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A spire Academy A West Clermont Transition Program.

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1 A spire Academy A West Clermont Transition Program

2 What is Aspire Academy? Aspire Academy is West Clermont’s newest program offering for students who defer their diploma Focus independent living skills vocational skills

3 The Birth of Aspire Great Oaks terminated the Frisch’s program at Glen Este High School effective end of 2010-11 school year Available space created the option for West Clermont to develop an in-house program that filled the need for transition programming This opportunity provides a cost savings to our district

4 Eligibility Who Students 18-22 years old with intense cognitive abilities who have met graduation requirements and chose to defer their diploma Motivated to live as independently as possible Have a desire to work Decided by IEP team Flexibility Designed to focus on individual student needs No set time requirement

5 Goal To prepare our students to work and live as independently as possible

6 Aspire Academy Student Expectations Motivated to gain skills in the area of daily living/functional living Motivated to work Maintain consistent attendance Willing to participate in classroom/community experiences Dress appropriately for work and community experiences Maintain professional behavior

7 Program Objectives -Personal Finances- planning/ budgeting, money management -Scheduling- calendar, planner, appointments, transitions -Self Care- personal hygiene -Household Management- food prep, grocery shopping, in-house jobs, laundry, maintenance -Social Skills Awareness- building relationships, conflict resolution -Community Involvement- self advocacy, dining out, recreation, involvement of outside agencies -Health and Safety- planning healthy meals, basic first aid, emergency situations -Career Development- job searches, applications, interviewing, problem solving, job site training & experiences

8 Personal Finances Budgeting Planning Money Management Banking Filling out forms Online/In Person Banking

9 Planning/Organizing/Scheduling Time Using a calendar and planner Appointments Schedule Changes Transitions

10 Grooming/Self-Care Personal Hygiene Personal Identification Medication

11 Household Management Food Prep Grocery Shopping Daily/ Weekly Chores Laundry Household Maintenance

12 Community Involvement Self-Advocacy Dining Out Leisure and Recreation Involvement of Outside Agencies

13 Career Development Job Search Applications Interviewing Problem Solving Job Site Training and Experiences

14 Health and Safety Practices Eating Healthy Planning Meals Basic First Aid/Safety Practices Calling 911 Emergency Situations

15 Social Skills Awareness Building relationships Appropriate Interactions Conflict Resolution

16 Question/Answer

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