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1 IDC-USA & Goodyear Hydraulics – “A Formula for Growth!” October 20, 2010 Brian S. Milek.

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1 1 IDC-USA & Goodyear Hydraulics – “A Formula for Growth!” October 20, 2010 Brian S. Milek

2 2 Agenda Who We Are Today What We Offer How We Go To Market Next Steps

3 3 Commercial Organization Petillo Marketing Mgr Kish Channel Corbett Sales- CA Milek Sales- U.S. Davison Product Maul Catalog/ Applications

4 4 N.A. Hydraulic Hose Plants & Warehouse Granford, Quebec – Manufacture large bore, hand-built hose (Water S&D, Food, Chemical, Petroleum, Specialty) Norfolk, Nebraska – Manufacture braided textile and wire rubber hose (Pressure washer, steam, hydraulic, hose) Moberly, Missouri - Hose, Fittings, Accessories Warehouse Distribution Center

5 5 Fully owned subsidiary 1979 306,000 Square Feet Production Capabilities Hand-built Spiral Plied Hose: 3/8” through 18” ID 400’ lengths up to 6” ID, 100’ lengths 6”-10” ID, 50’ lengths 10”- 18” ID Products: Chemical, petroleum, food, custom ISO 9001 Certified November, 1994 Granford, Quebec

6 6 Built in 1979 (New) 250,000 Square Feet Production Capabilities Banbury Mandrel & Non-Mandrel Braided hose: 3/16” - 2”, Textile and Wire Curing: Sheath, Wrap, Open Steam Products: Pressure washer, steam, hydraulic, specialty ISO 9001 Certified August, 1995 Norfolk, Nebraska

7 7 Moberly, MO - Distribution Center 495,000 square feet 40’ clear height 19.8 mil Cu Ft $29 million inventory RF Scan Network 25 truck doors 1 drive in door Drop yard Moberly floor space is equal to 8 football fields Occupancy: May 2004 Associates: 132 Hourly 10 Management & Support

8 8 What We Offer - Fittings Goodyear has a complete line of hydraulic fittings Application Coverage: One-Piece non-skive fittings for hoses up to 2” 100R13 Bite the Wire on 100% of our medium, high and very high pressure wire reinforced hose Reusable fittings for 100R5 Goodyear’s has the fitting styles you need: Male & Female ends 22.5°, 45°, and 90° Elbow configurations Short, Long, and Standard Length Elbows Swivels and Solid Configurations Metric, ISO, and North American Standards RankThread Type 1JIC 37° 2NPTF 3Code 61 4ORFS 5Code 62 6BSPP 7SAE 45° 8DIN 24°L 9OR Boss 10DIN 24°H 11NPSM 12JIS 30° 13Kom 30° Metric 14Standpipe 15DIN 60° 16BSPT 17Cat Flange 18Tube Fitting 19Inv. 45° 20Kom Flange 21BSP Flat Seat

9 9 What We Offer - Hoses BRAIDED Wire Hose high pressure SPIRAL Wire Hose very high pressure Thermoplastic Hose high pressure e.g. SAE 100R1AT/1SN SAE 100R2AT/2SN SAE 100R17 SAE 100R16 e.g. SAE 100R12 SAE 100R13 SAE 100R15 EN 856 4SH EN 856 4SP e.g. SAE 100R7 SAE 100R8 SAE 100R18 Special Application e.g. Jack Hose (10000 PSI) Grease Gun Hose Saflex Teflon Air Conditioning BRAIDED Textile Hose low pressure e.g. SAE 100R3 SAE 100R4 (with wire) SAE 100R5 (with wire) SAE 100R6

10 10 PC125M Up to 1 1/4” 2 Wire Braid Die SetPneumatic PumpPower Unit Mobile crimper to handle all your field crimping needs Die Set Die Cabinet Die Set Die Cabinet PC125 Up to 1 1/4” 2 Wire Braid PC150 & PC150H Up to 1 ½” 4 Wire Spiral PC200 & PC400 Up to 2” 6 Wire Spiral Suitable for shop service and bench mounting Stationary crimper with more power to manufacture hose assemblies High capacity, stationary, production-style crimper Die Set

11 11 Positive Stop Crimp Conversion Kits Kits Designed for Weatherhead Crimpers –PSW-100 (T400) –PSW-101 (T420) For use with popular 1 & 2 wire hydraulic hoses: –GR1SN –GR2SN –GR16SC –GCP3 –GR17 NEW

12 12 Coast Guard Approval Stainless Steel Fittings Extended Portfolio CPE tube and coverCPE tube and cover Offered with 10 fitting typesOffered with 10 fitting types

13 13 SAE 100R14 Hose and Fittings Quick Disconnect Fittings Extended Portfolio 1-Piece CAT Flanges 22 Degree 30 Degree 45 Degree 60 Degree 67 Degree 90 Degree Straight Connectors Jump Sizes

14 14 Military Hose

15 15 Look how we’ve grown… 20082004 Count of Part NumberCount of GY PN CategoryTotalCategoryTotal Accessories172Accessories123 Adapters3146Adapters0 Assembly Equipment181Assembly Equipment113 Ferrules51Ferrules32 Fittings2857Fittings1551 Hose372hose211 Literature & Sales Tools19Literature5 Grand Total6798Grand Total2035 2009-2010 Adapters Quick Disconnects 3000 235 Now over 10,000 SKU’s

16 16 Hydraulic Market Size - Justification The $1.2 billion NA Fluid Power Market is indexed to grow at 3.5%, following average industrial GDP

17 17 How We Go To Market - Hydraulics Market Share Parker 42% Parker 42% Eaton 28% Eaton 28% Gates 16% Gates 16% Goodyear EP 5% Goodyear EP 5% Other 9% Other 9% 7 years into this market There’s Market Share for the taking!

18 18 Competitor benchmarking Parker Benchmark August 2009

19 19 Competitor benchmarking RYCO Benchmark May 2010

20 20 Customer satisfaction - Email from recently converted hydraulic distributor

21 21 Support made easy Point of sale Goodyear branded rugs- new in 2010 Goodyear branded counter stools- new in 2010 Outdoor metal sign- new in 2010 Wall charts, counter mats Trade show Product banners- new in 2010 Itinerant display Marketing Customizable brochures Training On site Veyance program YOUR NAME HERE !

22 22 2010 Crimper Growth Program Information submitted and recorded by local GTM –No forms for the distributor to fill out or submit 50% up front credit and the remaining 50% Credit after meeting goal within 1 year

23 23 When To Start - Milestones Day 1 InitialMeeting Day 8 Usage Analysis Day 21 Discussion w. Key Accts Day 35 Proposal Finalized Day 55 Changeover Orders Staged Day 60 ChangeoverTraining Day 90 Sales Blitz / Open House

24 24 Still growing…

25 25 Thank you! Mike Braucher Director, IP Field Sales Goodyear Engineered Products “Veyance and IDC-USA will be a successful formula for growth...” YOUR NAME HERE!

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