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SERVICE MANUAL LDJ CLEANING SERVICES 630.291.5435 Helping you Protect Your Investment !

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1 SERVICE MANUAL LDJ CLEANING SERVICES 630.291.5435 Helping you Protect Your Investment !

2 LDJ Cleaning is a family owned and operated. We pride ourselves in customer satisfaction and never leave a task unfinished. We provide complete detail cleaning, serving customers in DuPage, Kane, Kendall, and Will counties. A quality approach to cleaning is the commitment we make to each of our customers. We are insured and bonded for your protection. We pre-screen our employees, including criminal background and reference check, we also provide professional training and supervision. Not only do we offer efficient cleaning service, we give our customers peace of mind, expertise, dependability, 20 years of experience in the professional cleaning industry, and a healthier environment. We work with busy time challenged homeowners offering weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, and one time service. We can also customize a program specifically for you. We are happy to help those in need, we are committed to providing the gift of a clean home to women under going treatment for cancer through the Cleaning for a Reason Foundation. We enjoy the personal satisfaction that comes from our volunteer efforts. 630.291.5435

3 Top 10 Reasons Why you Will Love LDJ Cleaning 1.We use non-toxic cleaning products so you can breathe easier and not worry about being exposed to harsh chemicals. With our company, you won’t have to worry about that. We use the most natural, yet effective products available. We will make your house sparkly and shine without harsh chemicals. 2.We pay attention to details. We systematically clean your home from top to bottom so we don’t miss anything. We clean your home with care. 3.We are insured and bonded. We feel that protecting and cherishing the contents of your home are important enough to cover them at our expense. With our company you will never have to worry about the contents of your home. We’ve got you covered. 4.We are small enough to give you the individual attention you need. When you do business with LDJ you have access to the owner of the company. If you ever have a concern or would like to speak to us for any reason, we will be available. Just ask for Lewis, 630.291.5435 /

4 5. We are large enough to provide superior service. We network with other cleaning service owners around the country on a daily basis. This means that we have access to the combined experience of hundreds of other services so we can provide you the highest standards in the cleaning industry. 6. We are locally owned. We support our community. 7. We focus on quality and ask for feedback on our cleaning to make sure you are happy with our service. Communication is the foundation of our business, and we rely on both positive and critical feedback. We strive to improve our services in many ways, but hearing from our customers on what YOU need is the key for making our business a success. 8. We provide our own supplies. We arrive at your home with all the cleaning supplies that we need to complete the cleaning of your home. 9.Our business model does not require a residential contract. We believe that our exceptional service will ensure our customers will be coming back for more. 10. Our customers say we are the best ! ( 90% satisfaction rate ) Please feel free to contact one of our references or ask about our survey results. We are chosen for quality, value, customer service.

5 What our Customers are saying about us ! When contacted for a bid, Lewis was the first to respond and scheduled an appointment the same day. During the initial consultation, Lewis detailed all services individually so there were no surprises. I hired LDJ Cleaning on a bi-weekly basis; they complete an exceptional job in a timely fashion. Top qualities: Personable, Good Value, High Integrity S.Eddidin – Aurora,IL LDJ is wonderful to work with! They are the consummate professionals making sure the job get done correctly the first time. Regardless of the size of the job, the cleaning staff ensures your satisfaction. LDJ Cleaning is definitely a company I have recommended to others! Top qualities: Expert, High Integrity, Good Value Woods – Auora,IL

6 I would highly recommend Lewis Johnson and LDJ services. I have known Lewis for a better part of a year now and he is a man of the highest integrity with a very personable approach. He provides a service that is by far the best I have ever received and I would recommend LDJ to anyone I know. He is a trusted colleague as well and I appreciate the professional relationship that we share." Top Qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity L. Van Heil – St Charles, IL I have always been worried to hire a cleaning company because that is my personal space and I'm letting strangers into it, to basically go through every room. I found Lewis's group and had set up a 'meet and greet" with him. He was on time, very professional. He listen to exactly what I was looking for and was able to provide me great service. I have scheduled his team to come back out again. His group did a very well done job, I have never seen my bathrooms and kitchen so clean and I'm a clean freak. Their prices were also very reasonable. I would highly recommend using his service! Top Qualities: Personable, High Integrity, Value S. Fine – Plainfield,IL

7 Lewis and his crew are extremely professional and trustworthy. They are always on time and do a fabulous job cleaning my house. They are very reliable and friendly to work with. I was very impressed with his initial meeting where he presented his business overview and what his company does to clean. They are licensed and bonded which was very important. As a Real Estate Professional, I would highly recommend him to any client of ours. Top Qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity K. Spangler – Naperville, IL Lewis first started to clean my house while I was undergoing chemotherapy and he was part of Cleaning for a Reason where I was able to get my house cleaned 4 times for free! Since finishing chemo I have kept Lewis as my housecleaner and am very grateful for his service. Top Qualities: Great Results, Personable G. Marciniak – Lisle,IL LDJ Cleaning has been a joy to work with, the cleaning team has proved to be above and beyond one of the best in the industry. Top Qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity S. Johnson – Roselle,IL

8 THE INITIAL CLEANING VISIT Why is it different ? Why is it necessary? Why does it cost more? It would be virtually impossible for our staff to skip our standard first-time cleaning routine and try to carry on maintaining your home in a satisfactory clean fashion. There is a big difference between “old dirt “ and “new dirt”. If we don’t get rid of the old dirt no matter how hard we try simply removing the new dirt isn’t going to make things look sparkling fresh and clean. Before we can even begin to perform weekly or bi-weekly service on a home, there are usually a variety of first time tasks which require extra attention. It is not uncommon for our staff to spend almost twice as long on a first time cleaning than it takes us on a regular repeat visit. A typical initial cleaning -- getting the house in shape from top to bottom -- can cost 30 to 50 percent more than follow up visits.

9 Benefits of Choosing Us!  All employees are insured and bonded.  We use three professionally trained maids to clean your home; including a team leader.  The same team will clean your home each time.  The team leader does a complete walk through when the house is completed to make sure all items are done to your satisfaction.  We supply all cleaning supplies and equipment needed to clean your home. If you have special products that you would like us to use we will use them.  LDJ Cleaning Services tracks the house cleaning process in your home with planned and spontaneous walk through by the owner, Lewis Johnson Your “wants’ and “don’t wants” are always kept current with each cleaning. We are your professional, affordable residential house cleaning specialist. With our specialized housecleaning maid service, your home receives the attention it deserves. Our services are available - weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or one time cleanings.

10 Memberships and Affiliations LDJ is a proud partner of the Cleaning for a Reason Foundation. Fighting cancer is difficult enough, but living with it is even tougher – and that's where Cleaning For a Reason Foundation steps in. This nonprofit offers free professional housecleaning services to improve the lives of women undergoing treatment for cancer. Contact us for further information or visit there website ARCSI – Association of Residential Cleaning Services International LDJ is a member of ARCSI – The Association of Residential Cleaning Services International members are dedicated to continually striving to reach new levels of professionalism and personal success

11 Fox Valley Chamber of Commerce LDJ is a member of the Fox Valley Chamber of Commerce which is focused on helping businesses grow through relevant and effective networking forums and events Quad County African American Chamber of Commerce LDJ is a member of Quad County African American Chamber of Commerce which mission is to enhance the commercial environment and improve the marketing opportunities that result in high performing businesses in the quad counties

12 Reference List Lorrie Joyce John Phillips Karen Spangler 630.252.7523 630.885.6362 630.517.8218 Aurora,IL Aurora,IL Naperville,IL Sandra Johnson Warren Fife Lorie Van Heil 847.466.7754 630.892.4419 630.723.1600 Roselle,IL Montgomery,IL St Charles,IL Karen Alexander Andy Jonathan Jan Miller 630.517.8218 630.608.7237 630.553.9080 Wheaton,IL North Aurora,IL Yorkville,IL Nancy Brossman Joanna Morelli Kim Tsao 630.276.3280 630.309.1492 630.770.4113 Oswego,IL Downers Grove,IL Aurora,IL Marie Sullivan Brianne Puleo Micheal Joy 630.569.0755 312.802.9027 815.524.4121 Darien,IL Western Springs,IL Plainfield,IL

13 Initial Contact Prospective clients may either phone 630.291.5435 or send an email inquiry to In return, a copy of the Service Manual will be e-mailed or snail-mailed to an address that you specify, After reading our literature, you are encouraged to phone or e-mail with any questions or concerns. You should then call or e-mail to schedule an in-home consultation. The Consultation Prospective clients and Lewis Johnson, the owner will meet at the client’s home for a consultation that generally lasts between thirty and forty five minutes. During the consultation the following items will be discussed.

14  We’ll review your cleaning needs as well as LDJ Cleaning Services policies, service quide, payments, schedules, and any questions you might have.  Discuss any special needs that you may have  A sample room-by-room checklist will be available for your review.  Emergency information contact Please keep in mind that the consultation is a time for all parties to meet and share information regarding the servicing of the home. Not all cleaner-client matches are appropriate; therefore we reserve the right to decline services.

15 Hours of Operation LDJ Cleaning Services generally provides services between 7:30 A.M.. and 5:00 P.M. When phoning or e-mailing appointment reservations, always wait for a confirmation. Our general response time is twenty-four hours. Inclement Weather LDJ Cleaning Services will provide limited, delayed, or no service during incidents of inclement weather:  We will not provide service during extreme snow, sleet, ice, or dangerous type weather.  All visits during a period of inclement weather will be on an advisory status depending on the driving conditions.

16 Our Services Visits are generally between two and four hours long, depending on the needs and size of your home. LDJ Cleaning Services will:  Give you a set time for your cleaning with a half-hour variance to allow for traffic and road conditions.  Complete and inspect all task described in the Service Manual. Maintain client house keys, and alarm codes in a fireproof safe at the residence of Lewis Johnson the owner. LDJ Cleaning Services does not:  Provide service to households with unsupervised aggressive pets ( please gate or crate your pet).  Provide services other than housecleaning maid service.  Operate washing machines, dish washers, dryers, or any appliances.

17  Let in service people such as water meter readers, UPS drivers, etc;  Feed pets or clean up pet accidents  Lift any heavy objects  Wash or fold clothes  Clean the exterior of your home We also do not  Access your phone or answering machine.  Exchange keys with anyone.  Sell or share residential or e-mail addresses, names, or telephones numbers with any other company or organization.  Rearrange your furniture Referrals LDJ Cleaning Services offers a free cleaning visit for every two completed referrals. This is our way of saying thanks to our wonderful and committed customers !

18 Residential Checklist : Our thorough cleaning process includes everything on this list and more Bedrooms  All furniture dusted top/front/sides ( items removed & replaced )  Mirrors cleaned  Lampshades wiped down or dusted  All areas dusted – on top, front, and underneath  Windows sills and baseboards cleaned  Vacuum floors ( under bed if accessible )  Trash emptied and replace liners  Cobwebs removed  Damp wipe doors and door frames/handles  Damp wipe switch plates  Vents cleaned  Overall appearance left neat and tidy

19 Kitchen  Countertops/backsplash cleaned ( items removes and replaced )  Cabinets fronts washed  Trash emptied and liners replaced  Window sills and baseboards cleaned  Clean exhaust fan hood  Sinks scrubbed/sanitized ( including behind sink ) and left shining  Exterior of all appliances cleaned ( microwave inside cleaned )  Clean top of refrigerator if accessible  Clean sliding glass door ( inside and out )  Dust picture frames  Finger prints wiped from light switch plates  Dust light fixtures  Floor washed  Overall appearance left neat and tidy

20 Bathrooms  Tubs/sink/tile/chrome/vanity top scrubbed and left shining  Mirrors cleaned  Toilet ( and surrounding area ) scrubbed and left shining  Clean and sanitize shower ( including tracks and shower doors )  Window sills and baseboard cleaned  Trash emptied and liners replaced  Dust picture frames  Clean light fixtures  Damp wipe doors, door frames, and handles  Damp wipe switch plates  Area rugs shaken and vacuumed  Cobwebs removed  Overall appearance left neat and tidy

21 Other Living Areas  All furniture dusted top/front/sides ( items removed & replaced )  Mirrors/glass tables cleaned  Window sills and baseboards cleaned  Vacuum floors  Trash emptied and replace liners  Cobwebs removed  Damp wipe doors, frames and handles  Dust picture frames  Damp wipe switch plates  Upholstered furniture vacuumed  Furniture cushions/magazines straightened  Vents cleaned  Overall appearance left neat and tidy

22 Laundry Room  Window sills and baseboard cleaned  Clean floors  Trash emptied and replace liners  Cobwebs removed  Damp wipe doors, frames, and handle  Damp wipe switch plates  Vents cleaned  Wipe down washer/dryer  Overall appearance left neat and tidy

23 Frequently Asked Questions Why hire a residential cleaning service ? People hire cleaning professionals for many different reasons. The number one reason is to save valuable time. You can spend countless hours on dreaded housework. Hiring a good residential cleaning service can give you back some of that time. Our staff understands the importance of cleanliness and the value it adds What is typically included with residential cleaning visits ? We guarantee your home will be cleaned per your specifications, which will be discussed in our initial consultation. How do I arrange payment for my cleaning service ? We accept all major credit cards, we can set up an electronic ACH or you can leave a check in an enclosed envelope our for the staff to pick up. Are you Insured ? We are insured for your protection, we will provide a copy of our insurance certificate upon request.

24 Will I need to sign a contract ? No, at any time you need to change cleaning frequencies you can. If you are not satisfied with your service, you should not have to keep it. Do we have to be home when you clean ? No, you do not have to be home. In fact the majority of our customers provide us with keys to their homes. However if you choose to be home while we clean we welcome you to do so. How do you handle keys that are given to you to retain ? If you choose to provide us with keys to your home rest assured that we take the utmost care in protecting both your key and your home. Keys are numbered and never have names attached to them. They are only issued the day of your cleaning and are checked back in to be deposited into our key safe daily. Do you offer any discount programs ? We offer senior discounts. We offer other special promotions thru out the year. Please check with us from time to time to see what specials are available:

25 Is it okay to leave a note for the cleaning staff ? Yes, it is always a good idea to communicate with the staff whether you are pleased with the service or have a concern. We encourage communication between our customers and staff, we want to know how you feel. What about pets ? This issue should be discussed in detail before service begins. Please advise us of any animals such as cats, that may try to escape quickly if a door is opened. Please arrange to control these situations. What am I suppose to supply ? We will supply all cleaning products and equipment. We do this for productivity and training purposes. Most customers find it a relief not to have to buy or store cleaning products in their homes. What if I am unhappy with the service I receive ? You can discuss with the staff after the cleaning. The first time you feel the service is not meeting your expectations please call 630.291.5435 we welcome your feedback. Our goal is to ensure that you are happy with our service, your comments only helps us do the best job we can.

26 Will I have the same cleaning people each visit ? We will notify you when staff changes are made. We will also make a staff change if it is requested by our customer. Is it required or expected to leave a tip for the staff ? While tips are not expected, it is common for tips to be given to the staff. However NEVER feel obligated to tip, only tip if you feel it was a job well done and you are receiving excellent service.

27 After touring your home, our prices are: Initial Cleaning Fee: Monthly Service: Bi-Weekly Service: Weekly Service:

28 Additional Services: Interior Stove/Oven Cleaning : $30.00 Interior Refrigerator Cleaning : $30.00 Garage Clean up : $50.00 Garage Sweep out: $10.00 Interior Window Cleaning : Ask for quote

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