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1 Centrex Technologies. 2 Centrex Technologies Your Linen Management Technology Partner  Independent Software Developer and Integrator  Based in Chicago.

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1 1 Centrex Technologies

2 2 Centrex Technologies Your Linen Management Technology Partner  Independent Software Developer and Integrator  Based in Chicago (USA)  Offices also in Manchester (UK) and Sydney (Aust)  Operate Worldwide  Specializing in Linen Management Technologies  Established 13 Years  Fast Growing Customer Base  2000+ Sites Depend on Linenweb Daily  Projects in USA, UK, Europe, Middle East and Australia  Significant R&D Investments  Continuously Developing and Improving Systems  Most R&D Done With Partner Customers  Private Company, Independently Owned

3 3 Linenweb ® Extensive Installed Base In USA, Australia, UK, Europe and Middle East

4 4 Linenweb  Laundry System Fully Internet Based Laundry Information System with a comprehensive range of functionality that is low cost, quick to deploy, easy to use and supplied “turn-key”.

5 5 Linenweb  Laundry Information System Comprehensive Range of Functionality  Electronic Order Management  Multiple Pricing Options  Invoicing, Stock Control, Scheduling  Route Management with Handhelds  Garment Processing and Tracking  Surgical Pack Processing and Tracking  Purchasing and Stock Management System  Customer Information System (CRM)  Personalized Customer Internet Portal  Laundry Maintenance + Fleet Management  Laundry Best Practice Benchmarking  Wide Range of Management Reports  Interface to Financials, CRM, Corp. Apps  Links with Customer Linen Mgt. System  Fully Internet Based  Low Cost, Multi-lingual, Quick to Deploy

6 6 Linenweb ® Laundry System Single Screen View of Total Laundry Work in Progress

7 7 Touch Screens Linked With Internet for Fast Data Entry and Order Completion

8 8 Process Orders Quickly Using Full Barcode Scanning Option Combined With Auto Cart Design and Auto Cart Allocation

9 9 Linenweb ® Laundry Information System Surgical Pack Information and Tracking Track and Manage your Surgical (OR) Packs with Linenweb :  Scan Controlled with Tracking by Barcode or RFID  Scan in with Alerts  Scan In and Out of Maintenance with Charge Options  Scan in New Product  Scan Out to Customer  Separate Processing Section for OR Packs  Combine Pack Orders with Uniforms and Flat Linen for Single Shipment  Internet Portal for Customer Alerts  Manage Pack Recipes On-line  Detailed Information and History for each Component  Age, Number of Washes, Maintenance, Barrier Tests, Full History  Valuable Management Reporting  Use by Dates, Article Aging, Recipes, Order Status + more

10 10 Linenweb ® Laundry Information System Integrated Garment Management System

11 11 Linenweb ® Laundry Information System Customer Information Management The New Customer Info System Improves Customer Service:  Detailed Information and History for each Laundry Customer Site  Address, phone, email, www, fax  Start date, anniversary date, free text details  Detailed Information and History for Customer Individuals  Title, phone, email, cell, fax, search facility  Free text for personal details  Detailed Contact Incident Records  Type, Laundry Rep., Category, Free Text Details  Detailed Complaint Record and Tracking System  Timestamp, Category, Free Text Details  Action Steps, dates, closure record  Valuable Management Reporting  Complaints, Rep Performance, Anniversaries

12 12 Linenweb  Route Management Download to Handheld for Route Management, Driver Instruction, Signature Capture, Receipt Print, GPS Directions and Order Upload

13 13 Linenweb ® Laundry Information System Customer Internet Portal The New Customer Internet Portal Improves Customer Service:  Separate Log-in for each Laundry Customer  Global Messages from Laundry plus Individual Messages  Customer can only see their own data – Controlled by Laundry  Allows Customer to:  Enter Orders Remotely  Upload Mobile Computers  Modify Orders Remotely  View Work in Progress  Record Patient Census  Reprint BOLs  View and Print Invoices  Run Reports  Manage Employee’s Garments  Send Garment Alerts to Laundry  Run Selected Reports

14 14 Linenweb ® Laundry Information System Linenweb ® Laundry Information System Customer Internet Portal Customers can Manage and Track their linen locally and upload orders to laundry based on actual usage

15 15 Linenweb  Mobile Linenweb  Mobile Data Entry on the Move Rugged Industrial Grade Mobile Computers with Barcode Scanners for Remote Data Entry and WiFi Upload

16 16 Linenweb ® Laundry Information System Multi-level System Password Controlled Multiple laundries can be combined with access controlled through passwords and user groups

17 17 Linenweb ® Laundry Information System Linenweb ® Laundry Information System Maintenance and Fleet Management Comprehensive Management and Tracking of Maintenance for Laundry Equipment and Vehicle Fleet Maximizes Uptime and Boosts Plant Performance

18 18 Comprehensive User Training Either On Your Site or Using Remote E- Training

19 19 Linenweb ® Hospital Systems Optional Hospital Linen Management System Advanced Linen Management and Tracking as a stand- alone Hospital System or linked to laundry

20 20 Linenweb ® Hospital Systems On-line Benchmarking System and Reports Your own on-line Linen Management Consultant

21 21 Linenweb  Consultancy Services Benchmark Against 500+ Hospitals

22 22 Laundry Benchmarking Services Achieve Best Practice and Cost Optimization Option to Benchmark in Real-time with Laundry Machine Integration to Optimize Plant and Operator Performance

23 23 VL schema Our Unique Virtual Laundry System builds a software model of your laundry to allow laundry changes (new machines, process changes etc) to be trialed before implementation so that the best results are achieved with lowest risk

24 24

25 25 System Integration Services Our Advanced Plant-wide Visualization and Machine Control Technology Streamlines Production Throughput and Optimizes Total Laundry Plant Productivity

26 26

27 27 Laundry System Integration Centrex Advantages as your Integration Partner  Worldwide Industry Experience  Software Development Experience  Best for Multi-Vendor Environment  Future Adds and Changes OK  Comprehensive 24x7 Support Services  Single Point of Responsibility

28 28 Linenweb ® System Integration Services Total Laundry Integration Solution Benefits Linenweb Total Laundry Integration Solutions can provide huge benefits for major cost areas:  Laundry Labor Cost Reductions up to 30%  Laundry Linen Replacement Cost Reductions up to 40%  Laundry Administration Cost Reductions up to 30%  Increased Laundry Plant Output up to 25% Source: TSA UK 2005

29 29 Linenweb ® Laundry Information System Wide-ranging Benefits Across Laundry Operations  Operational Benefits  Better management of daily order process  Improved management of customer stock levels  Reduced production processing times  Improved effectiveness of production supervisors  Better production – demand interaction  Revenue Increases  Improved control of shipping data entry process  Improved accuracy of critical data  Reduction of duplication  Wide range of pricing options calculated fast & accurate  Improved laundry cash-flow  Reduced Overhead Costs  Reduction in linen replacement costs  Reduced staff overtime and production process costs  Reduction in cart losses  Reduced Administrative Costs  Less paper, less duplication, less errors  Rapid invoicing, highly accurate with low effort  Management reports available instantly on- line  Integration with financial systems  Improved Customer Service  On-line order entry  Reduction in short deliveries  Removal and recovery of stale inventory  Improved customer communications  Reduction of disputed invoices

30 30 Linenweb  Laundry Information System Extensive Range of Support and Consulting Services  24 x 7 Support and Technical Advice  Chicago Based  User Training  On-site or E-Training  Refresher Training on Demand  Laundry and Hospital Benchmarking  Best Practice Databases  Optional Consulting Services To Implement  System Interface  Financials, CRM, Corporate Apps  Laundry Equipment Integration  Real-time System Data Capture  Interface Design, Installation  Integration with Orders and Visioning Systems  Real-time Best Practice Benchmarking  Custom Reports and Alerting

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