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Beryllium By: Ellie.

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1 Beryllium By: Ellie

2 Beryllium It is a toxic bivalent element
Steel gray, strong, light gray Has one of the highest melting points of the light of metals Nonmagnetic Is in period two

3 Crystal Structure Space group P63/mm
structure: hexagonal closed-packed Non-interactively

4 Beryllium Symbol Be Atomic Weight 9.012182 Density 1.848 g/cc
Melting point 1287C Boiling Point 2470C Number of protons:4 Electrons: 4 Neutrons: 5

5 Atomic Properties Beryllium is in group 2
Electron Configuration:  1s2, 2s2

6 Uses of Beryllium Makes x-ray tubing for glass windows
Makes emeralds for jewelry

7 Uses of Beryllium Electric insulators Beryllium copper
Beryllium Copper Spring Washer Fitting Ring for Surefire

8 Where Beryllium is found
Beryllium is found in many different types of minerals including emerald and aquamarines Beryllium was found by Louis-Nicholas Vauqeulin ,1798

9 Chemical Properties Beryllium reacts with acids and with water to form hydrogen gas It reacts briefly with oxygen in the air to form beryllium oxide (BeO). The beryllium oxide forms a thin skin on the surface of the metal that prevents the metal from reacting further with oxygen.

10 Beryllium Fun Facts Beryllium is used in missiles, and spacecraft
A little toxic dust is more than sufficient to kill a human. YouTube - Beryllium

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