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Soar... Into Linen Savings Pii

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1 Soar... Into Linen Savings Pii

2 Powell Industries Incorporated Commercial Laundry Division Pii

3 Linen Laundry Operations During these challenging economic times the healthcare industry has to be cognizant of operating cost related to laundry operations. Healthcare organizations sometimes underestimate the impact of consistent comprehensive linen management program within their facilities. With over 20 years of experience in the linen laundry field PII provides experienced consultants that will access your commercial laundry needs. From policies and procedures to outsourcing your current operations PII can conduct an assessment of your current laundry operations that will depict internal and external laundry operations with resolution and or recommendations. Pii

4 Our Mission... To establish a business partnership while implementing effective comprehensive in- facility Linen Management Solutions for Healthcare and Industrial Corporations. Pii

5 Why use our Consulting Service? t Powell Industries innovative approaches in linen management has created a new awareness of total containment for all of it’s clients. t Our consultants are specialist at identifying effective solutions for the most perplexing linen distribution systems across the country. Pii

6 You Need Pii for “Linenitis”... t Astronomical Linen Expenditures t Excessive/ Inadequate Linen Par Levels t Sporadic Linen Deliveries t Linen Misuse and Abuse t Linen Theft t Scrub Management t Unhappy Patients, Doctors, Nurses, CNA’s, Students and t Administrators Pii

7 What “Pii” can do for you... t Facility Overview Analysis t Linen Usage Analysis t Inventory & Cost Containment Recommendations t In-Service Education t Develop, implement, and customize linen distribution Pii systems

8 What “Pii” can do for you, CONTINUED... t Develop accurate par levels for every usage area t Develop revenue enhancing opportunities t Departmental Staffing t Develop Linen policies and procedures t Reduce pounds per patient day, cost per patient Pii day and cost per pound

9 Pounds Per Patient Day Comparison Pii Pii Client

10 Cost Per Patient Day Comparison Pii Pii Client

11 Linen Cost Per Pound Comparison Pii Pii Client

12 LBS/PPD Before... & After Pii Pii Oct - May The Regional Medical Center 1998-1999

13 Our Goals t To work as a partnership with your facility t Reduce overall linen expenses by 15-25% t Improve the quality of patient care t Development and implementation of Best Practices Pii

14 References Pii Hospital Services, Inc. Columbia, South Carolina Southern Oregon Linen Services, Medford, Oregon Karen Paradee, NSM, Sewing Source Shared Hospital Services, Inc. Portsmouth, VA Hospitals Services, Inc. Newport News, VA

15 Contact Us! Pii Email. Phone. 757.471.2207 Fax. 757.989.0532

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