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Course Synopses This course is designed to provide students with an in- depth knowledge of planning interior decorations and provision of adequate security.

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3 Course Synopses This course is designed to provide students with an in- depth knowledge of planning interior decorations and provision of adequate security and health facilities in the hotel. The dynamics for laundry: Cleaning agents, laundry accessories and equipment and stain removal. Care of guest welfare procedure and techniques.

4 Bakare, H. Adegoke(Ph.D)

5 Course Objectives At the end of the course participants should be able to: Define an Hotel Appreciate the history behind the emergence of Hotel as an industry Identify the various types and classification of hotels. Discuss the basic principles of decoration in foodservices establishment Explain the practices in housekeeping. Discuss basic issues in Clothing management

6 Course Objectives(Contd)

7 Duration of objectives 1&2:2weeks Emphases on legal definition of Hotels as an establishment offering food and drink and sleeping accommodation if so required to any traveler who appear able and is willing to pay for services and facilities provided. Emphases legal and administrative obligation of hotels; provision of food and accommodation to guest. accept liability for the property of guest and hence, provide adequate security for their guest and properties kept in their custody.

8 Duration of objectives 1&2:2weeks(Contd.) Conforms with public health and safety regulations by maintaining high standard of cleanliness and sanitation. Observe and abide with either relevant laws and regulations that affects the industry Identify from various field of study, emerging knowledge and technology that are relevant and adoptable to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of service delivery. Review the history that led to the emergence of contemporary hospitality industry.

9 Duration of objectives 3&4:2weeks Examination of various ways of classifying Hotels including; diamond and star Award awards. Functions of departments in hotel establishments e.g. Kitchen, housekeeping, front desk etc. Concept of interior decoration in foodservices establishments including treatment of factors necessary for consideration in planning exterior and interior appeal. Art principles that are applied in decorations including, colour, texture, style form patterns etc. Treatment of colour as an element of art and design with emphasis on colour wheel and triangle. Theory of colour combination

10 Duration of objectives 3&4(Contd.):2weeks Emphasis on the operation in the house keeping department including clothing management in housekeeping; classification, characteristics and care of various fibres Overview of fabric construction methods

11 Duration of objectives 3&4:2weeks Management of laundry process.; Meaning of laundry; laundering of articles involves washing them so that they look new again. Stain have to be removed and articles may be stiffened, if necessary. Finishing by ironing or pressing gives the articles a smooth appearance and helps them stay clean longer. Importance of laundry; removal of dirt and germs such as scabies and disease-carrying pests, lice, bedbugs, and fleas, to make clothes pleasant to look at, avoid unpleasant smell, preserve and to protect clothes from chemical, biochemical and environmental damages.

12 Duration of objectives 3&4:2weeks(Contd.) Nature and uses of various cleansing agents e.g. water, detergents, bleaches, fabric rinses, disinfectants, stiffening agents. Stains and stain removal in laundry management; types, uses and guidelines for their uses. Fabric drying and finishing like ironing, airing, folding and storage, Sponging and Pressing, dry-Cleaning


14 Duration of objectives 9&10:3weeks(Contd.) Brief mention of; relevant laws and other regulatory mechanisms that guides sustainable tourism and those that set aside specific areas or preserves for eco-tourism and nature- based tourism. existing codes of practice, standards and guidelines for the activities of industry in sustainable tourism.

15 Duration of objectives 11&12:2weeks Identification of programmes that Promotes Sustainable Tourism in Nigeria e.g. hotel development and classification, establishment of hotels and tourism schools, establishment of National Parks, Game Reserves, Game sanctuaries, botanical gardens, etc. Activities of Tourists Associations, National Union of Road Transport Workers (NURTW),establishment of guides/hospitality associations for tourists, promotional activities using local and international media including the internet, development of beaches as marine and coastal tourists centers.

16 Duration of objectives 11&12:2weeks(Contd.) Identification of promote ecotourism e.g. eestablishment and maintenance of National Parks and other nature reserves, game reserves, sanctuaries, botanical gardens, zoological gardens by national and states and local governments. Establishment of nature-based and eco-tourism facilities by the private sector and non-governmental organizations and tourism establishments, etc

17 Duration of objectives 11&12:2weeks(Contd.) Contribution from private sector through; Organizing local and international workshops and seminars cultural displays provision of transport systems, including boat regatta establishment of appropriate hotel facilities.

18 Duration of objectives 13&14:2weeks Mention of some tourism sites, events and culture in Nigeria. Meaning relevance of foodservice in the hospitality industry. Relationship between foodservice, and hospitality and tourism industry. Why do we need to develop the foodservice sector? Available careers in contemporary Foodservice industry.

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