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Nate Krussel Maxine Major Theora Rice The Crazyflie Nanocopter(s)

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1 Nate Krussel Maxine Major Theora Rice The Crazyflie Nanocopter(s)

2 Roadmap What is the Crazyflie? The History of the Crazyflie Why the Crazyflie? What We Did Alternate Controls Modifications and Hacks Swarming Future Recommendations

3 What is the Crazyflie? Nanocopter Open-source platform Available in a kit Just add laptop and controller! One of the only available on the market

4 History Project started in late 2009 – Swedish company Epsilon AB 2010 – 2010-2011 – Bitcraze AB started 2011 – launched 2011 – Present – Crazyflie one of the top nanocopters Sells out quickly Fantastic for modification

5 Why? Open Source Software is free and open to self modification Small Quad copters smaller then Easy to fly inside when cold Different Control Style Makes use of a different control mechanism Completely different method of movement Sensor upgrades Ability to add additional sensors Firmware to be developed at a later date Ongoing development The development team is making updates at a steady rate

6 What We Did Assembly Crazyflie comes in many difference pieces Longest part of assembly was soldering the last motor onto the Crazyflie Total assembly time for 3 approx. 11 hours Testing Each motor and propeller were tested to be sure there was minimal wobble. Software issues originally arose in initial configuration

7 What We Did Flight Initial flights were hazardous Have had two broken motors Needed to be replaced with the included extra motors After several hours of flight time less erratic Flight became easier and more controlled Were able to take off and land off a hand Only able to attain 5 to 7 minutes un weighted flight time

8 What We Did Cigarette Lighter Camera Too heavy for lift off Was able to scoot across the floor Video and audio quality decent Keychain camera Also originally too heavy for lift off Stripped off additional battery Soldered into Crazyflie battery Flight time reduced but able to fly around, slightly weighted but more stable

9 Demonstration Unweighted Crazyflie Crazyflie with camera attachment Other assorted videos

10 Alternate Controls Raspberry Pi Python headless client + SD-card image PyQT and Crazyflie GUI can be slow udev rules needed for Crazyradio USB battery makes system portable Ruby version also available

11 Alternate Controls OpenCV Object recognition and tracking Most popular method: Upward-facing camera Identify Crazyflie by color/shape Python script for auto-centering Problem: vertical distance detection

12 Alternate Controls Kinect Benefits: Higher resolution than OpenCV Depth perception Working method Attach an object (e.g. red ball) to Crazyflie (x, y, z) coordinates from Kinect User clicks screen with mouse to control Crazyflie Additional controls developed to control thrust, roll, pitch, and yaw to guide Crazyflie to new location.

13 Alternate Controls Leapmotion Leapmotion API and Crazyflie Python client Control the Crazyflie with hand motions Fist: does nothing Open palm: thrust Hand tilt and angle: roll, pitch, yaw Must recognize at least four fingers to engage

14 Modifications and Hacks 3D Printing Quadcopter Frame Circular is most common option Weight and strength of 3D materials are factors

15 Modifications and Hacks 3D Printing Arm Replacement “reinforce the existing arms and allow broken arms to be used” Includes light frame Additional weight

16 Modifications and Hacks 3D Printing Crazyradio Housing

17 Modifications and Hacks 3D Printing Washer Flip crashes can cause motor bearing depression. Common solution is to insert something between the motor and propeller.

18 Modifications and Hacks Crane (A.K.A. CrazyCrane) Crane from toy helicopter Mount to underside of Crazyflie Externally controlled Hooks can pick objects up Weight is an issue

19 Modifications and Hacks 4 Additional Motors & Propellers Modify existing arms Attach additional motors upside down to existing motor mounts Inverse mapping for motors Same mapping for propellers Requires special launch platform (e.g., CD spool)

20 Modifications and Hacks Inductive Charging Plate Can be charged externally with any voltage above 4.5V. Modified Palm Touchstone charging kit Attached receiving coil to Crazyflie Charge with less than 500mA Technical Issues: Copter must be centered on charging station Charging station has magnets to help cell phones be centered Magnets are too strong for Crazyflie takeoff

21 Swarming Cameras Transmitter Fix transmission problem Small enough to add on Crazyflie Heterogeneous Swarming One larger leading and directing the smaller Phantom or Parrot

22 Swarming - Problems Balance issues Would need balance-measuring equipment Autonomous programming Weight limit Flight delicacy

23 Future Recommendations Get a very good soldering iron Attempt to implement some of the modifications/hacks Better motors and propellers Longer life battery Induction Charger GPS guided flight Higher grade cameras that are lighter and have higher resolution Better payload carrying system Write software for flight stabilization and possible programmable flight Explore easily portable ways to hack or interfere with the drones Explore swarming capabilities in-depth

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