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The Linen Hygiene Concept Electrolux Laundry Systems.

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1 The Linen Hygiene Concept Electrolux Laundry Systems

2 Current Recommendations BS EN 14065RABC HA Hazard Analysis CCP Critical Control Points RA Risk Analysis BC Bio-Contamination Control

3 RABC  Seven Principles of RABC. 1.List of microbiological hazards and list of control measures. 2.Determine the control points. 3.Establish the target levels and tolerance limits for each control point. 4.Establish a monitoring system for each control point. 5.Establish corrective actions. 6.Establish the RABC system checking procedures. 7.Establish a documentation system.

4 Hygiene - General  Hygieia: Greek Goddess of Health Definition: Set of procedures and behaviours which aim to prevent diseases and preserve health.

5 Personal Hygiene  Humans are the most Critical Factor Hand Washing and Hand Disinfection are therefore the most important personal hygiene procedure.

6 Linen  The primary way to prevent infection is to destroy harmful micro organisms when they are on vehicles of transmission, such as instruments, linens, gloves, clothes or even hands.  Bed linen and garments are primary examples of vehicles. RABC is a procedure that ensures not only the decontamination of linen but also reduces the risk of recontamination via dirty linen, staff and equipment.

7 Measures recommended under European Guidelines  Sorting and Storing –Large Flat Laundry –Small Flat Laundry –Laundry to be Tumble Dried –All Other Laundry –“At Risk” Laundry  Washing –Decontamination of Linen (HSG 95 18) –Develop a specific approach to “At Risk” Laundry  Transfer from Washing to Drying –Do not store for long periods (Just in time production) –Do not handle at the wrong time –Never store dirty laundry in clean area  Drying and Finishing –Ensure that filling ratio’s in the drying process are not exceeded –Reduce the number of times the clean linen is handled from download of washer (Maximum four handlings)  Protection –Protect the laundry by storing in trolleys and away from dirty laundry –Regularly clean premises and equipment where laundry is stored

8 Traditional Laundry Design

9 Barrier Laundry Design

10 Documentation

11 Tools

12 Thank You Any Questions?

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