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New Day Members Meeting for women and girls in crisis across Asia 14 June 2011 Meeting.

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1 New Day Members Meeting for women and girls in crisis across Asia 14 June 2011 Meeting

2 Agenda WelcomeLiza Green Funding update / Cash PositionChris Green Projects: AFESIPLiza Green Daughters of CambodiaChris Green LOVEQTRALiza Green KALKILiza Green ENRICHKim Cheung CSC FistulaKim Cheung Cambodia Site Visit Dana Barrett Member RemarksCaroline Basham

3 Funding Update – Since November 2010 Projects Funded Project Grant New Day Contribution Co-funding Contribution Co-funding Partner AFESIP 198,744 81,744 117,000Norton Rose Daughters 125,112 47,112 78,000Linklaters CSC 78,000 n/a 401,856206,856195,000 HKD 446 k cash position as of June 11  HKD155 k payment to KALKI in June 2011  HKD194 k payment to AFESIP in December 2011  Projected additional income of HKD183 k for remainder 2011  Projected available funds of HKD280 k for remainder of 2011 48 monthly auto-pay contributions totaling HKD30,550  Membership numbers reduced by 3 since last meeting (November)

4 AFESIP Grant of HKD198,744 in December 2010 to AFESIP and the Ragamuffin Project to fund set-up, staffing and running of Counseling Services Program at Kampong Cham Centre. Co-funded by Norton Rose. Multi-year grant with a 3 year commitment. Roll-out in 3 AFESIP Centres. Staffing to date:  Candace Blasé – Volunteer Trauma Care Specialist  Chum Chanta – Kampong Cham Psychologist  2 Ragamuffin Art Therapists – 2 days a week at Kampong Cham Achievements to date:  43 assessments conducted  Counseling Room furnished and equipped  Individual therapy started with 5 residents  Kampong Cham staff training complete

5 Daughters of Cambodia Concept  Provides employment and on-the-job training to women leaving sex industry  5 micro businesses working to become self-sustaining over time  Garment Business  Café (Sugar & Spice)  Spa  Clothing store – featuring their clothing  Jewelry Making – also sold at the store  Goal to achieve sustainable income generation to cover salaries and running costs and reduce / eliminate dependency on donors over time  provides medical, counselling, and supplementary education along with job prospects New Day / Linklaters co-financed a grant of USD16 k in December 2010  advanced training and equipment for the garment business

6 Daughters of Cambodia Site visit by New Day in May 2011 Grant spending is underway with training on going Equipment purchased to generate higher efficiency in output Impressive operation and quality products Ongoing demands for the Garment Business operations:  Operating at close to capacity in terms of space – potentially looking for new factory space  Inventory maintenance / monitoring is weak and needs support  Clothes design still coming from off-shore and on-going design support could require additional funding  Accounting professional is required and being retained  Business planning and development is needed How can New Day help with in kind services? Ideas for 2011 funding.

7 Daughters of Cambodia Our Grant proposal is focused on the Sewing Room  The largest of the Daughters businesses  Employs 60 women  Produces clothing, fashion accessories and home furnishings  Sells product through the Store as well as some modest international sales through individuals  Enjoying success – demand currently outstripping capacity  Receives support in terms of “design” from volunteer professionals, many of whom are foreign designers in the industry  Operational costs of USD34 k per year have been supported to date by another donor

8 LOVEQTRA Grant of HKD216,240 in August 2010 to install a heating system and purchase a washer and dryer. Co-funded with Silvercrest Foundation. CNY100,000 remains as washer was donated to the school and LOVEQTRA saved a significant amount by using a used stove and pipes for heating system. Funds will be applied to CNY140,000 construction project : building new kitchen and dining area. Construction is underway and expected to be complete by end August 2011. New Day remains interested in ongoing funding but a site visit is needed.

9 LOVEQTRA - Photos

10 KALKI Grant of HKD155,000 for the 3 rd year running for Girls at Risk Program in June 2011 Grant will fund the Night Shelter and Training Program Strong and stable staffing and support from ADMCF 34 girls aged 2-18 use the Night Shelter currently Holistic Training Program:  Life Skills: health and legal awareness,confidence-building,  Educational Support: tutoring and study groups  Workshops and Summer Camps: drama, yoga, arts and handicrafts  Vocational Training with partner NGOs: tailoring, hospitality and crafts

11 KALKI - Photos

12 ENRICH Hong Kong Project Funded in September 2010 – HK$50,000 Funds go to Financial Training for Migrant Workers / Domestic Helpers in Hong Kong Enrich held a course solely for New Day in October Ran 8 courses with 120 participants with New Day Funds in 2010; “Good Habits with Money” Plan to run 17 more courses with our funds in 2011 Participation was up 25% in 2010

13 CSC – OBSTETRIC FISTULA Program 2011 - Grant USD10,000, Thus far our grant has covered: 2 VVF surgeries Consultations with numerous potential sufferers Radio ads in remote areas to encourage women with these issues to visit CSC 4 women are lined up for complicated surgeries Specialists will fly in to perform these surgeries, & train local staff

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