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Marketing Report : The Mi-Wash Solution

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1 Marketing Report : The Mi-Wash Solution
Prepared by: Angus Campbell Erin Ford Owen Thompson Stirling Holtschneider

2 Outline Product Basics and Launch Macro-Environment Target Markets
Marketing Strategy Place Product Promotion Price Conclusion

3 Product Introduction Simple, compact washing/drying machine
Requires no plumbing hook-up Remote control or manual switch over from washer to dryer Energy efficient Environmentally friendly Plugs into any 110v wall outlet Automatic shutdown function Increase Vibration control Effective promotional launch date August 1, 2013

4 The Macro-Environment

5 Target Market Analysis
Market Segments Full sized family homes Single dwelling units College students Cottages Commercial units Geographical Segments North America Europe Australia

6 Target Market Analysis
Psychographic Segmentation Benefits both upper and lower class Very convenient and efficient Money saving device

7 Target Market Analysis
Target Market Strategy Differentiated (segmented) Marketing Addressing geographic and market segments College students, single dwelling units

8 Target Market Analysis
Competitive Advantage Mi-Wash cheaper alternative Avoiding constant fees and high electric bills Very convenient

9 Strategy: Place Distribution oriented in Canada
Initial Distribution in Ontario Potential expansion into the United States and Europe Partnership with Sears

10 Product Appeal to all target segments
Strategic benefits compared to the traditional washer and dryer Environmental sustainability in mind Focus on innovation and the individual Packaging

11 Monopolistic Market P* Q* TR D

12 Conclusion August 1st, 2013 release date
Goal: To be a must have appliance for students everywhere

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