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The Watergate Community Association Presents... CHANNEL 10.

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1 The Watergate Community Association Presents... CHANNEL 10

2 Tennis Court Cleaning The Tennis Courts will be closed for cleaning every Tuesday during the summer between the hours of 1:30 p.m. and 6:00 p.m.

3 COMMUNITY UPDATE The Watergate Community Association communicates important community news via the Watergate Hatchcover, Lobby bulletin boards and the WCA Channel 10. Another venue has been added via the World Wide Web!! Join us at the new:

4 FIRE ALARM SYSTEM REMINDER Treat all alarms as the real thing. Evacuate your unit immediately. It is very important and worth a little inconvenience to respond to a false alarm than to ignore it and have it be the real thing. A little inconvenience may just save your life! It is important that our residents remember that when the alarm goes off that it will continue to ring until the all clear signal is given from the Fire Department. Please remember that the Fire Department must physically check the building to determine if this is a false alarm. If it turns out to be a false alarm you will hear a voice over the loud speaker giving you the all clear signal for you to return to your unit. Again, we appreciate your patience and concern during this time.

5 Fire Alarm System Do’s & Don’ts Please keep in mind that the Fire Alarm equipment in the building’s hallways and Common Areas is sensitive to smoke, fumes and dust as well as heat and fire. These devices will detect any smoke, dust or fumes that escapes from your unit and set off a general building evacuation alarm regardless of the time of day. If you do burn food in your unit, DO NOT OPEN YOUR UNIT DOOR - taking this step you will set off the nearest hallway smoke detector triggering the building alarm system. To allow smoke, dust or fumes to escape your unit: First, turn on your stove fan; then open your unit windows and patio doors to help the smoke, dust or fumes to escape.

6 Stay current with what’s going on Includes:Latest Bulletin Board Notices Download Forms Board Meeting Minutes Hatchcover FAQs Facts & Maps Post Classified Ads Online Polls

7 Important Notice Evacuation Assistance List The WCA is in the process of updating our list of residents that require assistance or special notice from Security staff in the event of a building evacuation. If you have not contacted Security to be included on this list that is provided to the Emeryville Fire Department. Please call 772-5005 as soon as possible to be included in this months update. If you need a copy of the “WCA Fire and Earthquake Emergency Procedures you may obtain a copy at the Security office located at 4 Commodore Drive.

8 New Recycling Laws effective February 9, 2006 Visit for a direct link to information regarding the new recycling laws that became effective on February 9, Or go to Alameda County’s website – for the latest information on recycling electronic devices, batteries, light bulbs and other items

9 ALAMEDA COUNTY HAZARDOUS WASTE DROP-OFF SITES Batteries and Light bulbs Located @ 2100 East 7 th Street, Oakland Call 800-606-6606 for dates, hours, fees & complete list of items Eligible items: Batteries-AA,AAA,C,D, button Bulbs –Florescent tubes and bulbs Electronic Devices Located @ 1501 Bayshore Hwy, Berkeley Hours: M-F 10a-5p, Sat 12p-5p Eligible items: cell phones, monitors, faxes, printers, electronics, televisions, VCRs Call 510-528-4052 for more information

10 A FRIENDLY COMMUNITY REMINDER  All Regular Monthly Assessment Payments are DUE on the first day of each month.  Payments received 15 days after the due date will incur late charges of 10%. The Watergate CC&R’s do not grant an extension or waiver of late fees when the payment is received after the 15 th day of each month.  Payments dropped through the payment drop slot at the WCA Office are collected 7 days a week. Please plan accordingly to avoid late charges.

11 IKEBANA Japanese Flower Arranging Classes held at the Clipper Club On the 1 st & 3 rd Monday of each month From 7 pm – 9 pm For further information Please contact Dr. Shuji Ikeda At (510) 845-1634

12 Watch those Weep holes ! In the base of your windows, you may notice the little holes to the outside - these are your “weep holes.” They allow water to escape from the panes to the outside. Cleaning them regularly will help to prevent clogging and will allow for proper drainage. WCA Office

13 EMERYVILLE SMOKING POLLUTION CONTROL ORDINANCE The Emeryville City Council passed a Smoking Pollution Control Ordinance at the December 5, 2006 regular meeting. Effective March 1, 2007, smoking will be prohibited in all indoor and outdoor common use areas at Watergate. As a result, residents and their visitors are only allowed to smoke in their unit and/or respective patio or balcony.

14 POOL & SPA CLEANING SCHEDULE!!! As authorized by the Board of Directors, the Clipper Club Pool & Spa is CLOSED from 9:30am until 3:00pm every Monday. The purpose for this closure is to provide New Wave Pools with uninterrupted access to the pool and spa, thereby ensuring a thorough servicing of the facility!!

15 COMMON AREA HALLWAYS Please be advised that NOTHING is to be placed in the common area hallways. If you have door-mats, floor-mats, shoes, and other items placed in your hallway please remove them. Everyone’s cooperation is very much appreciated!

16 Register Your Cars! Registering your car is a requirement of the community! Please contact Security at (510) 772-5005 for instructions on registering your vehicle(s). ALL UNREGISTERED VEHICLES ARE SUBJECT TO TOW AT OWNER’S EXPENSE

17 Have a Movie Request? As with all WCA events, the movies shown have that personal touch. If you have a request, or want to offer some input (to any event), Please contact Leah or Fred at (510) 654-4040. Everyone’s participation is enjoyed!

18 Hatchcover Newsletter Items Have an idea for an article? Do you have a “scoop” you would like to share? The deadline for articles in the Hatchcover is the 1st of the month prior to the month of publication. Call the WCA Office at (510) 428-0118

19 WCA Emergency Assembly Area In case of an emergency, In case of an emergency, the designated assembly area the designated assembly area for all Residents are.. for all Residents are.. The Tennis Courts The Tennis Courts on on Captain Drive Captain Drive

20 Insurance for Condominiums Be prudent and proactive by checking with your insurance agent to make sure that your insurance package best suits your situation here at Watergate!

21 Landscape Concerns? If you have any concerns or requests regarding landscaping issues, please drop by the WCA Office to complete an “Application for Landscape Issues ” form which gives you a direct line to our own Matt Heebner. Thanks -- WCA Office

22 CONSERVE ENERGY! We are trying our best to conserve as much electricity and energy as possible! Let us all work together as a community to save energy and electricity!

23 Do Not Feed the Animals!! Raccoons are coming to dinner! If you feed one animal, you’re feeding ALL of them! Lately, the raccoons have been eating the duck’s leftovers at the lagoon! Please do not feed the wild animals that have made Watergate home ~ for their protection and yours.

24 BACKUP’S – COMMUNITY AWARENESS. PLEASE use extreme caution when rinsing food items down your drains. NEVER rinse GREASE down your drains! Even if it doesn’t cause a problem for you, it may very well cause a problem for your neighbors downstairs! If you have any signs of a backup, call a plumber and WCA Security immediately at: (510) 772-5005 to avoid a bigger problem!

25 Thinking about Remodeling? Many improvement items, also known as Unit Modifications, require approval from the Architectural Control Committee. Please drop by the WCA office to pick up an application packet and to discuss the nature of your remodeling BEFORE you begin the work on your unit. Thanks -- WCA Office

26 Blood Pressure Checks Every 1st Friday of the month at the Clipper Club a representative from the Emeryville Fire Department provides free Blood Pressure checks at 11:30 a.m. This service is free and open to all residents. Call Leah or Fred at 654-4040 for more info.

27 Important Vehicle Safety Tips! Here are some important safety tips when Here are some important safety tips when parking your vehicle: parking your vehicle: 1. Lock your vehicles. 1. Lock your vehicles. 2. Don’t leave valuables in sight. 2. Don’t leave valuables in sight. 3. Look around when approaching your car. 3. Look around when approaching your car. 4. Don’t leave packages in your car. 4. Don’t leave packages in your car. 5. Register your car with WCA Security. 5. Register your car with WCA Security. 6. Have your keys ready before you get 6. Have your keys ready before you get there. there. Thanks -- WCA Office Thanks -- WCA Office

28 Going Away? While you’re gone, it may be necessary to relocate your vehicle. Please go to the Security Office at 4 Commodore Drive and complete a “Vacation Notification” form and leave details about who should be contacted in your absence.

29 Expertise Required ! If you experience cable problems, please call Comcast Cable. The phone number is 1-800-COMCAST (266-2277) Do Not Attempt to Repair the Wiring Yourself ! Any such attempt could easily result in the disruption of cable service within your unit or within units neighboring yours.

30 Please Bring Your Watergate I.D.! Please carry your Watergate ID card when using the facilities here at Watergate. One of the duties of our staff is to verify residency. With over 2500 residents and the influx of new residents, staff will be asking everyone! Please take these inquiries as our staff doing their job! Thank you for your cooperation.

31 Recycle ! The County of Alameda has comprehensive guides to recycling that are available at the Clipper Club. Pick one up and be surprised at how far this noble effort has come !

32 Problems With Laundry Machines? please advise the WCA Office of the exact location and code number If you are experiencing problems with the laundry machines, please advise the WCA Office of the exact location and code number (located on the front of each machine). The WCA Office will reimburse quarters lost from malfunctioning machines. Thank you!

33 Tai Chi Classes are offered in the classical Yang style Tai Chi Chuan form. Terry Li Instructs. Terry Li Instructs. Tai Chi Practice Club – Thursdays @ 630pm Universal Tai Chi Study - Saturdays @ 10am Universal Tai Chi Study - Saturdays @ 10am Please call 834-9058 for more information.

34 Help Wanted ! ! The Clipper Club is always taking applications for seasonal employees to help with Pool Parties & other events held at the Club! Please stop by to pick one up! Call 654-4040 for information.

35 Look in your trash chute rooms… Watergate has a more comprehensive Recycling program. If you have any questions about this program, about this program, Please give us a call at 428-0118.

36 Plumbing Problems After Hours? If you are experiencing drain back-ups inside your unit, after hours or on weekends, please call Abante Plumbing and notify WCA Security at (510) 772-5005 to inform them of the nature of the problem.  Abante Plumbing – found to be the most reasonably priced and familiar with Watergate. (510) 534-1636

37 Watergate Toastmasters COMMUNICATION & LEADERSHIP ! Sundays from 11:00 a.m. – 12:00 noon At the Clipper Club o Learn to overcome shyness, o Organize your thoughts, o Become more persuasive, o And express yourself!!!

38 Attention Watergate Community! Please be mindful that actions in and around your unit can have adverse effects on other residents, in the enjoyment of their units. These items include, but are not limited to, loud noise and smoking! Your neighbors will appreciate your consideration!!

39 Package Pick Up Page 28 of the WCA Rulebook reads as follows: “Packages may be left at the Clipper Club by letter carriers and delivery personnel to be claimed by residents with proper Watergate ID cards.” Please remember to bring your valid Watergate ID to claim your package. Thank you for making Watergate a great place to live and work!

40 Package Pick-up Guidelines This service is available to Registered Residents only. All other packages will be sent back at staff’s discretion. Since the package room is limited in size, the Clipper Club is not able to accept large packages such as tires, furniture, etc. Packages that are not picked up within 5 days (without a Resident Vacation form) will be returned to the courier.

41 Balcony Enclosures We are not presently taking applications for enclosures while we re-bid their installation. If you have questions please contact Jim Ellis at (510) 655-2590.

42 PARKING SPACE RENTALS PARKING SPACE RENTALS The Association currently has the following parking spaces available for rent to registered Watergate residents on a first-come, first-served basis: Anchor Drive – Space #291 and #294 (outside) available immediately for $45/mo “E” bldg parking garage – Space # #184 available immediately for $60/mo

43 Courtyards… Please keep the laundry room sliding glass doors to the courtyards closed after entering and exiting the premises. There have been reports that various types of animals have entered the buildings because residents leave the courtyard doors open. The WCA appreciates your attention to this matter!

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