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Who Are We? Construction and Engineering Company Design and Architectural Studio Service Center.

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2 Who Are We? Construction and Engineering Company Design and Architectural Studio Service Center

3 Our philosophy : 24 Hours Customer´s Service High Level Professionalism Long Term Experience Guaranteed Quality

4 What Do We Offer : Projecting and Engineering Works Site Developments, Constructions, Renovations, Decorations Service and Support

5 Project I. Entire project of construction works and of technologic components; Architectural designs; Coordination of construction; Ensuring of building controls, concurring opinions and statutory approvals of buildings and premises; Lighting designs; Facelift of the existing concepts; Remodeling; Drafts and lay-outs of atypical designs;

6 Project II. Full-scale engineering works; Technical projects, calculation and measuring of lighting and air-conditioning; Suggestions of letting plans; Localization and digitalization of existing buildings; Solution of technical issues and skilled counselling; Calculation of investment costs and their optimizations;

7 Realization I. Demolition works including waste disposals; Dismantlement and disposal of existing interiors; Standard construction works ; Entire interiors´ designs; Plasterboard and gypsum works; Painting and wallpapering; Wiring works - heavy and light currents; Delivery and mounting of lightings; Delivery and installation of air-conditionings;

8 Realization II. Delivery and installation of sanitary appliances; Delivery and installation of roller shutters and shopfronts; Flooring works; Delivery and installation of tiles and pavements; Furniture assembly and production of atypical accessories; Locksmithery works including welding; Manufacturing and assembly of luminous and glued advertisements, including Dibond; Installations and repairs of fire-proof doors and shutters; Supplies and repairs of fire seals;

9 Service and support I. Localization of business premises; Legal services; Accounting including managerial interface; Tax consultings; Business counsellings; Cost optimization; Facility management;

10 Service and support II. Building operational maintenance; Interior repairs and maintenance; Maintanance of lightings including cleaning and replacements ; Maintenance of HVAC systems; Maintanance of wiring systems; Repairs of interior fixtures; Repairs and cleanings of neon signs;

11 Our major clients Blažek I am Nanu Nana Pietro Filipi Six S.Oliver Steilmann Stones Triumph

12 Service and support III. Revision of electrical equipment & appliances; Measuring light & noise intensity; Review of fire extinguishers, fire-proof doors and shutters; Inspection and repair of rolling grilles and lock systems; Comprehensive cleaning works; Floor machine cleanings; Exteriors pressure cleanings;

13 See our work

14 Blažek Václavské Nám.

15 I am Hlavní nádraží Praha

16 Nanu Nana Vaňkovka Brno

17 Pietro Filipi Manufaktura Lodz

18 Six Chodov Praha

19 s.Oliver Olympia Olomouc

20 Steilmann Olympia Teplice

21 Stones Černá Růže Praha

22 Triumph Avion Brno

23 Thank you for your attention and for more information please visit

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