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For those investigating Vollara and its E-Commerce opportunity simply click through this power point presentation. Contact the person who sent this to.

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Presentation on theme: "For those investigating Vollara and its E-Commerce opportunity simply click through this power point presentation. Contact the person who sent this to."— Presentation transcript:

1 For those investigating Vollara and its E-Commerce opportunity simply click through this power point presentation. Contact the person who sent this to you and they will answer any questions you have. If you find yourself thinking, “Oh this is like _______ (you fill in the blank), then I can assure you that your are wrong. A major Paradigm Shift is taking place in the advertising and distribution of products. This is changing the whole landscape of business as we know it. This is all being facilitated by the Internet, people buying more and more products from their computer, the massive growth in E-Commerce, and the concept of wholesale buying clubs. The next slide will give you a basic understanding of the business principle to consider as you review the Presentation. Now go to the next slide. If you are a current member, study this power point thoroughly and then select the slides you want to use in your presentation. To hide a slide simple right click and any slide on the left side of your screen and click on “Hide Slide”. Reverse this procedure to unhide. You can also print the slides you want to use as a personal 1-on-1 presentation notebook (3-ring binder is best). Feel free to customize any slide to fit your own personality.

2 “Housing is just part of the issue. Food and energy prices went up. People are not getting pay raises. A lot of people who have jobs find health care and pension costs going up, so net take-home pay is going down," he said. So it's just sort of like you are getting hammered and that makes it far too complex for politicians to put their arms around”, said Jay Butler*. *Jay Butler, a professor emeritus at Arizona State University's W.P. Carey School of Business So what is a person to do??? Take control of your own life. Grab hold of that old American spirit, pull up your boot straps and go out and make it happen for you and your family. Vollara can be that vehicle to make it happen for you.

3 Franchise vs Vollara Franchise Franchise Fee $25,000+ Legal Fees $3,000 Build-out cost $20,000+ Products $25,000+ Working Capital$25,000+ Opening Advertising$10,000 Monthly Rent $5,000+ mo. Insurance $500 mo. Employees 5 - 10 Miscellaneous $10,000 Monthly Franchise Cost$1,500+ Hours worked per week 60 - 80 Realistic Annual Income within 1 - 5 years $40,000 - $100,000 Startup cost of $100,000+, ongoing debt, and ongoing operating expenses. Vollara Distributor Fee $25 Legal Fees 0 Build-out cost 0 Products* $600 - $3,800 Working Capital 0 Opening Advertising$75 - $150 Monthly Rent0 Insurance0 Employees0 Miscellaneous0 Monthly product cost$140 - $300 Hours worked per week 10-20 Realistic Annual Income within 1 – 5 years $24,000 - $250,000+ Startup cost of $600 - $3,800, NO debt, NO ongoing operating expenses. * Optional – Starter Pack plus 3 LaundryPures

4 Job vs Vollara Job Hours worked per week 40 - 60 Realistic Annual Income within 1 - 5 years $24,000 - $100,000 Risk of losing Job - pretty good chance Vacation time 1 – 2 weeks Job type expenses such as wardrobe, commute, daycare or baby sitter, etc. Who Owns You? Employer Vollara Hours worked per week 10-20 Realistic Annual Income within 1 - 5 years $24,000 - $250,000+ Risk of losing Vollara – 0 Vacation time – Unlimited Work out of your home Who Owns You? You

5 Think of it like this! What if Sam’s Club offered you this Opportunity: If you will deliver/provide information and briefly explain to people anywhere in North America about Sam’s Club on your own time schedule, THEN Sam’s Club will send you a check every month paying you 5% on all the purchases of everyone (no limit) that you get to join Sam’s Club. And Sam’s will pay you every month for the rest of your life. PLUS every member you bring in and every member they bring in and every member they bring in, etc. has the same Opportunity and if they choose to deliver/provide information, then they will have the same earning potential as you PLUS it will add an additional bonus to you from all their purchases for life regardless of where they live or who brings them in. It’s called generational leverage (family tree) or “The Compound Effect”, e.g., a penny doubled everyday for 30 days or compound interest. Internal Consumption makes it work, simply put it’s Members buying wholesale for their personal use from the same source.

6 We are introducing 2 world changing products that literally effects every single person. This will become obvious as you go through the presentation. This introduction has opened the door of opportunity for people throughout North America to start their own business and begin the process of owning their own life. We are not looking for employees, sales people, or lazy people. We are looking for people who want to run their own lives, desire to be free, help other people in the process of building their business, and create a lifestyle that gives them personal time and financial freedom. Now you are ready to take a look at the Presentation.

7 VOLLARA Your Success Today Welcome

8 Would you be excited if you never ever had to buy laundry detergent, fabric softener, or use hot water to wash your clothes and they were cleaner, disinfected, and fluffier plus they would dry 30% - 50% faster in your dryer?

9 There is a commercial product available to hotels and hospitals that they can attach to their washing machines and do their laundry with NO hot water, NO laundry detergent, NO fabric softener, and their linens dry 30% - 50% faster. They are saving Time and Money with every wash load! Here is what they are saying: “The current trend these days in the hospitality industry is to go ‘Green’ wherever possible. We purchased the laundry system and we are glad to report our linens are much brighter, whiter, softer, fluffier, fresher, and give a great appearance to our guests. And this was accomplished using COLD water! Our drying time has also decreased dramatically, which is saving us money on fuel costs to. Using less chemicals provides us the opportunity to become ‘greener’. Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to improve our systems, help our environment, and save us money.” Rick Valcourt; Operations Manager Ramada Plaza, Waikiki, HI “Since the installation of the laundry system we have seen improvement in linen quality, stain removal, feel, and significant reduction in drying times. The stain removal exceeded our expectations and we reclaimed a significant amount of linen the savings from which were crucial in this challenging year.” Jeff Brainard; General Manager, Embassy Suites, Lake Tahoe, Ca “Our property has seen both productivity increases through shorter wash and dry cycles and cost savings through hot water reductions.” Harry Hayes; Director of Engineering, Hotel Sofitel, San Francisco, CA

10 “We saved $782 in natural gas costs the first month, and since natural gas costs keep rising our savings are approaching over $1,100 per month.” Kerry Ranson; Holiday Inn Express “We were able to shut off a hot water heater that was inefficient and in turn saved an additional $700 per month.” R. Patel; Days Inn, New York “After using the system for almost 12 months, we find the quality of the linen to be better. Linen drying cycles have also been greatly reduced resulting in additional savings.” Vijay Patel – Owner Millwood Suites “Our laundry has ‘wow’ factor that I never could have imagined. We are washing over 20,000 lbs a day in COLD water that used to be hot water, and drying times have been reduced by nearly 50%. We the success we have had, it was a no-brainer to add the system to our sister Kalahari in Wisconsin Dells.” Peggy Collet; Laundry Manager Kalahari Indoor & Outdoor Water Parks, Sandusky, Ohio “Needless to say out staff is overwhelmed at the quality of the linens, the speed in which it is processed, and the overall whiteness and softness which we know conclusively comes fro your product.” Jim Vonesh; General, Hampton Inn & Suites

11 Why do you think these hotels and resorts are now using these laundry systems to wash their linens? They save money and time. It makes them “greener” and that makes everyone happy because they have stopped polluting our water supply and the EcoSystem. Would you be interested in a product like this for your home where you could wash your clothes with NO hot water, NO laundry detergent, NO fabric softener, and your clothes would dry 30% - 50% faster AND the savings from using the product would pay for itself and put $500 - $1,000 in your pocket every year for the next 10 – 15 years?

12 Our company, Vollara, has the worldwide rights to this technology for home use and it is called LaundryPure. This will be as big of an introduction into our homes as the microwave, maybe even bigger. Have you ever wished you could be in on something big at the very beginning?

13 Vollara is a health, wellness, and green technology E-Commerce home based business company expanding throughout North America with 2 world changing products. We can show you how you can make more money from your home than you can at a regular job. Multiple positions are open in every town in America! Own your own business! Own your own Life!

14 Nationwide Business Potential for LaundryPure There are 114,000,000 households in USA. 92% have a washing machine. That’s 104,880,000 households that need LaundryPure. We are the only company with this product. Vollara is giving us an opportunity of a lifetime. We are not looking for salespeople, we’re looking for people who want to own their own business. Finally you are in the Right Place at the Right Time!!

15 Breakthrough Product Did you miss these opportunities? Air Purifier Revolutionary New Products, Services, and Opportunities

16 Timing is Critical Microwave 1971 – 1% of households 1986 – 25% of households 2011 – 90% of households Personal Computers 1980 – 48,000 in use 2001 – 125,000,000 in use 2008 – Over 1,000,000,000 in use

17 There has been a huge Paradigm Shift in the Advertising and Distribution of products to us the consumers throughout the world. More and more people are hearing about great products from their friends, friends sharing with friends, commonly called Word of Mouth Advertising and in turn buying those products on their computers. It’s a new world and we are in a position to benefit from this Paradigm Shift.

18 $$$ Here Is How This Paradigm Shift Effects Us American Public Network of Wholesalers Manufacturer e.g. Vollara Manufacturer e.g. Nike Network of Retail Stores Network of Advertisers Network of Retail Consumers Network of Vollara Distributors 1.Wholesale Buying Privilege 2.Build a Business Center Your Business Center of Vollara Distributors (Business Builders & Wholesale Buyers)* American Public Information Tour Guides Traditional Business E-Commerce Business McDonald’s is an example of a Paradigm Shift and the awesome opportunity made available to average people. All Vollara Distributors buy wholesale directly from Vollara = Internal Consumption. You are paid on everyone in your Family Tree. Home Based Business This Paradigm Shift has been caused by the Computer, the Internet, Wholesale Clubs, and E-Commerce Message Media Message Word of Mouth 20th Century Advertising and Product Distribution 21st Century Advertising and Product Distribution

19 Opportunity Brings Hope Hope that for the first time in your life you see a way to become financially independent. Hope to own your own business and in turn own your own life Hope that you can be free to determine your own future instead of an employer making that determination. But: It must be an impact product(s) that effects everyone for the opportunity to work. The Timing has to be perfect It must conform to the Paradigm Shift that is occurring in advertising and the distribution of products. This is so powerful that Warren Buffet has invested in 11 of these companies. History repeats itself: We have done this twice before – 1978 & 1996 It will happen again in 2012 Here are actual Successful Distributors who followed our System with the Air Purifier – 1996 - 2000. (see attachment in separate email)

20 If money was not a concern what would you be doing different in your life today? If you had the opportunity to eliminate your money concerns would you be willing to consider a proven and successful System for the next 12 months to make that happen for you and your family? If this opportunity was life changing for everyone it touched would that mean more to you than just making money? If convinced, when could you start?

21 Quick Question Right now if every person in America that washes clothes were asked this question: “Would you be interested in checking out a product that attaches to your washing machine that would allow you to wash your clothes without having to use laundry detergent, fabric softener, or hot water and your clothes would dry 30% - 50% faster and the savings by using this product would be around $500 - $1,000 per year? What do you think their answer would be?

22 Are you concerned about the pollution of our Ecosystem? On a scale of 1 – 10 how concerned are you? (1= don’t care to 10 = extremely important)

23 The World’s Oldest Pollution Billions of Gallons of grossly polluted Laundry Detergent from every home in AMERICA enters our water supply every day! How can it be stopped????

24 Good News – There is help! Aerus Holdings – Dallas, TX – 85 year history Founder Joe Urso - 12 years ago a dream begin to materialize. Some of the top scientist in the world serve on his Medical and Scientific Advisory Board Video – Vollara – a Health, Wellness, Green Technology, and E-Commerce Home Based Company “Best in Class” products

25 Company Headquarters and Manufacturing Facility Aerus Corporate World Headquarters Dallas, TX Operations & Manufacturing Bristol, VA

26 Vollara A company whose time has come!

27 What sets us apart from the rest is our Unique “Best in Class” Products Revolutionary Direct Disk Ionization (DDI) Technology™ provides super hydrating and acid-buffering alkaline water. SAVE over $960 per year not having to buy bottled water! LivingWater FreshAir Surround Wash your clothes with NO hot water, NO laundry detergents, and NO fabric softener. SAVE over $400 per yr! LaundryPure The Most Advanced Whole Home/OfficePurifying System on the Planet (purifies air up to 3,000 sq. ft. and kills 99.9% of germs and viruses on surfaces! IMPROVE your health! Every Nutraceutical product is custom designed to meet the nutritional needs of every person starting with our Re:Fuel. Vollara Nutraceuticals

28 The Industry’s most impressive PRODUCT LINE … EVER! It begins with our “GATEWAY” NEW product LaundryPure is what marketing experts refer to as a “GENERATIONAL PRODUCT” because it will eventually change forever the way the world chooses to perform a universal task! Everybody does Laundry A few examples of other, well-known Generational Products Building Financial Freedom

29 When it comes to doing laundry – LaundryPure changes EVERYTHING! 1. LaundryPure ELIMINATES Hot Water Why is eliminating detergents so important? 2. Modern Laundry Detergents are extremely TOXIC! 3. How does LaundryPure compare with Detergents, Fabric Softener, and Hot Water? SAVES YOU $450+ EVERY YEAR CLEANER & FRESHER LAUNDRY BRIGHTER COLORS CLOTHES LAST LONGER DOING LAUNDRY IS SIMPLE & EASY CLOTHES DRY 30% - 50% FASTER  LAUNDRYPURE MAKES YOU MONEY! A. To the ENVIRONMENT: EPA lists Laundry detergents as one of the top sources of pollution to our lakes, streams and groundwater supply. B. Even worse…Laundry detergents are extremely dangerous to PEOPLE! Modern Laundry detergents are petroleum-based – meaning they contain toxic and even carcinogenic substances that get absorbed into our skin when we wear the laundry washed in them! Are chemicals in laundry detergents leaving your clothes dangerously clean? For more info on the benefits of LaundryPure, go to: Building Financial Freedom Saving the average family over $450 year! Lowers utility cost !

30 Breakthrough Product LaundryPure Launched to the World on 7/19/2011 Field tested in the United States since 2007. Revolutionary New Appliance

31 LaundryPure No More Hot Water No Need for Detergent No Fabric Softener No More Sorting! 3 Year Warranty 30 Day Money Back Guarantee!

32 LaundryPure Save Energy – No Hot Water Save Time - Wash Larger Loads (No Sorting) Reduce Pollution in Our Environment Eliminate Chemical Sensitivities Colors Are Brighter (Bring Colors Back) Clothes Are Softer and “Fluffier” Clothes Smell Like They Were Dried Outside Clothes Less Likely To Shrink Sanitizes – Kills 99.9999% Bacteria Best of All: Even MEN Can Do Laundry

33 LaundryPure The Fluff Test


35 One load per day over 5 years saves you $2,190 Financing available.

36 Timing Is Now! Everyone in North America who owns a Washing Machine will eventually have a LaundryPure. When you buy other appliances do they pay for themselves like LaundryPure? It doesn’t make sense not to own a LaundryPure. You and I have a chance to be in on the beginning of LaundryPure.

37 How about that! Is that not awesome! There is more.

38 What if you had the opportunity to get in on the launch of 2 world changing products? Answer: You now have that opportunity!

39 Now for the second product rollout!

40 Your Future Health Depends on the Choices you make Today! On a scale of 1 – 10 how important is your health? (1= don’t care to 10 = extremely important)

41 Quick Question Are you ever concerned or do you ever think about you and your family not eating enough fruits and vegetables every day? YesNoNot concerned

42 HealthCare Crisis The National Cancer Institute along with other health organizations say high fruit and vegetable intake helps prevent cancer and other diseases. “More and more kids increasingly face grown-up illnesses”. …poor nutrition is causing problems like obesity, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, anxiety, depression, Type 2 diabetes… Baylor Medical Center The average American gets three or fewer servings of fruits and vegetables a day. The latest dietary guidelines call for five to thirteen servings of fruits and vegetables a day. Harvard School of Public Health #1 disease killer of children ages 1 – 14 is now cancer. CDC Every day 41 children find out they have cancer.

43 Fact “Only 6% of Americans eat enough vegetables and just 8% get sufficient fruits in their diets. Source: National Fruit & Vegetable Alliance. As a result at least 92% of everyone in the United States needs to increase their intake of fruits and vegetables if they want good health and provide their body with the nutrition it needs to fight off sickness and disease. We all need an easy, simply, convenient, and affordable way to get our fruits and vegetables each and every day. We’re all looking for that magic pill so we won’t have to change our lifestyle.

44 Re:Fuel Your Fruit and Vegetable Answer 100% all natural whole food vegetarian supplement Condensed and Compressed Whole Food 100% Bioavailable – CAeDS 6 Products in 1 1. Whole Food Multi-Vitamins 2. Patented Chelate Minerals 3. Potent Antioxidants to Fight Free Radicals 4. Probiotics - Flora for Digestive Tract Health 5. Digestive Enzymes for proper Digestion 6. Fat-Digesting Enzymes for Metabolizing Fat Limited distribution to professional sports teams and dealers since 1996. Now ready for worldwide rollout. Revolutionary New way to get your Fruits and Vegetables EVERY DAY!

45 Read Our Label 1.Acerola fruit extract 2.Vegetarian yeast 3.Kelp 4.Rutin 5.Broccoli 6.Brussel sprouts 7.Safflower oil powder 8.Spinach leaf 9.Beet root 10.Blackstrap molasses 11.Chlorella algae 12.Cranberry 13.Jerusalem artichoke tubers 14.Quercetin 15.Alfalfa juice powder 16. Blueberry fruit 17. Carrot root 18. Grape seed extract 19.Green pepper fruit 20.Olive leaf extract 21.Raspberry juice powder 22.Shitake mushroom 23.Spirulina 24.Sweet potato tuber 25.Tumeric rhizome extract 26.Olive extract 27.Pine bark extract 28.Resveratrol

46 3 rd Party Endorsements WIC - Women, Infants, and Children – United Nations – 2 year study – Found Re:Fuel was the best Major League Baseball NSF certified – Watch NSF video at Scientific studies prove you get 300% more nutrition from your food when you add Re:Fuel. Take or Eat Re:Fuel with each meal and get your fruits & vegetables every single day PLUS you get much better digestion of your food. Easy & Simple! No other product in the world will do what Re:Fuel does. “Re:Fuel is the most complete product that I’ve ever tried and we’ve started using LivingWater and FreshAir.” Jose Vazquez, Strength & Conditioning Coach, Texas Rangers

47 Increases oxygen ( brain). Increases nutrients. Increases circulation. Decreases plaque build-up. Decreases work on heart. Separated Red Blood Cells Clumped Red Blood Cells Decreases oxygen ( brain). Decreases nutrients. Decreases circulation. Increases plaque build-up. Increases work on heart. Re:Fuel Before Re:Fuel After Re:Fuel

48 A picture is worth a 1,000 words! =‘s $49.99 for a month’s supply $180 - $240 for a month’s supply

49 Your fruits and vegetables concern has now been solved! We guarantee you will feel better and have more energy within 30 days or you get your money back. You have absolutely no risk whatsoever!

50 Perfect Combination LaundryPure gives you upfront money. Re:Fuel gives you a lifetime of income.

51 Perfect Timing LaundryPure 2011 – About 1,000 in use Potential – Every home in America – 114,000,000 Re:Fuel 2011 – About 3,000 people are currently using Re:Fuel Potential – Minimum 92 % of every person in America – 305,000,000 every 4 weeks

52 Get with the person who invited you to this presentation and let them show you how to get started: There are several ways to get started. Choose one that fits you best. Get a Vollara Membership - Free Start with Re:Fuel: $49.99 – Easy first step! Start with LaundryPure: $597.00 – Pays for itself! Start with Re:Fuel and LaundryPure - Best! Start with the optional Whole Home Protection System Become a member of Vollara so you can buy all the products at wholesale prices. Consider taking the next step and join our business team. Let us help you start your own E-Commerce business.

53 3 Great Options To Start Re:Fuel LaundryPure Starter Pack Fast Start Essentials Plus Pack $49.99 $597 $1,997 Save $122 over Wholesale Save $585 over Wholesale

54 Your Financial Future Depends on the Choices you make Today! On a scale of 1 – 10 what is your financial situation? (1= real bad to 10 = financially independent)

55 Business Perfect Storm (Similar to Fast Food Industry & McDonald’s in the early 1960’s.) 1. HealthCare (disease) Crisis 2. Financial Crisis 3. Green Technology industry is growing like crazy 4. Consumers are buying more and more of their personal products from their computers online. Vollara put together a business opportunity that addresses and encompasses all 4 aspects of this Perfect Storm. That creates a Business Perfect Storm, which means an Awesome Opportunity for us!

56 Benefits of Vollara and our System Get your products FREE by recommending to a few friends. Start an E-Commerce business and earn several $100 to several $1,000 every month. Work from home. 100+ government authorized tax breaks (average family saves $3,000 - $6,000 in taxes their very first year) Wholesale buying privilege on all Vollara products. Earn an EXTRA Bonus called the Freedom Bonus. It’s several hundred dollars every month that you can use to buy a new car, make your house payment, school tuition or whatever you need it for… No selling No inventory HOPE & FREEDOM – These are the best benefits of all! You are in the Right Place at the Right Time

57 How It Works We all build our E-Commerce business by: 1.Buy a LaundryPure pack for our home. 2.Start using Re:Fuel. 3.Find 5 – 10 people who want earn money from home by duplicating what you are doing. Literally the money you save every month with LaundryPure will almost pay for your Re:Fuel! The tax breaks will pay for your products. Vollara has take away all the risk.

58 Show me how to make it work for me and my family Decide how much money you would like to make every month in your Vollara home based business. $ __________ 1. Start with Re:Fuel and the LaundryPure pack. 2. Start sharing (not selling) this opportunity with others. 3. Don’t quit until you have found 5 – 10 Business Builders to join your team. Do these 3 things and you will be earning a 6 figure income from you Vollara E-Commerce home business!

59 Examples of Potential Incomes The people you sponsor to join your E-Commerce Team who duplicate what you are doing, could potentially earn you these projected incomes or much more every month and the great thing about it is they can earn as much as you or more. 3 Business Builders - $500 - $2,000+ per month 4 Business Builders - $1,000 - $5,000+ per month 8 Business Builders - $10,000+ per month 12 Business Builders - $20,000+ per month You are not limited to or required to have 3,4, 8 or 12. These are examples and not guarantees.

60 It’s Your Life “A U.S. Federal Reserve survey shows the average household net worth for entrepreneurs is five-times more than that of the traditionally employed. What that means in this economy is business owners are five-times more likely to come out of the recession in the black because they created income in their own business.”

61 VOLLARA Your Success Today

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