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ENERGY STAR ® SALES ASSOCIATE TRAINING Clothes Washers (Updated: September 2010)

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1 ENERGY STAR ® SALES ASSOCIATE TRAINING Clothes Washers (Updated: September 2010)

2 2 What is ENERGY STAR? ENERGY STAR is a government-backed program that helps consumers identify energy-efficient products. ENERGY STAR qualified products: Save energy Save money Save the environment

3 3 About ENERGY STAR The ENERGY STAR mark ranks among the highest level of influence on product purchase among all consumer emblems, similar in ranking to the Good Housekeeping Seal.

4 4 In 2009 alone, Americans—with the help of ENERGY STAR—saved $17 billion on their energy bills and prevented greenhouse gas emissions equivalent to the annual emissions of 30 million vehicles. Consumer awareness and desire for efficiency savings is high In 2009, more than 75% of households nationwide recognized the ENERGY STAR label Of households that purchased ENERGY STAR products in the past year: –80% of them reported the label as influential to their purchasing decision –More than 90% of them reported they are likely to recommend ENERGY STAR products to friends ENERGY STAR Sales Value Source : 1) EPA Office of Air and Radiation, Climate Protection Partnerships Division. National Awareness of ENERGY STAR for 2009: Analysis of 2009 CEE Household Survey. U.S. EPA, 2010. 2) ENERGY STAR Overview of 2009 Achievements. March 2010.

5 5 ENERGY STAR The government-backed program dedicated to helping consumers protect the environment through superior energy efficiency. Look for the ENERGY STAR label on qualified clothes washers. ENERGY STAR qualified clothes washers: Reduce energy consumption by about 30% compared to regular washers Reduce water consumption by over 50% compared to regular washers Can save an average of 15-20 gallons of water per load compared to a standard machine Save households about $70 a year on utility bills Incorporate high-efficiency features that help reduce energy and water consumption and improve performance Help prevent climate change by reducing the greenhouse gas emissions caused by burning fossil fuels at power plants ENERGY STAR Qualified Clothes Washers Overview Source : U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) ENERGY STAR Program *Savings will vary depending upon room air cleaner usage.

6 6 ENERGY STAR Qualified Clothes Washer Criteria Qualified clothes washers must be about 30% more energy efficient than federal standards and must meet stringent water efficiency criteria. Meeting the ENERGY STAR Criteria Clothes washer efficiency is measured by Modified Energy Factor (MEF) and Water Factor (WF). MEF is the ratio of clothes washer volume (capacity) divided by total energy consumption per load. The higher the value, the more efficient the clothes washer WF is the ratio of water use divided by clothes washer volume (capacity). The lower the value, the more efficient the clothes washer Starting on January 1, 2011, clothes washers will need to have a MEF of 2.0 or greater and WF of 6.0 or lower to qualify for ENERGY STAR.

7 7 Saving Energy = Saving Money The majority of the energy consumed by conventional clothes washers is used to heat water. By using less water, qualified clothes washers reduce the amount of energy needed to heat the water By dramatically reducing energy and water consumption, ENERGY STAR qualified clothes washers help save about $70/year on utility bills. ENERGY STAR qualified products use less energy and cost less to operate resulting in: Source : U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) ENERGY STAR Program

8 8 ENERGY STAR Qualified Clothes Washer Savings A full-sized ENERGY STAR qualified clothes washer uses 10-20 gallons of water per load, compared to the 30-35 gallons used by a standard machine. Savings from using less water include not only the gallons of water, but also reduce water heating and fees often tied to water usage, such as sewage and water treatment costs. Average Water Use Per Cycle Source : U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) ENERGY STAR Program

9 9 Saving Energy Helps Protect the Environment By using less energy, qualified clothes washers help prevent climate change by reducing the greenhouse gas emissions caused by burning fossil fuels at power plants. By reducing water consumption, they also help protect our lakes, streams, and oceans.

10 10 Many qualified clothes washer models incorporate high-efficiency features such as: Higher capacity with front- and top-loading options without central agitators High-pressure spray rinsing that saves water compared to filling and draining the tub High-speed spin options that reduce drying time and energy usage Efficient motors and precise settings that can save energy and water ENERGY STAR Clothes Washer Features

11 11 Clothes Washers: Energy Saving Tips Try cold water. Switching the temperature setting from hot to warm can cut energy use in half for washing one load. Using the cold cycle reduces energy use even more. Use the right detergent. Always use high-efficiency detergent in front-loading machines. Using regular detergent can lead to poor washing and rinsing performance. Don’t add extra detergent. Never use more detergent than specified. The recommended amount is plenty to get your clothes clean. Adding more can result in detergent residue in your clothes, and will make your machine use extra rinse cycles, wasting time, energy, water, and money. Run full loads. Washing a few full loads as opposed to many smaller loads will save you time, energy and money. Spin it dry. Choose a high spin speed or the extended spin option to wring out the extra moisture in your clothes. This reduces the time and energy it takes to dry your clothes. Consider the clothes line. Air-drying clothes outside or on a drying rack helps them last longer and saves energy.

12 12 Trusted brands like these… Whirlpool GE Kenmore Maytag Frigidaire ENERGY STAR Clothes Washer Brands [Customize as appropriate]

13 13 Find Rebates in Your Area Database for Incentives & Joint Marketing Exchange (DIME) Help your customers save even more Visit to – Appliance rebates in your area – Incentive amounts, start and end dates – Name, location, and contact information of rebate sponsors Retailers and manufacturers can also: – Connect to local energy efficiency program sponsors (e.g., utilities). – Find joint ENERGY STAR promotional and marketing opportunities. – Promote your program! Contact your ENERGY STAR partner account rep or e-mail Disclaimer : EPA and DOE do not provide financial incentives for promoting or purchasing ENERGY STAR qualified products. This tool is provided as a courtesy to share information with partners on the financial incentives available from utilities and other energy-efficiency program sponsors. Please direct your questions and comments about these incentives to the requesting organization or sponsor.

14 ENERGY STAR as Your Sales Partner Create Business Value Differentiation – Arm your staff with knowledge – Provide your customers products of choice Grow your customer base – Attract and retain customers – Help your customers save money and watch them keep coming back Create Social Value Reducing energy use helps decelerate climate change by preventing greenhouse gas emissions Lower energy bills for your customers Boost your brand’s environmental image 14 Partner with ENERGY STAR and increase sales and customer loyalty by providing energy savings and environmental benefits.

15 15 A user-friendly and easily navigable micro-site containing training tools for partners. Users can navigate throughout four main categories to find training resources relevant to them: products, campaigns, utilities/energy efficiency program sponsors, and buildings/plants. Benefits: EASY: Access to all ENERGY STAR training materials and resources on your own. ACCURATE: The most current training materials to share with your sales associates for increasing the sale of ENERGY STAR qualified products and services. RELEVANT: A location for collaboration and idea exchange with other partners. To LEARN MORE, visit the ENERGY STAR Training Center page at:

16 16 Questions For questions about ENERGY STAR qualified clothes washers: Write to Call (888) STAR-YES For additional information about clothes washers including: Qualified products lists Special offers Savings calculators Visit:

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