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Brooklyn Bridge, Circa 1920 Bridging the Gap from Expired to SOLD with The Robert Janezic Team.

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1 Brooklyn Bridge, Circa 1920 Bridging the Gap from Expired to SOLD with The Robert Janezic Team

2 TeamTeamTeamTeam Performance

3 Bridging the Gap Is the motif The Rob Janezic Team uses to portray his approach to the real estate world. Once a frustrated client, Rob Janezic earned his N.C. Brokers license in 2003. Since then he has been “bridging the gap” to his clients real estate dreams. He became ERA’s Rookie of the Year in 2004 and earned ERA’s Beyond Excellence Award in 2005. Rob’s secret is a coordinate team effort of first rate marketing, effective communication, diligent tracking, and strong negotiations & networking. This presentation was designed by Rob to give you a view of The Rob Janezic Team, and their success with Expired listings. Please review this literature at your leisure and call Rob Janezic at your earliest convenience to “bridge the gap” to your real estate dreams.

4 Rob Janezic 13 – Expireds 0 Early in Rob’s career, his circle of influence and client base was so small, so he had to rely on other sources of new business. With expired listings being so plentiful in the Greater Charlotte area, Rob focused on converting those EXPIREDS to SOLDS. What follows here is a journal of some of his team’s work over the last couple of years in the expired sector. While he has had equally great success outside of expired listings, these unwanted homes are the ones the Rob Janezic turned into successes. Every claim made on these upcoming pages can and will be substantiated when you call to put an end to your home selling efforts.

5 ROB JANEZIC TEAMPreviouslyExpired

6 This seller was a military brethren who was desperate to sell this home in under two months or foreclosure was a possibility due to some unfortunate changes in her family’s life. Out of the necessity to sell this home in under 60 days in an area that had a less than 60% success rate, we entered at her bottom line number and marketed the quick sale. We sold it in 40 days for $3,500 over List Price due to the $4,500 in seller concessions. The First of the De Havillands Previously listed For 163 Days We SOLD in 37 days!

7 Evidently not a Huge Market for A-Frames These out-of-state owners were in a bind as their previous 3 listing periods yielded unfavorable results. After 396 days, these owners needed to get out from under this home as it was deteriorating by being unoccupied and vacant for over 1 year. This marketing effort entailed opening up finance options to lease purchase and seller financing. While it led us to potential buyers, a cash buyer paid final full price while negotiating a complex seller financing deal. Previously listed 3X For 396 Days We SOLD in 39 days!

8 After an Incredulous 749 Failed DOM, We Listed This Home $5000 Higher! This fantastic all brick country home was listed for 123 days with Allen Tate and 536 days with a small firm with no success. The owner sold it to his friend as an investment or to attempt to flip. After FSBO yielded no winning results, Rob Janezic was called in and it was sold in 43 days by ERA for 100% of List Price, which was $5000 higher than the last list price. Actually, it sold at 103% of List Price, but that was because the buyers required $5500 in closing costs. The buyers paid 100% because they were explained the value at the asking price with all appliances including a washer/dryer and refrigerator plus a home warranty and $2500 flex allowance. Previously listed 3X For 749 Days We SOLD in 43days! Prior FSBO

9 Will Someone Please Sell My Home So I Can Move to the Palisades? This wonderful family called ERA because of their Seller Security Plan to guarantee the sale of their home as they desperately failed to sell their home over the last 13 months. In just 65 days we sold their home for 99.45% of the list price with $3000 in seller concessions. They were so desperate to sell in order to move into the gorgeous Palisades development and so afraid of loosing this buyer that I had to literally beg them to counteroffer during negotiations. Previously listed 2X For 373 Days We SOLD in 65 days!

10 The second of the Dehavillands was listed after our successful sale of the first. This family was transferred to Florida and in danger of losing their home. Their previous agent held had just been released after 6 months of unsuccessful marketing. We applied our superior presentation and marketing plan and sold their home in just 45 days. The Second of the De Havillands Previously listed For 172 Days We SOLD in 45 Days

11 After a bit of success in the Steele Creek area, several owners responded to direct mail they received after their listing expired with another Realtor like this one. The owner’s employer had her relocated to another state and was looking to put a speedy end to their employee’s 163 day home selling venture gone sour. In just 37 days, we had their minds at rest with a contract acceptable to all. My Relocation Department Wants Us Out in Under 60, ok? Previously listed For 163 Days We SOLD in 37 days!

12 Not a Lot of Room to Spare in Gaston County Starting in Real Estate, there is not too many places you won’t go. After 182 days with the largest local firm, this Gaston County couple was needing a sale and could not sell for less than $115,000. Marketing at $115,500 with our relentless proven process, we sold it in 96 days at just $500 below list price. There was no trick, it was just a good marketing plan, fantastic presentation, terrific exposure, and perhaps a little luck. Honestly, we are not really sure what the cause was, but a plan, an eye, some diligence, and foresight seems to be doing the trick so far fairly completely. Previously listed For 182 Days We SOLD in 96 days!

13 If at First You Don’t Succeed, Try, Try, Try, Try, Try, Try, Try, Try Again Or just call the Rob Janezic Team first! Unbelievable! This Luxury Condo was on the market for 1182 days spanning some of the best names in real estate. On the endorsement of a satisfied client, this owner gave us the opportunity to succeed where many had failed and we came through again. We sold his home, which allowed him to purchase a new home in Virginia where he relocated long before we started marketing his condo. Sold by Rob Janezic and ERA Wilder Realty They attempted 8 times! Previously listed 8X For 1182 days We SOLD in 5 months

14 Neighborhood Agents Can Create an Expired Listing Too! As a young pup in real estate in April of 2004, I drove by this gorgeous Stonebriar home in Ballantyne that was For Sale By Owner. Despite a great interaction with the owner, he opted to end his FSBO selling by choosing his Allen Tate neighbor to sell his home. When it wasn’t done after six months, he came looking for Rob Janezic and ERA. With the challenging green countertops, peak market price, and negative sales history established, we still succeeded in selling in just under 5 months for 99.47% of list price. This was $21,000 more than his neighbor advised him to take at the expiration of her listing. Previously listed 3X For 350+ Days We SOLD for 99.5% Prior FSBO

15 Aurora Blvd was listed by a friend of the owner, who incidentally was a licensed broker in NC, for 165 days prior to the owner’s children insisting that she call Rob Janezic to get her home sold as we successfully sold the children’s home for 100% of list price in just 43 days. We kept the streak alive with this difficult listing by selling it in 96 days. We had several other near misses, but got the job done in the end. We now have clients for life. We Sell Ugly Homes Too Previously listed For 165 Days We SOLD in 96 days

16 Got $750,000? It’s hard to believe this gorgeous 8.6 acre estate could take so long to sell, but the pool of buyers willing to pay ¾ of a million dollars for an older home in the middle of Mineral Springs is not as large as you might guess. We probably set records for number of showings on a listing of this caliber with a blitz marketing campaign including multiple magazine exposure from Union County to Lake Norman, out-of-state ads in New York/New Jersey, extensive direct mail to upscale neighbors likely to want more privacy, and much more. To add to the complexity, the owners were not willing to negotiate! Previously listed 1X For 184 Days We SOLD for 99.5%

17 1501 Running Brook Quite arguably our greatest feat yet! This couple fired their agent two weeks prior to closing on their new Ryan home. Their goal was to eliminate a double mortgage. We actually raised their price and offered the home for sale with an array of creative financing terms. We sold their home in just 26 days and they closed prior to paying a double mortgage payment. Here’s what they had to say “We are over the moon! 3 weeks was beyond our wildest dreams! We will tell everyone we know about you guys! We are just thrilled and feel like you worked hard to get this done. We are so excited and relieved. Thanks for your commitment to our family and helping us to solidify our future” ---John & Anne Jurchak Previously listed 2X For 155 Days We SOLD in 26 Days!

18 Yet another example of a client who was so displeased with their representation that they terminated their listing agreement to share in the success of the Rob Janezic Team. While only on the market for less than two months, this family just felt that success was not in their future with their previous representation. After a brief discussion of how we obtained such great success, they hired us to represent them, and obtained the results they were seeking in just 49 days. Previously listed For 75 Days We SOLD in 49 Days! Not Fond of Their Previous Representation

19 Place Your Home Here Please give me a call today to show you how we are able to place SOLD signs on our properties time after time. What you saw were 13 individuals who gave us an opportunity and we came through in stellar fashion. We will not take a listing if we don’t feel we can sell it. It does us no good and does you no good either. Previously listed For Too Long We SOLD in 65 days!

20 “With all that is on the line during a real estate transaction, I am always amazed how nonchalant some folks can be when selecting a real estate agent. A trusted & competent agent should be as important a professional in your family’s life as an accountant, an insurance agent, or an attorney.” - Robert Janezic


22 Bio & Highlights Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, graduating 7 th from New Utrecht H.S. Graduated Magna Cum Laude in Civil Engineering from University of Buffalo in 1991. Commissioned as a U.S. Naval Officer in 1991 (Ensign). Graduated Naval Nuclear Propulsion School, Naval Prototype, and Submarine Basic Officer Course. Served aboard new construction submarine USS Hartford (SSN 768), earning qualifications in Submarine Warfare, Engineer qualification, and two Naval Achievement Medals from 1993 to 1996. Served at Naval Submarine School in Groton, CT teaching Submarine Tactics, Target Motion Analysis, and Leadership Principles and earning Master Training Specialist Designation, third Naval Achievement Medal and first Navy Commendation Medal from 1996 to 1998. Graduated with a 4.0 GPA and Masters of Science in Environmental Management from Rensselear Polytechnic Institute in 1998. Served aboard overhauling submarine USS La Jolla (SSN 706) as Assistant Navigator and earning his fourth Naval Achievement Medal from 1998 to 1999. Developed strong PC and database skills in various roles at Cognex Corporation, Siebel Systems, and Bank of America Technology & Operations from 1999 to 2004.


24 Products & Services Carolina Realty Advisors Products & Services Home Protection Plan Mortgage Relationships Lead Generation System How to Sell Guides Centralized Showing Service Out-of-State Print Advertisements Premium Road Signage Rob Janezic Team Specific Products & Services Upgrade Package Premium Presentation Comprehensive Visual Tours Targeted Direct Mail Up-sell Campaigns Aggressive Agent-to-Agent Marketing Broadest Exposure Plan Possible Top Producer Listing and Closing Management

25 Brooklyn Bridge, Circa 1920

26 Bridging the Gap Towards the end of the 19 th century, there was no greater barrier to commerce in the U.S. than the East River, which separated our Nation’s then #1 and #3 cities, namely New York City and Brooklyn. On May 24 th, 1883, the Brooklyn Bridge was opened to “bridge the gap.” To this day, the bridge remains an engineering marvel. Rob Janezic, a Brooklynite, a Civil Engineer, and a long time admirer of the Brooklyn Bridge is looking to help you “bridge the gap” to your real estate dreams. What reason do you have for not calling?

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