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Singapore Programmes EE&C-SSN 2007 Singapore Energy Market Authority, Singapore National University of Singapore.

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1 Singapore Programmes EE&C-SSN 2007 Singapore Energy Market Authority, Singapore National University of Singapore

2 Singapore: Programmes and New Initiatives  Public sector EPC Programme for 8 buildings.  S$10mil Energy Audit Assistance Scheme.  Reviewing of regulations and codes of Practice. New SS530 on Facility Management, July 2007.  Accreditation of ESCOs.  Launched Singapore Certified Energy Manager programme.

3 Singapore: Programmes and New Initiatives  MND Green Building R&D Grant, S$50 mil.  MND Green Building Incentive Grant, S$20 mil.  NEA Energy Efficiency Programme under the NCCC  Fuel economy labeling scheme (voluntary)  Energy efficient appliances labeling programme  Launched Energy Smart Building labeling programme.  Green Building Development:  First launched in 2004 by the Building and Construction Authority  New revised GREEN MARK award from July 2007

4 Green Mark Performance Requirements Max. ScorePre-requisite Requirements Other Allocated Scores Targeted Estimated/ Target Scores Part 1: Energy Efficiency35141933 Part 2: Water Efficiency1569 Part 3: Site & Project Management 2051217 Part 4: Indoor Environmental Quality and Environmental Protection 1557.512.5 Part 5: Innovation15--12 Total100307089.5 Green Mark Building Labeling System

5 Green Mark PointsGreen Mark Rating 85 and aboveGreen Mark Platinum 80 to <85Green Mark Gold Plus 70 to <80Green Mark Gold 50 to <70Green Mark Certified

6 Effectiveness of the Energy Audit Incentive Scheme


8 Endorsed by: Recognized and Supported by: Economic Development Board of Singapore Energy Market Authority of Singapore National Environment Agency Building and Construction Authority Singapore Institution of Engineers International Facility Manager Association Singapore Chapter Sustainable Energy Association of Singapore Manufacturers’ Federation The Singapore Certified Energy Manager

9 The SCEM is fully recognised by the Association of Energy Engineers who certified qualified energy engineers Under the brand name of Certified Energy Manager ® CEM, with formal training and examination By agreement signed between AEE and ESU, all certified SCEMs may apply to be certified as AEE’s CEM through the ESU immediately upon certification. International Recognition

10 The Program Features Technical Competency Pre-qualify candidates and trainers, Moderated Examinations and Independent Certification Committee Industry Relevance Industry Steering Committee to ensure relevance Open forum feedback sessions and surveys International Recognition Seek International Recognition, US AEE CEM ASEAN and other International Programs Flexible Approach Modular credit system to offer Trainees maximum flexibility

11 Admission Requirements Admission Requirements Level Pre-Requisite DeliverablesExpected Skill Achieved EducationExperiences Associate Certificate3 years Sector specific technical, operation, maintenance competency Technical energy competency to operate at technician level Diploma-- S-Diploma-- Professional Engineer Degree -- Engineering, design, procurement and management competency Professional energy competency to operate at professional level Executive Executive / Top management Sector specific executive program with financial risk analyses and strategic scenario studies Promotion and demand generation for energy services

12 Course Contents SCEM Contents

13 17.5 28 168* Total 5 8 48 Building or Industry Modules [1,2] ** 2.5 4 24 Energy Efficiency 2.5 4 24 Energy & Environment 2.5 4 24 Energy Management and Economics 5 8 48 Energy Audit Management & Measurement [1,2] Average Credits Required to pass Credits Hours ** Elective module Average credit point for passing is 2.5 Modular Credit System

14 Guidebooks

15 SCEM Brochures


17 TROPICS A Demonstration and R&D and Test-bed Centre for the Building and Construction Authority Centre for Total Building Performance Zero Energy Building @ BCA Academy Z E B @ BCA MND R&D Flagship Project Department of Building, National University of Singapore 4 Architecture Drive, Singapore 117566 Flagship Project for the Promotion and Demonstration of Green Building Technologies Integrated energy sources and efficiency design towards a Zero Energy Building at BCA academy High performance envelope for buildings in the Tropics Future Green School for Zero Energy Building

18 Total MND R&D Grant:S$ 5.30 mil BCA Development Budget:S$ 2.50 mil Technology Providers and sponsors:Being discussed

19 Project Features  As Demonstration projects the ZEB@BCAA offers opportunities to apply new technologies in a real world building.  The test bedding platform serves to reduce the risk for large scale application of new technologies in real public and private sectors buildings. It gives a conduit to accelerate the up-take of new technologies in the construction sector.  Demonstration project serves as an important link between up stream research and the industry, by providing opportunities for prototyping and test-bedding.

20 International Test-Bedding Partners and Companies A Show Case for the region Training Education Exhibitions International Testing and Verification infrastructure for local & MNCs in the region Show Case Test Beds & Demonstrations Consortium of Local Consultants, Developers and Researchers Research & Development Measurements & Verification Exhibition & Education Local feedback and spin-offs New Projects Green & Energy Efficient Technologies Analyses modeling & simulations Technology transfer to locals to Accelerate technology take-up Local & regional showcase and verifications New spin-offs R&D relevant to the region Potential Development Model for ZEB@BCAA

21 Create a demonstration project by retrofitting an existing block of building (Block A) within the present CITI into a full scale, real world live-in Zero Energy Building. The R&D elements in the implementation of the project include: a.the processes of technologies selection and evaluation, b.performance prediction and modeling, integration, d.procurement and technology partnership development, e.monitoring and control, f.testing and commissioning. Objectives 1

22 The project aims to mount specific studies: Development and documentation of the Total Building Performance approach in the development of Green and Energy Efficient buildings. Evaluation, selection and applications of appropriate remote sensing, monitoring and control technologies for building systems, and its integration with large infra-structure system. Indoor environmental quality studies. Performance modeling and simulation studies. Objectives 2

23 R&D Matrix of ZEB@BCA Academy Z E B @ BCAA Proposal 1:Integrated Energy Sources and Efficiency Design towards a Net-Zero Energy Building Proposal 3:Future Green School for ZEB Total Building Performance Design and Integration research Proposal 2:High Performance Envelope for Buildings in the Tropics Remote Sensing, Control, Monitoring and Data Analysis Studies—A reporting building Indoor Environmental Qualities and subjects’ performance studies Performance modeling and Simulation studies Excellence in Green and Energy Efficient Building Technologies Research Directions Reduced Risk, enhanced Economics, Established Best Practices For GBTs

24 Zero Energy Building @ BCA Academy Z E B @ BCAA Clean Energy Renewable Energy Efficient HVAC Efficient Ventilation Efficient Lighting Active Control Experiment Studies New Test Bed projects Management & Training With excellent Passive Design Grid Supply Net “0” Input from Grid on an Annual basis Integrated Energy Design and Efficiency Studies

25 Thank you For further information And benchmarking, visit -

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