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1 City of Sonoma Water Conservation Program Update June 2007.

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1 1 City of Sonoma Water Conservation Program Update June 2007

2 2 Components of Our Wholesale Water Conservation Program

3 3 Tier 1– CUWCC 14 BMPs BMP 1 – Residential Water Survey BMP 2 – Residential Plumbing Retrofit BMP 3 – System Water Audits, Leak Detection & Repair BMP 4 – Metering with Commodity Rates BMP 5 – Large Landscape Programs & Incentives BMP 6 – High-Efficiency Clothes Washer Rebates BMP 7 – Public Information Programs

4 4 Tier 1– CUWCC 14 BMPs (continued) BMP 8 – School Education Programs BMP 9 – Conservation Programs for Commercial, Industrial, & Institutional Accounts BMP 10 – Wholesaler Conservation Programs BMP 11 – Conservation Pricing BMP 12 – Conservation Coordinator BMP 13 – Water Waste Prohibition BMP 14 – Residential ULFT Replacement Programs

5 5 Residential Programs Water Smart Home Program – Single Family: 127, Multi Family: 106 High Efficiency Clothes Washer Rebate – 445 rebates issued Water Conservation Fixtures Toilet Rebate Program – High Efficiency Toilet Rebates: 23 – Ultra Low Flow Toilet Rebates: 1,957 (ended Nov. 2006)

6 6 Commercial Programs Pre-Rinse Spray Valves –59 installed utilizing CPUC grant funding Toilet Replacement Program –57 rebates Business Water Project –13 Indoor site evaluations/ recommendations Hospitality Outreach –Hospitality Opportunities Seminar

7 7 Landscape Programs Business Water Project –20 Outdoor site evaluations/ recommendations Landscape Training Seminars Water Budgets for Dedicated Irrigation Meters –51 of 56 sites assigned water budget

8 8 Landscape Programs (continued) Landscape Equipment Rebate –Incentive offered for efficiency improvements “Smart” Irrigation Controllers Rebates –Weather based irrigation controllers –2 residential installations completed Cash for Grass Turf Replacement – Replaced 5,875 sqft

9 9 Utility Programs System Water Audit and Leak Detection –8.5% unaccounted for water Metering Water Use –100% of City accounts are metered Conservation Pricing –Tired rates for residential customers

10 10 Program Partnerships SVCSD –Business Water Project –High Efficiency Toilet Rebate Program –Pre Rinse Spray Valves –Commercial Clothes Washer Rebate –Sustained Reduction Incentive Program –Outreach to Sonoma Valley

11 11 Program Partnerships (continued) Valley of the Moon –Landscape Equipment Rebate –Landscape Training Seminar –Outreach to Sonoma Valley –Cash for Grass Turf Replacement Program Water/Energy Partnerships –Joint site visits with PG&E –Packaged incentives to increase cost effectiveness

12 12 Dry Conditions Outreach Developed Top Ten Tips Increased Marketing –Ads in the Index Tribune and Sonoma Sun –Summer Water Wisely Campaign Coordinated with upper Russian River users Asking customers to take action

13 13 Water Savings/ Compliance Water Savings –101 to 177 acre feet per year savings CUWCC Compliance –100% Compliance (On-Track) for all BMP’s

14 14 Program Funding

15 15 Future Programs Water Smart Schools Program Hospitality Towel and Linen Cards Tier 2 Measures –Hot Water on Demand –Hotel Retrofit w/financial assistance –Water Efficient Standards for New Development –Financial Incentives for Usage Below Water Budget –Rain Sensor Retrofit on Irrigation Controllers

16 16 Thank You Carrie Pollard Water Conservation Specialist (707) 547-1968

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