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Autobio Group.

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1 Autobio Group

2 Group- Autobio Co., Ltd ---- Sales and Marketing
Autobio Diagnostics Co., Ltd ---- Reagents Autobio Labtec Instruments Co.,Ltd ---- Instruments Autobio (Henan) Co., Ltd ---- Subsidiary company, Sales & Marketing in Henan Province

3 Group- Founded in 1998 GMP certified ISO9001 & ISO13485 certified
Employees- 853 till August 2010 Annual rate of increase of reagents around 50%

4 Activities- R&D, Manufacturing, Sales & Marketing of:
Reagents: ELISA, CLIA, Microbiology Tests Instruments: Luminometer, Elisa Reader, Washer, Automation POCT- HIV/ HCV/ HBsAg/ TP Cassette/Strip, Combo Tests for HIV1/2, HCV, TP and HbsAg(Colloidal Gold)

5 Products- Chemiluminescence (CLIA) Biggest original CLIA kits manufacturer in China with more than 30 kinds of CLIA kits based on microplate- -Tumor Markers Thyroid -Fertility & Pregnancy Hepatitis B -Diabetes Others

6 Products- Microplate Luminometer
LUmo is a result of a closed cooperation with our experienced R&D team in Europe. High sensitivity Very low crosstalk Fast measurement speed Designed for Robotic integration LUmo comes with AUTOsoft our powerful control and evaluation software

7 Products- Chemiluminescence Future
CLIA kits based on Magnetic Particles on the way. We plan to finish the registration of around 70 kinds of reagents in China by More than 30 applications ready now. Tumor Marker; Fertility & Pregnancy; Diabetes; Thyroid; Cardiac; Hepatitis B; TORCH; Liver Fibrosis Creteria

8 Products- ELISA Test Kits Hepatitis: HAV, HBV, HCV HIV
Tumor Marker: AFP, CEA, EB Thyroid: T3, T4, TSH, FT3, FT4, Neonate TSH TORCH HTLV

9 Products-- Microplate Reader & Washer
Autobio launched its own Microplate Reader PHOmo and Washer iWO in iWO can run both kits based on microplate & kits based on magnetic particles.

10 Products- Microbiology Blood Culture Bottle Gonorrhoeae Diagnostic Kit
Chlamydia Trachomatis Diagnostic Kit (CT) Mycoplasma Culturing Reagent (UU, MH, UU-MH) Mycoplasma Culturing Identification Enumeration Susceptibility Kit Vaginitis Mutitest Kit Bacterial Vaginosis Diagnostic Kit Calcium Home Test, Zinc Home Test Syphilis TRUST, HIV Cassette

11 Achievements- Autobio ranks No. 1 in the following field in China:
-The market share of CLIA kits based on microplate - The market share of AFP & CEA ELISA - The market share of readers and washers in HIV screening labs - The market share of media culture plates According to the latest report from CDC (Center of Disease Control), 5 companies’ HIV-ELISA kit ranks No. 1, Autobio is one of them. HBsAg-II is No.1 in China. Annual rate of increase of sales of CLIA kits is more than 100% The sales of HBsAg ELISA kit is No. 4 in China.

12 Sales & Marketing- Annual sales rate of increase is around 50%
Presences in int’l trade fairs, such as MEDICA, AACC, Arab Lab, Arab Health, Hospimedica Thailand, Hospitalar Brazil, Expo Indonesia, Hospimedica ASIA etc. Presences in domestic conferences & trade fairs, Autobio attends main professional conferences & trade fairs held in China each year, and also host some meetings to bring together our customers for friendship. Export to around 50 countries worldwide, such as Austria, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Egypt, Philippines, France, Germany, Indonesia, India, Iran, Jordan, Kuwait, Libya, Macedonia, Malaysia, Mexico, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Thailand, Tunisia, UAE, Yemen, Vietnam, Venezuela....

13 Sales & Marketing Support-
Our Customer Service Dept offers Technical & Scientific support to our customers, its main task is to solve, on-line, any technical problems that may appear in the daily work of laboratories using our products.

14 Images-

15 Manufacturing Equipments
Images- Manufacturing Equipments

16 Images- GMP Plant-Inside

17 Images-

18 Images-

19 Images-

20 Images- Mr.Wu Speech IMB 2010

21 Thank You

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