (School Portables). The Ontario Lung Association lists mold as a potential health hazard. BluWood stops Mold. Cottage Stud Today’s lifestyle adds a tremendous amount of moisture in the home from cooking and bathing/showers, dishwashers, laundry. Bathroom stud Energy Efficient Home building trap moisture in the home. New Healthy Home building trend. CMHC has begun a Healthy Home program. Mould recognized health hazard

8 Dampness inside wall cavities can cause extensive mold damage Ontario Mold Issues

9 Unprotected framing / sheathing = mold Ontario Mold Issues

10 Most mold issues hide…like in this ceiling Ontario Mold Issues

11 Mold specialists and inspectors will find the mold in your home prior to selling Lung Association has tied mold to asthma and other health issues Government is now looking at internal air quality as a major problem Sick Building syndrome Public Awareness

12 WHY BluWood – Building BluWood does not alter the structural properties of wood components BluWood components can be exposed to exterior weather conditions for up to six months Mould is the next asbestos for the building industry Liability issues as consumers understand the mold problem Profit BluWood reduces flame spread in comparison to uncoated building materials No special fasteners required. Excellent primer and adhesion qualities

13 Why BluWood – Environmental Energy Efficient homes a Bluwood must BluWood contains no VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds). Carpets, solvents, glue, formaldehyde… BluWood is non-corrosive BluWood is recognized by LEEDS (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design Green Building Rating System) BluWood is listed in the GreenSpec™ directory

14 Why BluWood – Common Sense Protects your family’s indoor environment against mold Protects your family’s home investment Homeowner’s insurance does not cover mold Homeowner cannot get a mortgage if home has termites Increase resale value Protects building materials before, during, and after construction

15 Using BluWood BluWood can be used for ANY interior and non exposed exterior renovation or application Provides extra protection in environments prone to moisture, Bath, Basement, Kitchen, Laundry

16 BluWood Media Exposure Extreme Makeover Mike Holmes in New Orleans Disaster DIY Love it or List it Newspaper Articles – Toronto Star, Globe & Mail New Home Sections; Numerous Regional Newspapers People Magazine – Brad Pitt builds environmentally friendly, affordable homes in New Orleans using BluWood Builders – Many GTA Track Builders Building with BluWood- Eden Oak, Wycliff, Rosehaven


18 Mike Holmes Announces TORONTO – November 3, 2009 – Mike Holmes and The Holmes Group are pleased to announce their support for Bluwood and encourage its use in Canada’s residential construction and renovation market. "Bluwood makes sense", says Canada's Most Trusted Contractor Mike Holmes. "I loved the way it performed for me in New Orleans and it makes total sense here in Canada too." Bluwood is a two-part factory applied wood coating system that is designed to resist moisture absorption – which can lead to mould and fungus growth, and insects that eat wood – like termites. It can be applied to structural frame products such as conventional lumber, plywood, OSB and engineered wood products and it is environmentally friendly. The coating forms a water-repellent, semi vapour permeable film, which controls the moisture absorption, but still allows the wood to breathe. This helps the wood maintain normal moisture levels. "Moisture combined with wood, will inevitably lead to mould growth", says Holmes. "Especially with today's more air-tight homes."

19 Mould negatively affects the indoor air quality of your home, and it can affect your family's health. It can lead to allergies and respiratory problems and can be extremely difficult to get rid of if you have it in your home, so prevention by using mould resistant building materials makes good sense. "Termites can cause a lot of structural damage to a home – and most often homeowners won’t know it's happening. Termites cause billions of dollars in damage in North America, and their populations are increasing across Canada," says Holmes. "So it makes sense to build with a product that resists termites and other insects that eat and nest in wood." Mike is so confident that he plans to use Bluwood in Wind Walk, the first HOLMES Community proposed for the Municipal District of Foothills in Southern Alberta. Wind Walk is a planned community of 457 sustainable homes that will serve as an international model of a sustainable development. Bluwood has been produced in Canada for 3 years. We are proud to be able to bring Canadians and the building community this new technology to stop the growing problems caused by mould and termites. Lowe’s a leader in bringing new products to market has been selling Bluwood for 2 years. Broadleaf Logistics is distributing Bluwood to traditional retailers throughout Ontario. Mike Holmes Announces

20 THANK YOU! Question & Answer

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