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As good as it gets. As Good As It Gets 1997 Director James L. Brooks a romantic comedy that proved that love and mental illness do go together.

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1 As good as it gets

2 As Good As It Gets 1997 Director James L. Brooks a romantic comedy that proved that love and mental illness do go together.

3 Awards Golden Globe award Academy award –best picture – best actor – best actress.

4 Melvin Udall

5 Jack Nicholson -Melvin Udall white man of approximately 53 average weight and height. Lives in expensive, very large, nice apartment in Manhattan. well-respected writer of best selling romantic novels. writing his sixty-third novel

6 Melvin Udall suffering from OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder) interferes with his ability to function easily in the world. causes him public embarrassment

7 DSM-IV-TR (2000) Using the diagnostic criteria I would diagnose Melvin as suffering from an Axis I anxiety disorder. Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder or OCD..

8 OCD. anxiety disorder characterized –persistent –repetitive thoughts – obsessions –action and behaviors that are compulsions

9 “Understanding abnormal behavior” by Sue, Sue and Sue (2000) OCD is twice as prevalent among males than females Approximately five million people in the United States 1 in every fifty Americans suffer from OCD.

10 OCD It affects all people – no matter their age –sex – race –religion –social economic background.

11 The American Psychiatric Association DSM-IV-TR classification (2000) OCD has many subdivisions These are repetitive and mental action. washers the checkers cleaners Hoarders the repeaters orderers.

12 washer have a fear of germs, dirt, or contamination from substances like bodily fluids, dirt, dust, bacteria, viruses and excretions.

13 Melvin the Washer washes his hands a set number of times using a new bar of soap each time using the hottest water he could barely stand. uses three bar of soap to wash his hand at one setting throwing away each used soap.

14 Melvin wear plastic gloves in public careful not to touch anyone and to have no one touch him afraid of contamination from people. using plastic cutlery at the restaurant afraid the cutlery at the restaurant is not clean and safe for uses

15 Hoarders-who collect things can’t stand to throw anything out hoarded soap and cleaners Melvin’s cabinet was fill with beautifully organized soap bars All the soap was organized exactly the right way in his medicine cabinet.

16 Checkers and Repeater check and recheck any number of times things such as locking the door or turning off lights. repeaters who feel compelled to do things a right number of times. counting and repeating words silently to themselves.

17 Melvin repeating locking and unlocking of his apartment door counted how many times he must lock and unlock the door. entering his apartment feels compelled to turn his lights on and off eight times before he can leave them on.

18 Orderers The need to arrange and organize is uncontrollable. uncontrollable need to eat at the same restaurant sit at the same booth use the same waitress while using his own plastic disposable cutlery the same order at the restaurant to be able to eat his first meal of the day.

19 Melvin has a problem with saying mean and hurtful things to people. He seems to have an uncontrollable urge or feeling of angry with people who talk to him.

20 Tourette syndrome” 33.3% to 80% of the people who have been diagnosed with OCD have also been diagnosed with Tourettes Syndrome. Saying inappropriate things. Having body ticks

21 OCD and Tourettes causes a chemical imbalance in the brain of Seratonin and Dompamine. Tourettes Syndrome is caused by the imbalance of Dompamine in the brain

22 Treatment SRI (serotonin reuptake inhibitors) Antidepressants –only effective in the short tern and have some side affects that are defeating in nature. Cognitive therapy

23 teaching strategies and perspectives to develop a sense of independence for the patient. The therapist works to change the patient’s way of thinking about his condition and the therapy. the therapist does not made the patient touch an object the therapist teaches the patient to made the decision to touch the object. The patient owns his own thoughts and actions.

24 Behavior therapy “exposure and response prevention” intentionally exposed to what tiggers the repetitive behaviors or obsessive thought. constant exposure the patient learns by a step by step procedure to tolerate the anxiety and control the rituals acts. The therapist is there to encourage positive behaviors and help the patient resist the convulsive urges.

25 Work Cited- 2 websites 1 Book " Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM IV)." Psychology Classroom at AllPsych Online. Web. 24 Mar. 2011.. DSM-IV DSM Disorders Diagnostic Criteria." PSYweb Complete Mental Health Site. Web. 24 Mar. 2011.. Chorlton, Windsor, Karen Frazer, and Leon Gray, eds. Abnormal Psychology. 1st ed. Vol. 6. Danbury: Grolier Educational, 2002. Print. Psychology.

26 The End

27 Grade A Excellent project all required information included great video examples of disorder excellent presentation

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