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Building Affordable and Healthy Multifamily Developments in Tennessee Mark Straub, Pennrose Properties Jimmie Tucker, Self+Tucker Architects Kaitlin Dastugue,

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1 Building Affordable and Healthy Multifamily Developments in Tennessee Mark Straub, Pennrose Properties Jimmie Tucker, Self+Tucker Architects Kaitlin Dastugue, MDHA Mick Nelson, THDA

2 Cost Effective Green Development Through Partnerships Mark E. Straub Pennrose Properties, LLC

3 Green and Healthy Development Programs

4 Case Study of Maple Hills - Costs & Benefits of addressing both Sustainability and Public Health in the Design of Communities

5 OVERVIEW Built in 1972, the Steiner Apartments buildings were determined by Physical Needs Assessment reports to have such significant design, systems, and structural deficiencies such that they were not economical to renovate.

6 VISION  Demolish the run down-challenging Steiner Homes & Replace with a new 48 unit apartment complex in the Avondale Neighborhood in Chattanooga.  Provide High-Quality Affordable housing with market rate amenities including dishwasher, washer and dryer, and refrigerator.  Design and construction to assure quality & durability & to maximize building lifetime & minimize maintenance.  “LEED for Homes” Gold Certification, providing healthy, affordable, green homes include ENERGY STAR appliances & lighting, High-Efficiency water fixtures, heating & cooling systems & energy efficient windows & doors and security system.  Provide new residents a new sense of community at Maple Hills for the families of Avondale.

7 DEVELOPMENT TEAM SPONSOR & DEVELOPER ARCHITECTURE & ENGINEERING Chattanooga Housing Authority Kitchen & Associates Pennrose Properties, LLC Caughman & Caughman March Adams GENERAL CONTRACTOR CIVIL ENGINEERING Capstone Building Corp.Barge Waggoner Sumner & Cannon, Inc. LEED CONSULTANTS CONSTRUCTION ADMINISTRATION green|spaces BLOC Global Services Wilmot, Inc.

8 DEVELOPMENT SITE Steiner Redevelopment = 6 Acres Family Rental Community Center and Parking Green space around site Goal of LEED for Homes



11 RESIDENT & COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT Public housing and community residents and stakeholders met to identify the strengths and challenges of the Maple Hills development during Fall-Winter 2010 The Development Team met with the Mayor and planning departments to gain recommendations Comments were incorporated into a single plan, which became the concept for the Maple Hills redevelopment plan

12 FUNDING PARTNERS  US Department of Housing and Urban Development  Tennessee Housing Development Agency  Chattanooga Housing Authority  City of Chattanooga  The Health, Educational, and Housing Facility Board of the City of Chattanooga  Redstone Equity Partners  green|spaces


14 ACHIEVING LEED - AFFORDABLY  Integrate Design & Construction Activities  Efficient Equipment  Sustainable Materials Inside & Out  Construction based on building science  Third-party testing & verification

15 ACHIEVING LEED - AFFORDABLY HVAC Insulation Windows Water Heating Appliances & Lights Water Fixtures Pennrose 15 SEER R-38/R-19 U-value = 0.32 EF = 0.93 ENERGY STAR High Efficiency LEED-H Silver same U-value = 0.31 same LEED-H Gold same U-value = 0.28 same Very High Efficiency

16 AFFORDABLE LEED – SUSTAINABLE MATERIALS Durability Planning Water Management Landscaping Framing Floor covering Paints & Adhesives Recycling Structure Pennrose Standards “50+ years” Proper drainage Drought-tolerant 2” x 6”, 24” o.c. Green Label Low-VOCs Wood, Metal, Plastic LEED-H Silver same Recycled Content LEED-H Gold same Permeable surfaces same Regional Content

17 AFFORDABLE LEED – BUILDING SCIENCE Energy Modeling “Right-size” HVAC Tight Structure Tight Ducts Ventilation Pennrose Standards Energy Star - HERS Manual J & D Air sealing Mastic joints Frequency LEED-H Silver same LEED-H Gold same

18 AFFORDABLE LEED – 3 rd PARTY VERIFICATION Durability Equipment Sizing Blower Door Duct Blaster Outside Air Exhaust Fans Return Air Flow Pennrose Standards Planning Verification LEED-H Silver same LEED-H Gold 3 rd Party same 3 rd Party 3 rd Party Verification avoided $25,000 overruns & errors, excluding future repairs


20 SUMMARY  Projects of this scope cannot be successfully accomplished without strong ties to the community, and the key to the success for the entire effort were the partnerships in every facet of the development.  The partnerships we developed allowed us to develop LEED GOLD affordable housing without significant increases in costs.  Provide a safe, high quality, durable and affordable development for our community. Together, we produced a new revitalized community in Chattanooga as a the result of the collective vision of the City, CHA, the Development Team, our residents and committed community partners.

21 CONTACT INFORMATION Pennrose Properties Mark Straub (423) 634-8955

22 2014 Healthy Homes Conference

23 2014 Healthy Homes Conference Nashville, TN Presenter Jimmie Tucker AIA, LEED AP BD +C

24  What is Green Building? Building? Green Buildings are structures that are cost effectively designed, built, and operated in a manner that considers the following elements: Energy Efficiency Healthy Indoor Air Quality Resource Efficiency Land Use and Site Issues Materials Equipment Education and Knowledge Sharing

25 How does green design happen? Mindset – Design team is motivated to produce a green building Process – integrated design, all parties engaged Tools – Metrics, benchmarks, modeling programs Techniques / Products

26 United States buildings produce: 72% of electricity consumption, 39% of energy use, 38% of all carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, 40% of raw materials use, 30% of waste output (136 million tons annually), and 14% of potable water consumption. Source: Environmental Information Administration (2008). EIA Annual Energy Outlook. Water Consumption from US Geological Survey--2000 data.

27 What are the benefits? Environmental benefits: * Enhance and protect ecosystems and biodiversity * Improve air and water quality * Reduce solid waste * Conserve natural resources Economic benefits: * Reduce operating costs * Enhance asset value and profits * Improve employee productivity and satisfaction * Optimize life-cycle economic performance Health and community benefits: * Improve air, thermal and acoustic environments * Enhance occupant comfort and health * Minimize strain on local infrastructure * Contribute to overall quality of life

28 Doesn’t It Cost More? It depends on what it is being compared to. The implementation of many green features costs less than other alternatives. Affordable residential building should cost no more than 1-3% in additional construction costs for very high energy and resource efficiency. Costs go down with integrated design and experience. Energy savings, health benefits and community wealth are unending to the occupants or users.

29 Use durable products and materials. Choose low maintenance building materials. Buy locally whenever possible. Choose building materials with low embodied energy. Use building products from recycled and salvaged materials whenever possible. Use responsible wood products whenever possible. Minimize use of pressure treated lumber. Minimize packaging waste. Building Materials

30 Install water-efficient equipment, such as water saving toilets, shower heads and faucet aerators. Value engineer all internal systems for ways to reduce material use. Design water-efficient low maintenance landscaping. Design for durability and adaptability. Reduce construction waste. Resource Efficiency

31 HVAC Equipment Ground Source Heat Pump Beyond Split System Ductless Offset Registers Chill Beams

32 Ensure the building has proper air exchanges and pressures throughout. Eliminate unwanted leakages from places like garages, crawl spaces and attics. Reduce use of toxic materials in building interiors through the use of low VOC paints, sealants and finishes. Avoid moisture problems, which lead to mold and mildew growth. Healthy Indoor Air Quality


34 Green Building Programs 2011 ENTERPRISE GREEN CRITERIA ttp://www.enterprise developed collaboratively by Enterprise Foundation with leading national organizations and expertsttp://www.enterprise LEED http://www.usgbc.org Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, started in US, by USGBC LEED for Homes LEED ND (Neighborhood Development) Green Globes http://www.greenglobes.com Started in Canada, originally based on BREEAM (BRE Environmental Assessment Method) for buildings

35 Green Building Programs Energy Star Joint program between the US EPA and Department of Energy EarthCraft Homes Originated by Southface and Greater Atlanta Home Builders Association in the Atlanta area, 1999. DSIRE Database of information on US state, local, utility, and federal incentive programs for renewable energy and energy efficiency. GasMark short prescriptive residential standard, limited to gas for utilities, was based on gas costs as less than electric

36 Cleaborn Pointe at Heritage Landing Memphis, TN Site Plan

37 Cleaborn Pointe at Heritage Landing Memphis, TN

38 Operations and Maintenance


40 Building Affordable and Healthy Multifamily Developments in Tennessee: Ryman Lofts Kaitlin Dastugue Metropolitan Development and Housing Agency, Nashville




44 Ryman Lofts Trolley Barns Old Hospital Site Nance Place

45 Sites for future development

46 Ryman Lofts First affordable housing community for the creative arts in TN LEED for Homes Silver Completed January 2013

47 Healthy Homes/Green Features Entire building is ENERGY STAR certified– a first in Middle Tennessee Each unit equipped with ENERGY STAR appliances and efficient HVAC units Limited turf area and drought resistant plants eliminated the need for an irrigation system Over 50% of construction waste was diverted from landfills and recycled for other uses


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