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Daily Edit: Sentence Starters How Does It Work?. Each day, you will: ▪Read the day’s sentence together as a class. ▪Find FIVE errors independently using.

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1 Daily Edit: Sentence Starters How Does It Work?

2 Each day, you will: ▪Read the day’s sentence together as a class. ▪Find FIVE errors independently using proofreading marks. ▪Check your work when a classmate comes to the board to make corrections. ▪Discuss the corrections as a class. ▪Rewrite the sentence correctly, reflecting the changes you made with proofreading marks. ▪Determine how many errors you missed.

3 How Will I Be Graded? ▪At the end of the week, your Sentence Starters work will be collected. Only ONE sentence will be graded officially. However, you don’t know which one I will grade, so you need to make sure ALL sentences are correct! ▪At the beginning of the next week, you will listen to and copy a sentence that incorporates the focus skills from the previous week. Think of this as a “Quick Quiz.” This will let me know if you understand the skills we worked on before we continue to the next section!

4 Some Friendly Competition! ▪Each week’s handout is worth 10 points. You will earn a lottery ticket for a 10/10. ▪At the end of the quarter, we will hold a lottery drawing for FABULOUS PRIZES—a brand new car, a trip to Hawaii (okay, not really—but I do give away some pretty cool goodie bags…) ▪We will also keep track of each class’s 10/10s and compete for a class prize at the end of the quarter. Can your class get better scores than the others each week? WE SHALL SEE!

5 Daily Edit Sentence Starters Tests ▪After every three weeks, you will take a written Daily Edit Sentence Starters test. ▪The test is composed of SIX sentences, two from each week. ▪You will find five errors in each sentence, use proofreading marks to make corrections, and then write the corrected sentence on the lines. ▪Each sentence is worth five points (a point for each error) so the test is worth 25 POINTS.


7 Weeks #1-3: Focus Skills ▪Contraction ▪Compound sentence ▪Common and proper noun ▪Plural noun ▪Compound noun ▪Possessive noun ▪Homophones

8 Homophones ▪words pronounced the same but different in meaning, whether spelled the same way or not Examples: to/two/too, right/write, red/read

9 MONDAY The students like they’re french teacher more then there english teacher.

10 TUESDAY My Mom is scarry when shes mad but dad is scary all the time.

11 WEDNESDAY My french poodle’s are puppys and their always getting into trouble.

12 THURSDAY After mom droped me off, I didn’t now were to go on my first day of school.

13 FRIDAY My aunt Irene is a good cook so my Uncle is a bit over weight.


15 MONDAY Its my dream to visit all of the country’s in Europe someday but Germany is at the top of my list.

16 TUESDAY I looked out the window and I was surprised to see too bunny’s in my back yard.

17 WEDNESDAY My wives’ parent’s came to visit and they brought some yummy french pastry’s with them.

18 THURSDAY To many american city’s are riddled with crime and many tourist’s are afraid to visit.

19 FRIDAY The bookshelfs where two high for me to reach so I had to use a latter.


21 MONDAY My friend’s and me are going to the beach next week to stay at the Jone’s vacation home from saturday to tuesday.

22 TUESDAY I don’t know were your going on vacation, but Chrises’ Mom is taking him to florida.

23 WEDNESDAY Please fold you’re clothes after your finished walking Mr. Smiths’ dog, and than we can vist your aunt.

24 THURSDAY The Sanchez’s are coming over on Friday for dinner and their bringing the desert.

25 FRIDAY Were having trouble understanding the buses’ schedule but we think it run’s every thirty minute’s.


27 Week #4: New Focus Skill ▪Semi-colon

28 MONDAY Maxes’s Dad drives us to baseball practice on Mondays my Dad drives us on thursdays.

29 TUESDAY My family and me enjoyed an awesome meal at a nearby Mexican restaurant they’re tacoes are better then those at Taco Bell.

30 WEDNESDAY The womens’ softball team won they’re first championship game mom took me to one of the cities best restaurants to celebrate.

31 THURSDAY The Mendezes house is always filled with the amazing smells of Mrs. Mendezes cuban cooking I often go there for diner.

32 FRIDAY The bisons on the planes of yellowstone can be dangerous at times many tourists have learned this the hard way by sustaining serious injury’s.


34 Week #5: New Focus Skill ▪Commonly misspelled words

35 MONDAY My dog got lose last wednesday I found him next store eating the flowers in my neighbors yard

36 TUESDAY Many animals are greatly effected by the worlds changing climate and some may not be able to survive the effects of Global Warming for much longer.

37 WEDNESDAY I should of gone to my friends play off game last friday in camden.

38 THURSDAY Your going to like camping with the Bush’s but its important that you bring alot of bug repellent.

39 FRIDAY An Eagle swooped down to steal the wolves catch the wolf creeped sadly away to look for more pray.


41 Weeks #6-8: New Focus Skills ▪Subject-verb agreement ▪Prepositional phrases

42 MONDAY The box of cookies were left on the table and John was dissappointed to find that every last oreo had been devoured by his little sister’s.

43 TUESDAY This bin of festive christmas decorations belong in the attic but my Dad is to busy to move it.

44 WEDNESDAY The children at the playground is afraid of Rosses’ Mother because shes always yelling at other peoples’ kids.

45 THURSDAY The boys in the band is popular with the students but the principle finds some of there music to be unexceptable.

46 FRIDAY One of my sisters are going to boston this weekend but I don’t know whose going with them.


48 MONDAY Our quarterback and best running back is sick with Swine flu, and can’t play this weekend so I don’t have high hopes for Saturdays game.

49 TUESDAY The young couples’ home were crowded with there growing family of children and pets so the pare went in search of a bigger home.

50 WEDNESDAY There is five deers that wonder into my backyard every morning their beautiful to observe.

51 THURSDAY My aunt Bess’es dog chases rabbits in the back yard but not one of them are ever caught.

52 FRIDAY The box of cream- filled donuts were passed around in class to celebrate the childrens’ birthdays for the month of april I was aloud to have two.


54 MONDAY The neighbor’s across the road is always fighting in the yard but I cant ever tell whose at fault.

55 TUESDAY You’re pants and Jersey is in the washer put them in the dryer when their done.

56 WEDNESDAY The list of failing students were posted on Mr. Ramirez’ bulletin board and I was afraid to see weather I was failing spanish.

57 THURSDAY The boots under my bed is worn out from hiking but Im getting a new pare for my upcoming trip to the smokies.

58 FRIDAY The owls nest in the woods were abandoned consequently an old Falcon decided to make a home there.

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