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Welcome to Residence Life Texas A&M at Galveston Floor Meeting: Fall 2011.

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1 Welcome to Residence Life Texas A&M at Galveston Floor Meeting: Fall 2011

2 Who is your Community Leader? CL XXXX Room XXXX CL XXXX Room XXXX

3 Residence Life Professional Staff Neil Golemo – Assistant Director for Residence Life BA: Baylor University; MSEd: Baylor University Matthew Graham – Housing Coordinator Residence Life 104 BS: College of Charleston; MS: University of Central Arkansas Susan Martin – Housing Coordinator Residence Life 103 BA: Elmhurst College; MS: Miami University-Ohio

4 Check In Your Room Condition Report (the really long sheet) is due to the Res Life Office by August 30 th (Thursday)

5 Emergency Numbers Community Leader on duty –409-740-4445 (24-hour number) –If no one answers, leave a message with your name, a number to reach you, and a short description of your problem and they will get back to you. (They will not be able to view your number.) TAMUG Police –409-740-4545 –Press 1 for dispatch and 2 for officer on duty –Anonymous reports/questions may be emailed to Emergency –If you have a real emergency call 911

6 Health Clinic UTMB on Harborside Drive Call UTMB Family Medicine at 409-772-2166 for an appointment. Information pamphlets may be found in Residence Life or Counseling (building 3025) In general, a visit to the clinic is free. Additional testing or services may require additional fees.

7 Computer Information For help with internet problems, call Apogee at 1.855.290.7137 Wireless routers are prohibited in residence hall rooms –Use of a router will result in disciplinary actions

8 Hurricane Evacuation Procedure All storms in the gulf are closely monitored by school administration If the decision is made to evacuate you must fill out a form found on the TAMUG homepage Before you leave, unplug everything and make sure nothing is left on the floor If you need a ride, contact your Community Leader or stop by the Residence Life Office E2Campus

9 Residence Life Office Hours of Operation M – F: 8:00am – 12am Saturday & Sunday 6:00pm - 12am 409-740-4445 reaches the Community Leader on duty when the office is closed 409-740-4445 24-hours!

10 Things to do at Res Life Fill out work orders – please be specific Rent out pool sticks, ping pong paddles, foosball, Xbox, Wii Reserve Media Pit for two hours. Can make up to one week in advance. Rent out dry erase markers for the group study room.

11 Lock Out Procedure 1.Call your roommate 2.Knock on your suitemate’s door or call them. 3.If it is during office hours, go to the Residence Life office and get a temporary key 4.If it is after midnight or a weekend call 409- 740-4445 to reach a Community Leader on duty There are public access phones outside the tutoring center in Mariner and in Hullabaloo Lobby.

12 Visitation Log Residents can only have overnight guests of the SAME sex with their roommates consent AND if there is a visitation form filled out at the Residence Life Office. (This form is how your guest gets a parking pass) Everyone (including your roommate and guest) must sign the papers in front of Residence Life Staff at the Front Desk. If you have a guest, you are responsible for their actions when on campus.

13 Important Times Quiet hours are –Sun-R: 9pm - 9am –Fri & Sat: 12am - 10am Visitation hours are –Sun-R: 9am – 12am –Fri & Sat: 10am - 2:30am During reading days and finals, 24 hour quiet hours will be enforced

14 University Student Rules Published online at es.html Access through -> Current Students -> University Student

15 University Rights We will always respect your right to privacy however: –if we feel you are endangering yourself or the community, RESIDENT LIFE STAFF RESERVES THE RIGHT TO ENTER YOUR ROOM AT ANY TIME. –Your room is university property, you are just leasing it for the year. Reasons we may enter a room: To determine compliance with all relevant health and safety regulations. To provide cleaning, maintenance, and/or pest control. To conduct an inventory of university property. There is an indication of imminent danger to life, health, and/or property. There is reasonable cause to believe that a violation of university or housing regulations is occurring. To search for missing property.

16 Student Responsibility It is your responsibility to respect the rights and property of others, including other students, faculty, and administration. It is your responsibility to be fully acquainted with the published University Student Rules and comply with them and the laws of the land. It is your responsibility to recognize student actions reflect upon the individuals involved and upon the entire University community. It is your responsibility to recognize the University’s obligation to provide an environment for learning.

17 Personal Property Only in very rare cases does the University (or any landlord) reimburse for damage to personal property – Renter’s insurance can help protect you! According to University Student Rules 33.9: The university does not assume responsibility at any time for the private property of students and is not liable for the loss or damage of any article of personal property anywhere on the premises. As such, we recommend students explore their options for personal property insurance. Information may be available through a web search for student property insurance, or coming to the Residence Life office for further details. Families may also wish to confirm student property coverage with their own home owner/renter insurance policies.

18 ALCOHOL Underage drinking is against the law! No alcohol on campus. Period. Coming back to campus intoxicated endangers yourself and others Your room is supposed to be a safe place and bringing alcohol into your room compromises that safety You may not have any containers that once held alcohol in your room either, even as decoration Report if you see alcohol to a Community Leader immediately.

19 Prohibited Items For your safety and for the safety of those around you, certain items are not allowed in the residence halls –Candles, with or without a wick, or anything with an open flame –Any cooking tool with an open heat source including toasters, George Forman Grills, candle warmers, hot plates, toaster ovens –Charcoal and/or lighter fluid –Pets that do not breathe underwater, tank limit is ten gallons For a full list please check your residence hall handbook

20 Security Keep your ID with you at all times and do not give it to anyone – you need to keep your key on you at all times. It is against University Policy not to have your student ID with you while on campus. DO NOT let anyone you do not know in! Escort visitors, you are responsible for their actions! If they are coming to the entrance door, be there to meet them. DO NOT prop the outside doors! If you see one propped, un- prop it, not doing so jeopardizes the safety of the whole building! Do Not jump your balcony! If you leave the balcony door open, you open your room, your suitemates’ room, and the ENTIRE building to outside intruders.

21 Fire Safety Have an exit strategy. Tampering with life safety equipment is an offense that is punishable by law! Items in hallway and stairwells must not block the exit in case of an emergency When the fire alarm goes off you MUST leave the building and go to your designated meeting place Anyone found still in their room can be fined. Each floor/building has an evacuation location –Oceans/Hullabaloo: Far end of parking lot towards Seawolf Pkwy –Mariner: around the pool area –Albatross/Polaris: across road, by bus stop next to Mariner Drills performed by the University are done during the day, so if it goes off at night, it will not “just be a drill.”

22 Laundry Issues 1. Do NOT allow non-TAMUG residents to use the laundry machines. Sharing your laundry privilege = STEALING! 2. Be Considerate – Be there when your cycle is complete. 3. Follow the 5 MINUTE Rule – please allow time for others to remove their belongings before you take it out. When you arrive, allow at least 5 minutes before removing someone else’s belongings. 4. Clean the Lint Trap EVERY TIME. 5. Beware of overly greasy, grimy and bleached clothes. 6. Do NOT overfill the machines. 7. Please use High Efficiency liquid detergent. 8. Do NOT take other’s belongings. It’s called stealing. Report it if you see it or have it happen to you. Report all Laundry Concerns to Laundry View [] Know the number of the machine & The error code displayed by the machine

23 Why we don’t have nice things. Destroying university property takes away from the fun things that can be done with your room and board fees like: –Better pool sticks –New Wii and X-box games –Programs with free stuff Report anyone you see vandalizing university property to your CL or campus police –This can be done anonymously

24 Roommate Concerns Some of you may have never shared a room before so living in the residence halls may be a big adjustment Remember you’re both in the same boat and sometimes you have to make compromises to make it work Talk about issues as they come up, don’t let them build beyond repair Your CL can be a great mediator Room changes will not occur if you have not talked with each other first. Room changes ONLY occur in extreme situations approved through professional staff. Suitemate Concerns If you keep getting locked out of the bathroom If the bathroom is left dirty If they are being loud and you have already asked them to be quiet EVEN IF IT IS IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT!!

25 Roommate Contracts: Between you & your roommate Agreements on guest visitation, bedtime, boundaries, etc. Bathroom Contracts: Between you, your roommate & your suitemates Agreements on cleaning, buying toilet paper, etc. Feel free to set up a time for both of you to go over it with your CL. Your CL can keep a copy in their room and/or in the Res Life Office if requested. You and your roommate can change the agreements at any time. Please take this seriously, this a benefit for both you and your roommate. These contracts will be discussed further at the Community Standards meeting.

26 What is a Program? A program is a fun event that your CL will hold during the month. There are usually two per month per CL Free Stuff! Fun Times! Meet fellow residents! Get to know your CL! Suggestions are welcome!

27 Community Standards In two weeks, another hall meeting will take place. Everyone on the hall must attend, unless they are in class. Fliers will be posted, and information will be available through your CL. In this meeting, we will discuss guidelines for improving our community. Focus on issues of Respect, Courtesy, and Personal Responsibility. Roommate & Suitemate Contracts will be available.

28 Upcoming Programs WHAT? WHERE? WHEN?

29 Organizations Night September 1st at 7:30pm in the Gym Over 40 organizations!!! Bring a pen to sign up for clubs! Galveston organizations are also present


31 Questions?

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