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Ensuring the Safety of all those that put their trust in the Metro Transit Authority. Transit Protective Services.

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1 Ensuring the Safety of all those that put their trust in the Metro Transit Authority. Transit Protective Services

2 Our Mission Statement The mission and goal of a Metro Transit Security Officer is to ensure the protection and safety of the patrons, passengers, and employees who rely on and who provide the services of the Authority. In order to accomplish this mission, Officers must be given the tools, resources, and assistance necessary to achieve this mission while management has the responsibility to provide the fundamentals to reach our goal. All employees of the Protective Services Department have an obligation to Metro, its patrons, and the employees we serve to develop and maintain the highest work and ethical standards in both personal and official conduct. To become an efficient unit, personnel must pledge not to compromise the safety, and integrity of Metro for personal feelings, prejudices, animosities, or friendships. Officers will constantly strive to achieve these objectives with dedication to the ideals of Metro.

3 Duties and Responsibilities Patrols, monitors, and safeguards Metro property and buildings Ensures safety of Metro patrons and employees Observes and reports on security and safety problems Monitors handling of Metro monies at Cash Counting office and Ticket Offices Escorts vault truck drivers during pick-up of monies from various Metro divisions Writes memos regarding incidents of suspicious activity and vandalism occurring on Metro property Keeps written log of daily activities Directs visitors to desired Metro locations Maintains, supports, and promotes a safe work environment while complying with all of Metro’s safety rules, policies, and procedures Contributes to ensuring that the EEO policies and programs of Metro are carried out

4 Control Center CCTV Surveillance of USG Complex, Terminal 19, and Ticket Offices Radio and phone communications with both Metro (Security, General Services, Facilities Maintenance, etc.) and external personnel from non-Metro agencies (LASD, LAPD, etc.). 24/7 Command, Control, and Coordination of All Metro Security Units

5 Fixed Post/Infrastructure Protection Daily Security of Metro Properties and Protection of Patrons & Employees Gateway/Patsaouras Plaza Terminal 19 (T-19A/B) Metro Transit Court El Monte Bus Station

6 Field/Mobile Units Vehicular/Mobile Security Patrols and Parking Enforcement of Metro Properties (M-51, M-52, M-53, M-54) Bus Yards (Division 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 15, 18) Rail Yards (Division 11, 20, 21, 22) Bus Terminals/Stations (Terminal 19, Orange Line, etc.) Rail Stations (Red/Blue/Green/Gold) Ticket Offices Miscellaneous Support Facilities (e.g. CMF, Location 62, Division 4, Vernon Yards, Lost & Found, etc.) Response to reports of crimes in progress, such as public disturbances, vandalism, trespassers, etc.

7 Revenue Protection Team Security Over-Watch of Metro Revenue Collection Operations Central Cash Counting Office Pick-Up/Drop-Offs of mobile safes from bus divisions and rail stations Servicing of TVMs at Rail Stations Trouble Ticket/Preventative Maintenance of Division Vaults. Ticket Vending Machines (TVM)

8 Metro Redline Team Dedicated Security Unit for the Metro Red Line System Opening and closing of stations when system is out of service Patrol of stations when system is in service Assistance of Team Operators Fare compliance checks Ancillary area checks Tunnel Checks

9 Boardroom Detail Provide Weapon Screening and Maintains Order at Metro and Metrolink Board Room Meetings. Screen all incoming visitors for weapons or threatening materials Protect the Mayor and other Board members from possible threats during meetings Maintain order from citizens during board meetings

10 K-9 Unit Explosives Detection Team Response to unattended packages at Metro Properties High visibility patrols of Bus/Rail Stations and Terminals to enhance public confidence in the safety of Metro’s transit system. Response to suspicious packages at Metro facilities

11 Pressure Washer Escorts Dedicated close-protection units for general services personnel in high risk environments graveyard shifts Protect employees while conducting Pressure Wash detail at Rail stations Patrols route of personnel to ensure the protection of Metro vehicles and equipment Assist personnel with clearing patrons off platforms

12 Special Events Provide security, crowd control, and revenue protection at both regular and irregular miscellaneous events Movie Shoots Bus Bridges Rose Parade (Pasadena Gold Line) Halloween Parade (Division 7) Christopher Street Parade (Division 7) Hollywood Christmas Parade (Metro Red Line) USC Games (Expo Line) Long Beach Grand Prix (Blue Line) CicLAvia Dodger Express Bus Rodeo Concerts Press Events Career Day Events Dignitary Protection (for Metro CEO and other VIPs) Employee Transport (as has been requested by Duane Martin for Metro DCEO)

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