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Tools and Measuring Instruments Chapter #2. Hand Tools Tool programs Quality Specialty.

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1 Tools and Measuring Instruments Chapter #2

2 Hand Tools Tool programs Quality Specialty

3 Wrenches Open end Box end Adjustable Tubing – fuel/brake line Socket Allen Torx

4 Torque wrenches Beam Click Dial Torque to yield + Degree Foot/inch pounds

5 Pliers Gripping, pulling, cutting Vise-grips Strippers Retaining Ring – Inside – outside

6 Screwdrivers Slotted Phillips Offset

7 Hammers/punches Ball peen Rubber mallet Plastic mallet Center punch Pin punch

8 Seal Drivers

9 Assorted Hacksaw Reamers Files Chisels Picks/probes/pickup

10 Vise/Bench Grinder

11 Pullers/Holders Flywheel puller and holder Starter clutch wrench

12 Ridge Reamer Useful?

13 Ring Spreader Useful?

14 Ring compressor Must have! – Sized for small pistons – Get a decent one

15 Cylinder Hone

16 Valve Spring Compressor

17 Lapping stick

18 Engine Test Instruments Tachometer Spark Tester - a must… Compression Tester Leak Down Tester

19 Cleaning Equipment Parts washer/Fluid – A must have item

20 Measuring Instruments Micrometers

21 Measuring Instruments Vernier Caliper

22 Measuring Instruments Dial Indictor

23 Measuring Instrument Telescoping Gauge

24 Measuring Instrument Small Hole Gauge

25 Measuring instrument Thickness Gauge or Feeler Gauge

26 Measuring Instrument Combination Square – Measuring valve height – Straight edge

27 Screw Gauge How about an assortment of hardware???

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