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Enhancing protection for the most valuable assets of the Knowledge Economy.

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2 Enhancing protection for the most valuable assets of the Knowledge Economy

3 Electrical Infrastructure The Tier IV Advantage

4 Hyderabad City Level Power Grid

5 From Srisailam Power Plant From Ramagundam power plant Hyderabad City Level Power Grid – Dual Active power sources

6 N + N Transformers – Receiving Dual power cables from two different substations

7 2(n+1) Redundant UPS on two different floors

8 Dual Power Connectivity up to the rack level eliminating single point of failure

9 N+N Redundant DG sets

10 HSD Tanks -Diesel Reservoir which runs for 7 days on full load

11 Security The Six Zone Security Advantage

12 Zone 1: Building Perimeter Entrance manned by multiple security guards

13 Zone 2: Data Center Perimeter Entrance accessible by Card Readers

14 Zone 3: Access based man Trap, allows only one person at a time

15 Zone 4: Another view of the data center lobby

16 Zone 5: Biometric secured entrance to the main data center area

17 Zone 6:Server & Cage Area secured by Biometric Access

18 All Six Zones come under CCTV surveillance…. making CtrlS literally impregnable.

19 HVAC Systems Precision Based Cooling

20 Redundant Precision Air Cooling: Maintains the room temperature at 19 +/- 1 Deg C

21 Heat Exchangers For the first time in India, Heat exchangers have been used leading to increased power efficiency and 20-30% saving on cooling costs

22 Fire Detection & Suppression Fire !!! What is it ???

23 Detects fire 3-4 Minutes before any smoke is visible to the naked eye

24 FM 200 Gas Based fire suppression – Extinguishes fire within seconds of detecting heat

25 FS120 fire Rated Partition walls ensure high levels of safety for your IT infrastructure

26 BMS Room monitors all the automated systems 24X7 and ensures prompt action

27 Network & Connectivity The Carrier Neutral Advantage

28 CtrlS RelianceVSNLAirtelBSNL Tata Tele All Major Telco’s connect to our data center thereby giving customers the freedom to choose their service provider and more importantly providing unmatched redundancy


30 Dual Active path for network eliminating any possibility of downtime

31 Other Control Systems

32 Water Leak Detection systems keeps the datacenter protected

33 Eliminates possibility of any cable cuts due to rodents


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