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About the Company The journey to create and build SmartKlean began after the loss of a loved one to cancer. This tragic event caused family members to.

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2 About the Company The journey to create and build SmartKlean began after the loss of a loved one to cancer. This tragic event caused family members to educate themselves on positive changes for personal health and the environment. Their search for healthier alternatives led to the discovery of the technology behind the Laundry Ball. In 2009, the family combined their skills to form SmartKlean Corp., a small, family-operated business in Miami, Florida and started producing and marketing the product internationally. Today, the company has a sales network with distributors in more than 140 regions around the world. Many distributors are former customers who are committed to spreading the word about SmartKlean’s sustainable cleaning solutions. The SmartKlean family also dedicate themselves to raising awareness about environmental issues at home. With their products and communications, they aim to reach as many people, places and cultures as possible with their knowledge of harmful conventions and the benefits of choosing greener alternatives.

3 Why Consumers Should Go Green with Laundry SmartKlean Offers Five Reasons to Clean Laundry with Green or Natural Alternatives Although nearly half of all shoppers rate the environment as important when buying laundry products, the recession has consumers hesitating to buy green. SmartKlean®, makers of the non-detergent Laundry Ball, suggests five reasons why consumers shouldn’t hesitate to go green with laundry. 1. Forget the “green premium” and save money Increased competition has led to lower pricing for green laundry and cleaning products, offering better savings. A natural alternative like the SmartKlean Laundry Ball can also replace multiple products and last up to 365 washes, allowing consumers to cut laundry costs by half or more per year. 2. Consumers don’t have to sacrifice cleaning power for green power There’s a misperception that green products aren’t as effective, but in fact, green products are included among top-performing cleaners. Eco-friendly solutions clean in the same way as detergents, without using toxic chemicals. The SmartKlean Laundry Ball adds the power of thermodynamics and bioelectricity which work with the physical properties of water, instead of adding toxic chemicals to clean. 3. Ditch Detergents, Which Clean with Petrochemicals, Not Soap Despite the soap-like bubbles (created by foaming agents), detergents don’t contain soap. Instead, they’re made of petroleum-based chemicals. Ditch the detergents, which leave a film of chemical residue on fabric with every wash. This residue is absorbed by human skin, causing irritation and other symptoms.

4 “Greening laundry has a positive impact on our families and our local communities,” said Jenny Ortiz, president and co founder of SmartKlean. “It reduces our chemical exposure and benefits families concerned about physical health, financial health and the environment.” Despite the recession, it is possible to save money without sacrificing eco-concerns. SmartKlean offers suggestions for greening laundry and using natural alternatives like the Laundry Ball on its website and blog: 5. Protect the Environment and Local Communities Green cleaning laundry cuts the number of chemicals flushed into the local water ecosystem, that can harm fish and wildlife. It also saves energy and reduces the amount of plastic waste sent to local landfills or recycling plants. 4. Cut Chemical Exposure at Home With every load of laundry, families add chemical residues to their clothing and emit chemical pollutants into the air from dryer vents. These chemicals have been linked to asthma, autism, infertility, allergies, cancer and other health issues.

5 These results (right) were obtained from testing the rinseability of 100% Cotton Diapers during numerous wash cycles. Detergent brand supplied was TIDE Liquid Detergent. Also cycles were completed using Water only (Control), no detergent. Observing the graph you will note that Cotton washed with Tide Liquid (star symbol) continued to gain weight while the Water (Control – triangle symbol) weights remained basically unchanged. Thus making it safe to assume that TIDE has low rinse-ability properties. These chemicals are fat soluble, meaning they are constantly absorbed by the skin – the body’s largest organ. NOTE: This is a summary of the research. A PDF of the full study and details can be provided upon request. DID YOU KNOW? 2% of a garment’s weight comes from laundry detergent residue according to studies conducted by Clemson University. The objective of this research was to determine the rinse-ability of TIDE® Liquid Detergent.

6 SmartKlean Laundry Ball Features Chemical-free! The SmartKlean Laundry Ball uses bioelectricity and hydrodynamics to clean clothes physically instead of chemically. One laundry ball is reusable for approximately 365 washes. The price is a fraction of the annual cost of laundry detergents. It replaces detergents, fabric softeners and dryer sheets. No foam or suds are produced, making a rinse cycle unnecessary. This saves an average of 2,000-8,000 gallons of water during the Laundry Ball’s lifespan, depending on the type of washer. No hot water is necessary to clean fabric (even whites), making the Laundry Ball energy efficient as well. Compatible with all HE, front and top-loading washing machines and is 100% safe for washers and septic systems.

7 The Benefits of using the Laundry Ball For Families: Families save money by replacing 10 to 20 laundry products with one Laundry Ball a year. They also reduce energy costs with shorter wash cycles in cold water. For Those with Sensitive Skin: There are no artificial fragrances, chemicals or phosphates to trigger reactions in sensitive skin and no remaining residues. The Laundry Ball leaves clothes clean and clear with a natural cotton scent. For the Planet: Families using the Laundry Ball produce less packaging waste, use less water, consume less energy and release less chemicals into the environment.

8 How It Works

9 Components Alkali Ball Increases the pH levels in water to the same level of detergents in order to help lift oil and dirt off fabrics. Far Infrared Ball Breaks the water molecules into small clusters (groups) and increases their molecular motion, penetration force and washing power. It radiates negative ions to weaken the surface tension of the water allowing the dirt to be easily removed. Anti-microbial Ball Eliminates mould and pathogenic organisms. One of the ingredients of this component is nano- structured silver (silver nitrate), which is very effective in killing and preventing bacteria and infections. Chlorine-removal Ball Eliminates the chlorine compound in the water protecting the fabrics from oxidation. Magnets Placed on the two opposite (inner) ends of the laundry ball, this component produces a magnetic field that reduces the size of water clusters (molecule groups) and increases dissolved oxygen. More hydroxyl (OH-) ions are created to form alkaline molecules, and reduces acidity therefore effectively decomposing impurities and odorous bacteria. Enclosure Creates agitation with shape and weight to beat dirt and grime off clothing during the wash cycle. Composed of environmentally-friendly thermoplastic elastomer free of BPA and PVC.

10 Interested in Retailing this Amazing Product? For further information or to discuss purchasing, please contact your area’s Representative or visit for more

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