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Jana Reháková

JAROV III.F JAROV III.G Department for the Administration of Facilities

3 How to get to ... Dormitory: tram 1, 9, 16 (direction Spojovací)
Stop: Strážní, Chmelnice University: tram 5, 9, 26 Stop: Husinecká

4 Dormitory Managers Jarov III. F Jarov III. G Hana Novotná
Office hours: Mo – Thu 8:00 – 10:00, 13:00 – 14:00 Fri 8:00 – 10:00 Jarov III. G Dana Kropáčková

5 Housing Coordinators Jarov III.F: Hana Sedláčková
Room 572 Line 2295 Jarov III.G: Jana Reháková & Kamil Jireš Room 1131 Line 2451

6 Phone Book

7 Procedure of moving in the dormitory
Reception Submit the valid passport or the identity card, eventually the residence permit Fill in the form Receive the keys to your room Dormitory manager office Submit one colour photograph (35 x 45 mm) Sign the Accommodation agreement Receive the dormitory card Storage room Receive the desk lamp Pay the accommodation fee at once for the whole period of stay (amount stated in the Accommodation agreement) in cash, CZK in office hours at the cash point of the Department for the Administration of Facilities : :00 : :00

8 Exchange of broken furnishing
At the reception there is “The Book of Defects” Anything that needs to be repaired, have to be written in CZECH in this book. The problem will be solved as soon as possible In case of any problems, you can ask for help the coordinators for exchange students at the dormitory

9 Common premises in the dormitory
Gym, study room, TV room, table soccer, stationary bicycle, piano Laundry, dryer Keys are at the reception There are differences between Jarov III. F & G ...check the Guide Book of your dormitory

10 At the reception you can borrow...
Jarov III.G hoover CZK /3 hours clothes – horse free /day ironing board free /3 hours iron free /3hours The penalty for delayed return is 50 CZK. Jarov III. F hoover hour iron, ironing boar 1 hour clothes – horse day The penalty for delayed return is 10 CZK/ day. laundry-basket clothes-pegs petanque tennis racket (6 AM – 11 PM) volleyball net balls (volleyball, basketball), air pump First Aid Kit

11 Do your laundry by yourself 
Reservation Non-stop, at the reception Only one cycle a day One cycle = 4 hours It is not possible to reserve two machines per day. Usage Be on time! Go to the reception to pick up the key from the laundry room. Leave your dormitory card at the reception till the time you finish your laundry. When you hand over the key, you get your dormitory card back. The fee for using laundry machine is 20 CZK and is paid at the reception when you pick up the key from the laundry room (it means before washing). You can borrow the clothes – horse: at the reception, for free and just for 24 hours. No reservation needed. The penalty for delayed return is 50 CZK. At Jarov III.F is also possible to borrow a dryer: 10CZK/ 4 hours Penalty for delayed key return When you do not hand over the key after 4 hours – your cycle, you will have to pay extra CZK for each started hour.

12 Student duties when entering the dormitory, show your dormitory card
respect “quiet hours”: 22:00 – 6:00 no parties in the dormitory !!! follow the instructions stated by the dormitory manager

13 Procedure of moving out of the dormitory
The date of your check – out is Friday, December 19,2008. If you want to stay longer, report it to the housing coordinators at your dormitory at the latest on October 31. On the day of departure: clean up your room and furnishings restore everything in the room to its original condition hand in all loaned inventory ask the cleaning lady to check your room return the bed linen and the desk lamp to the storekeeper return the dormitory card and the keys to the dormitory manager office There will be Moving-out schedule on a notice board next to the dormitory manager office. Do not forget to sign for a date and time.

14 Staying a few days longer
You have to report it to the housing coordinator at your dormitory till October 31. You will be considered a hotel guest: Price: 270 CZK/ day (ISIC price) Internet connection: no Moving to another room: possible

15 That´s all... Questions ? Contact: Jana Reháková Housing Coordinator
Dormitory Jarov III.G, room 1131 Tel: +420/


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