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AbilityOne Briefing. Before we begin… How many of us know someone who has a disability?

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1 AbilityOne Briefing

2 Before we begin… How many of us know someone who has a disability?

3 People with Disabilities Some of the most influential people have disabilities: Learning disabilities---Jefferson, Wilson & Einstein Heart condition---Eisenhower & Chaney Manic depressant---Abraham Lincoln Back problems---John F Kennedy Alcoholism---Ulysses S Grant Crippled By Polio---Franklin D Roosevelt “No country, however rich, can afford the waste of its human resources. Demoralization caused by unemployment is our greatest extravagance. Morally, it is the greatest menace to our social order.”

4 People with Disabilities Franklin D Roosevelt 32 nd President of the United States Served four consecutive terms 1932-1945 1921-Age of 39, stricken with Polio New Deal-Gold Std. Enacted Social Security

5 Preferential Programs Agenda JWOD Experience – 65 Years and 42,000+ Success Stories Federal laundry success story growing from 20,000 lbs. in 1976 to just over 48 million lbs. in 2007. Javits-Wagner-O’Day (JWOD) Program

6 JWOD Program & Support 1938 - Wagner O’Day Act NIB Designated 2005 – 2,000+ contracts, 45,000+ jobs 1971 - Amended by Senator Jacob Javits-NY 1974 - NISH is created

7 AbilityOne Mission and Vision Mission Provide employment opportunities for people with disabilities in the manufacture and delivery of products and services to the Federal Government. Vision The JWOD program enables all people with disabilities to achieve their maximum employment potential.

8 AbilityOne Program & Support Air Force GSA Army Justice Education Labor Defense VA Agriculture Private Commerce Navy Congress Legal Authority

9 AbilityOne Program & Support Steven B.Schwalb, UNICOR-Chairperson Frederick R. Beaman III, Dept. of Air Force LeRoy F. Saunders, Private Citizen Andrew Houghton, Private Citizen -V.Chairperson William H. Campbell, Dept. of Veteran Affairs W. Roy Grizzard, Jr., Ed.D., Dept. of Labor RADM Daniel H. Stone, Dept. of the Navy James Omvig, Private Citizen Robert T. Kelly, Jr., Private Citizen John Surina, Dept. of Agriculture Joanne Wilson, Dept. of Education Sandra O. Siebert, Dept. of the Army Michael Sade, Dept. of the Commerce Steven R. Bernett, Department of Defense Felipe Mendoza, General Services Administration

10 AbilityOne Program & Support What does NISH provide - Our Role: Allocate orders among Non-Profit Agencies (NPA) Assist NPAs in developing price Provide Training for both NPAs and PAs Provide Technical Assistance, Workforce Development, and Financial Assistance Programs Conduct Market Research Monitor Regulatory and Statutory Compliance Provide assistance to ensure quality performance Assist in determining the Fair Market Price (FMP)

11 AbilityOne Program & Support Procurement List – Authority for JWOD Mandatory Status – Procurement List Set-Aside Administrative Timeline: 30 Days- Publish Set-Aside 30 Days- Committee Reviews and Votes 30 Days- Publish Set-Aside _______ 90 Days 30 Days- Publish Set-Aside 30 Days- Committee Reviews and Votes ( Time From Add Package sent to Committee)

12 AbilityOne Program & Support

13 AbilityOne Agencies processing laundry

14 Preferential Programs / AbilityOne Today: $1.5+ Billion

15 Preferential Programs / AbilityOne Under AbilityOne we must ensure at least 75% of Direct Labor is performed by people with disabilities. Other Preferential Programs – Limited Impact AbilityOne – Many Impacted

16 Preferential Programs / AbilityOne AbilityOne can employ the beneficiaries of other programs. AbilityOne respects other programs –Economic Impact –8(a) Graduation –Partnering initiatives with Small Business and other programs Disabilities do not discriminate

17 Preferential Programs / AbilityOne 31 million potential employees with disabilities The Nation panics when unemployment hits 5%, yet the unemployment rate of people with disabilities is over 70%! Highly motivated and capable workforce There are no limits on what type of work can be done

18 JWOD LAUNDRY SERVICES Overview: Laundry Services incorporate cleaning and preparation for use for a variety of items including: - Bedding (sheets, pillow cases, pillows, blankets) - Food service items (napkins, towels, aprons) - Bath items (bath towels, hand towels, wash cloths) - Uniforms - Unique items (body armor, field gear, hospital gowns) The Laundry industry is estimated to encompass over $10.5 billion in sales annually, processing over 19 billion pounds Business Line Contact: Shane Woodson, National Office,

19 AbilityOne Out of 272 million pounds of Federal Laundry to be processed. JWOD processes 46 million or 16%

20 AbilityOne 166 million pounds is with the Veteran’s Affairs JWOD processes 9 million or 5%

21 65 Years and 42,000+ Success Stories AbilityOne is one of the largest single laundry service providers to the Federal Government with over 57 contracts.

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