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Biokit, Spain.

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1 Biokit, Spain

2 BEST 2000 Characteristics BEST 2000 (Biokit Elisa System) is a bench top analyser with capacity for 4 micro plates. Multiple assays can be performed per plate. BEST 2000 offers the user an easy to use sample-in /result-out processor. The instrument automates all steps of the ELISA process: Positive sample and plate barcode identification

3 Sample, control and calibrator dilution and dispensing (disposable tip)
Reagent dispensing Incubation (with or without shaking) Washing Reading Data reduction

4 Specifications BEST 2000 Dimensions and Weight
Depth <91 cm (35.8 in) Width <106 cm (41.8) Height <80 cm (31.5 in) Weight <110 Kg (243 lbs) Footprint 106 cm x 91 cm (41.8 in x 35.8 in)

5 Capacities Samples 96 Reagents 24 Controls and/or Standards 33 Sample Pipetting Tips 432 Reagent Pipetting Tips 41 Wash Buffer Bottles 4 bottles, 2 liters each Waste Container 8 liters Operation Ambient Drawer Module Incubation Temperatures Ambient plus 5 °C Incubator Module

6 Incubation Temperatures Ambient plus 7 °C to 50 °C
Assays Blanking Air Individual, paired or average wells Whole plate or last plate, Row or column Each well on the plate Wavelength Modes Single (10 sec) or dual (20 sec) Standard Curves Linear, quadratic, cubic, quartic, spline, polygon, sigmoid or Akima Additional Data Analysis Threshold, ratio, QC equations Flexible Template Up to eight different well types.

7 Power Requirements Voltage Power Frequency Main Unit V 800 VA 50/60 Hz Line Voltage Variation ± 10% Line Frequency Variation ± 3 Hz Environment Operating Range 15° C to 30° C 15% to 85% relative humidity (non-condensing) Altitude 2000 Meters



10 Awareness, Spain

11 Chemwell Fully Automated Chemistry
Analyzer Stat Fax 303 plus EIA Strip Reader Stat Fax 2100 EIA Plate Reader Stat Fax 2600 EIA Plate Washer Stat Fax 2200 Plate Shaker/Incubator Stat Fax 3100 Manual Microwell Washer

12 ChemWell® is a fully automated analyzer capable of running both EIAs and general chemistries in standard micro wells. Awareness Technology, Inc. is proud to announce the release of the updated Rev 6.0 Software. Currently it is available for biochemistries ONLY, but the EIA capable

13 version is nearing completion as well
version is nearing completion as well. (for ChemWells with microplate washers, please find out about Rev This software allows you to run the EIA's). Some of the features of the new Rev 6.0 software are:

14 Continous Loading - Instead of collecting a batch of specimens for a run, tests and samples can now be run on demand, even while other tests are running. Calibrators and Controls can be run at any time and independently of tests, allowing you to update stored curves and validate tests as required. If tests associated with the newly loaded calibrator were already running, the sample concentrations for that test will be automatically adjusted for the new curve.

15 Results for individual samples can be accepted or re-run for verification, simply by clicking a button. You will no longer have to setup a new job or reposition sample cups when re-testing. Sample and Reagent positions can be moved around using the Windows® "drag and drop" feature. Assay programming has been greatly simplified. Reports format easier to modify. Intuitive new interface.

16 ChemWell® is a completely open system that is easy to program
ChemWell® is a completely open system that is easy to program. Set up assays, routine jobs, quality control, panels, and even index calculations to suit your laboratory. With a completely open system you can program additional wash volume, increase the number of washes, or even direct the probe to pick up and dispense a probe cleaning solution after each specimen. And it is entirely password protected. Precise pipetting of low volume specimens, elimination of carryover, and careful control of temperature are all essential for reliable

17 results. ChemWell® can make pre-dilutions, however, this is often not necessary since a high level of precision is achieved even with a 2uL sample. ChemWell® can process EIA at ambient temperature or 37C. An incubator is provided for biochemistry wells to provide precise kinetic reactions. The probe is also temperature controlled to deliver 37C reagents. RCA - Reagent Cooling Accessory <RCA.htm> now available for ChemWell®. Protects reagents from ambient heat. The removable racks can be refrigerated, pre-loaded, and ready for the next use.

18 ChemWell® is designed to maximize dependability, versatility, and economy.
ChemWell® uses standard, off-the-shelf microwells for all reactions. Performing biochemistry assays in microwells offers many advantages such as increased throughput and decreased cost per test. Probe washes inside and out Washes 8 wells at once

19 Uncoated microwells make low volume sample cups for biochemistry
Uncoated microwells make low volume sample cups for biochemistry. They can also be washed for re-use. ChemWell® reads vertically using 4 optical channels and 8 wavelengths. Handles up to 27 reagents, 96 samples.

20 Here are more features that you can expect with ChemWell®:
· 200 tests per hour · No carry-over · Liquid sensing probe tip · 8-well wash head · Level-sensing wash, rinse, and waste bottles · LIS, STAT · QC tracking · Self-monitoring

21 · Reflex testing · Reaction Volume <250uL · No custom disposables · IAD filters · Creates automatic service reports · Edit standard curves · self-monitoring mechanics and optics All of this and more in one instrument, the ChemWell®.

22 ChemWell Analyzer Wins State of Florida Recognition Awareness Technology, Inc. of Palm City, Florida has been selected to receive the 2005 Governor's New Product Award for their innovative ChemWell 2910 automatic laboratory analyzer. This award, co-sponsored by the Florida Engineering Society, in cooperation with the Governor's Office, recognizes companies with the foresight to bring new products to the marketplace. The purpose of the Governor's New Product Award is to promote the full

23 spectrum of benefits that come from the research and engineering of new products and improve quality of life. This is the 19th year of the program and the first time the award will go to the clinical diagnostic industry. Awareness Technology, a 23 year old Florida designer and manufacturer of lab instruments, competed with its new product, ChemWell 2910, which combines two fully automatic instruments into one economical package: a continuous loading biochemistry analyzer and a user-programmable enzyme immunoassay (EIA) system. This bench-top instrument performs all test processes including

24 dispensing and diluting reagents, incubating, washing, optical reading, calculating, and reporting results. Mary Freeman, president of Awareness Technology, will accept the award on April 6 in the Florida capital where it will be presented by Mark Mongeau, PE, President of the Florida Engineering Society. State winners are eligible to compete for the national New Product award.

25 Automatic strip transportation.
3-strip loading capacity or break-apart, single, and double strips. The carriers come in two styles, 3x12 for break-apart microwell strips, and an optional 3x8 for non-break-apart microwell strips. Bichromatic optics. Standard model includes four filters, six filters are available for a nominal charge.

26 Easy to use with step-by-step prompting and on-board graphics printer.
log-logit mode and other programming enhancements. On-board software calculates single & multi-point calibration curves, regressions, & a variety of cutoff options. Large non-volatile memory stores more than 50 user-entered tests. NRTL and CE certified.

27 Fully automatic. Bichromatic optics. Standard model includes four filters, six filters are available for a nominal charge. On board data reduction calculations include regressions, curve fitting and cutoff absorbance calculations with step-by-step user prompting. Large, non-volatile memory stores at least 50 user tests.

28 Includes parallel and serial outputs.
NRTL and CE certified.

29 Fully automatic. Washes flat, round, and V-bottom plates and strips. No user adjustments required. Automatic calibration, alignment, and last row detection. Large, non-volatile memory stores at least 50 user wash protocols. Precision operation with constant monitoring of vacuum and pressure. Pump cycles only when necessary

30 for quiet operation. Programmable automatic rinse cycle. Ready to run: bottles, aerosol shield, 8-way manifold included. 12 and 16 position wash heads available as accessories. NRTL and CE certified.

31 Holds two 96 well microplates.
Digitally controlled 8-speed shaker with orbital mixing from 575 to 1500 rpm. Temperature adjustable from ambient to 40°C with resolution of 0.1°C. Digital timer controls shaking or can be operated independently as a timer. Compact and easy to operate.

32 Outer tinted cover provides further insulation and protection from light.
NRTL and CE certified

33 No more squirt bottle washing
No more squirt bottle washing. Reduce exposure to the potential dangers of splashing biohazards with Stat Wash®, an economical instrument designed to wash immunoassays in microwell strips and plates with professional precision. Washing 8 wells simultaneously is faster too.

34 Aspirating and dispensing are controlled by push buttons
Aspirating and dispensing are controlled by push buttons. Easy to use and maintain, Stat Wash® includes an 8-probe manifold, a 1L wash bottle, and a 1L safe plastic bottle with a full sensor. Stat Wash™ is CE certified. If your lab doesn't need an expensive automated instrument, simply switch to Stat Wash® for clean, fast, and precise results.

35 Testing Reagent Kits Biokit, Spain · Bioelisa HCV · Bioelisa HBsAg
· Bioelisa HIV · Bioelisa Syphlis Standard Diagnostic, Korea · HCV · HBsAg · HIV · Malaria · Syphilis DiaSys, Germany · ATP Hexokinase

36 Kit for the detection of Hepatitis B Surface antigen
Bioelisa HBsAg Kit for the detection of Hepatitis B Surface antigen Star product Solid phase: Guinea pig polyclonal antibodies anti-HBs subtype ad+ay Conjugate: Goat polyclonal antibodies anti HBs subtype ad+ay Polyclonal antibodies assure the detection of possible virus mutations .

37 TMB Qualitative assay: COV:Negative+0,040 Sensitivity:
0,034 PEI/ml ad antigen 0,024 PEI/ml ay antigen 0,054 UI/WHO standard 0.2 ng/ml Specificity: 99,9% TMB 1 hour 37°C min 37°C 30 min RT Cod: Tests Cod Tests

38 Kit for the detection of IgG antibodies to Hepatitis C Virus
Bioelisa HCV Kit for the detection of IgG antibodies to Hepatitis C Virus Solid phase: Recombinant antigens from the Core, NS3 NS4 and NS5 regions Conjugate: Anti-human IgG labelled with peroxidase Sample dilution 1/20 in plate (IPD) Qualitative assay: COV: Negative + 300

39 Third generation! TMB Sensitivity: 99,9% Specificity: 99.87 %
Cod: Tests Cod Tests 1 hour 37°C min 37°C 30 min RT

40 New! Solid phase: Recombinant antigens: HIV-1: p24, gp41, gp120
HIV-2: gp36, gp125 Breakable wells Conjugate: Anti-human IgG and IgM labelled with peroxidase Sample dilution in plate 1/20 (IPD) Subtype O Detection

41 Third generation! OPD Qualitative assay: COV: Positive control x 0.32
Sensitivity: 100% Specificity: >99.5% Third generation! OPD Cod: Tests Cod Tests

42 Laboratory Centrifuges
Spectrafuge 6C Speed Control: Digital – Variable (100 rpm inc.) Max. Speed: 6500 rpm Max g-force 4000xg Capacity: 6x10ml Timer: 1-30 min or continuous Rotor angle: 30 degree Dimentions (WxDxH) 8.25x9.5x7 in (21x24x18cm) Weight: 10lbs / 4.5 kg Electrical: 230V, Hz

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