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Facilities Management and Design Chapter 9 Laundry Systems.

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1 Facilities Management and Design Chapter 9 Laundry Systems

2 Laundry transport equipment Carts Chutes Automated overhead systems

3 Washing Machines Washer-extractors – clean laundry and extract water from it in one cylinder Tunnel washers – series of interconnected cylinders top-transfer bottom transfer

4 Dryers Heat Sources – Gas – Electric – Steam Capacities – 15 to 450 pounds Microprocessors – energy and labor saving features

5 Auxiliary Equipment Ironers: gas, electric, steam, or thermal fluid; may iron both sides of linen, may fold and stack Folders: simple appliances or automated machines; primary folders and crossfolders; microprocessors Valet equipment: presses, finishers, spotting boards, pants toppers, other appliances; finishing cabinets and tunnels; hand irons

6 Factors in locating a laundry and selecting laundry equipment Location – preferably away from guestrooms – near drains and utilities – usually in basement Equipment – should be easy to operate – Versatile – heavy-duty – manufactured by a reputable supplier

7 Laundry layout Smooth workflow – Entrances, exits, columns Easy loading and unloading Drains and soiled laundry near washers Dryers near washers

8 Laundry utilities Requirements – Electricity three-phase at least 208/240 volt, with 115V and 220V grounded electric outlets; – natural gas – steam

9 Laundry labor rule of thumb – one person can process 80 pounds of laundry per hour in small operations make sure enough space for number of employees working at peak times

10 Laundry maintenance Engineering – maintains laundry equipment – keeps energy and water costs down Housekeeping – staff laundry – responsible for simple day-to-day maintenance tasks Maintenance duties depend on laundry’s size and equipment Laundry’s HVAC system must be maintained

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