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Product Overview Thermal Processing Material Handling Flavouring Control.

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1 Product Overview Thermal Processing Material Handling Flavouring Control

2 2 Company Structure Wright Machinery Limited London, UK -Conveyor Systems -Seasoning Systems -Control Systems PPM Technologies Holdings Inc. Chicago, USA PPM AB Kristianstad, Sweden -Thermal Processing -Conveyor Systems -Control Technology PPM Technologies Inc. Newberg, USA -Conveyor Systems -Seasoning Systems

3 3 Company Overview  Leading Food Industry Equipment Supplier –Handling –Processing –Flavouring –Blending –Control  Industry Expertise –Potato Chips and Snacks –French Fries –Vegetables –Meat Seafood and Poultry –Pet Food –Cereal

4 4 Food Handling Solutions  Turn Key Solutions  Diverse Product Offerings  Full Line Integration  Special Applications Expertise Sweet Corn Distribution Potato Chips Distribution

5 5 Potato Chips Process Lines  Complete Line Solutions  Process Tools Lower Acrylamide –Blancher, Fryer, Washer  Slice Washer –Lowest Water Consumption –Best Slice Quality  ASTA Fryer Control Improves Product Quality  Defatter –Reduces Fat up to 33% Slice Washer Multi-Flow Chips Fryer

6 6 French Fry Process Lines  Complete Line Solutions  Low Energy Consumption  Screw Blancher Improves Product Quality Belt Dryer French Fries Fryer Screw Style Blancher

7 7 Pellet Process Line  Complete Line Offerings  Ultra Low Oil Volume  Small Line Footprint  Short Oil Turnover Time  Pellet Defatter –Reduces Fat up to 33% Star Wheel Fryer Pellet Process Line

8 8 Electromagnetic Conveyors  Gentle Product Handling  No Maintenance  Precise Control  Natural Frequency Feedback Control  Low Energy Consumption VF Advance TM Mini VF LT Conveyor

9 9 Mechanical Conveyors  High Capacity Throughput  Lengths up to 30 m  Customized for Special Applications –Screening/Grading –Dewatering –Aligning –Converging –Diverging Ultra Conveyor BL Conveyor Ultra Direct Conveyor

10 10 Horizontal Motion  Gentle Handling  Sanitary Design  Low Maintenance  Highly Controlled Profile  Gentle Product Transfers  Reversible Product Flow Special Delivery ® Trent HMC

11 11 Proportional Feed Control  Proportional Slide Gate –Magnetic Attachment Allows Quick Removal for Cleaning –Small Footprint –Closed Loop Feedback Control  Gateless Ratio Mechanism –No Gates to Clean –Electrically Controlled –Lower Product Drops –Closed Loop Feedback Control Ratio Conveyors Proportional Gate

12 12 Flavouring Systems  Integrated Flavouring Package –Mass Flow Control –Product Specific Flight Design –Oil and Slurry Applicators –Scarf Feeder Powder Delivery –Loss in Weight Control –On Head Flavouring Scarf Feeder Liquid Applicator

13 13 Libra TM Mass Flow Blending System  Measure –Libra Accurately Measures Mass Flow Across the Conveyor  Control –Blending and Mixing –Seasoning Flow Control –Line Flow Control

14 14 Custom Conveyor Solutions Ultra Conveyor Tender Aligner 90% Aligning Efficiency Improves Ergonomic Worker Conditions Reduces Labor Requirements Improves Freezing, Breading, and Frying Efficiency Special Delivery TM Storage Controlled In Line Storage Very easy to sanitize High Throw Conveyor Electromagnetic Conveyor All Stainless Steel Construction 25 mm stroke Very Low Energy

15 15 Air Conveyor  Transports Packaged Product for Variety Packaging –Ultra Gentle Handling –Energy Efficient –Compact Layout  Cyclone Discharge –Automatic Removal of Broken Bags  Construction -Stainless Steel or Nylon Tubing

16 16 Belt Conveyors  Simple and Economical  Flexible Design -Flighted Belt Elevator -Cow Horn -Spinal Conveyor -Flat  Sanitary Design -Open frame -Clean-in-Place system Flighted Belt Elevator Inspection Belt

17 17 Bucket Elevators  Flexible Design  Sanitary Construction - Simple Safe Cover Design - Clean-in-Place System Bucket Elevator

18 18 Fully Integrated Systems  Processing  Flavouring  Distribution


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