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Softechnologies Mobile Applications Field Mobility Suite – FieldTech™ Empowering your mobile workers.

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1 Softechnologies Mobile Applications Field Mobility Suite – FieldTech™ Empowering your mobile workers.

2 Headquartered: Spokane, WA. Founded in 1996 Regional Sales Offices: Los Angeles Houston Boston Over 10,000 mobile users: North America EMEA Wireless Workforce Partners Consortium NI Alliance Partner

3 Satisfied Customers

4 DEVICES APPLICATIONS PLATFORM MOBILE USERS INFORMATION Professional Business Users Field Engineers Sales Reps Sales Service Data Collection And More… True Enterprise Mobility Acheived

5 Market Focus SMB vs Enterprise Business Purpose-Built Applications and Point Solutions Bundled Solutions Component Technologies Hardware Fulfillment Support & Maintenance Software-as-a-Service Delivery Model Infrastructure SLAs Field Mobility Suite

6 Industries Multi-Trade Contractors HVAC, Electrical, Mechanical, Plumbing, Pest Control Auto Glass Installers Manufacturer Distributor Presales Firearms, Auto Parts, Bicycles, Beauty Supply Waste Collection & Hauling Container Management Utilities, Insurance, Public Services and Other Inspections, Surveys, Facilities & Asset Management Field Mobility Suite

7 ERP System: Multiple Mobile Platform Back-Office System Field Wireless Network Applications: FieldTech, WorkCenter Platform: Antenna Dexterra Network: All Device: Handheld, Tablet, Laptop OS: Windows Mobile, Windows DescriptionA turn-key Field Service solution with a stand-alone database or back-office integration. Provisioned with simple and intuitive workflow and screens based on years of best-in-class service engagements. Customer BenefitsMobilize your service workforce in around 30 days. Turn-key product minimizes resource requirements or disruption to your operations. Package is designed to dramatically lower your TCO and realize a quick ROI ReferencesAbbott, CDM, Motorola, Source Refrigeration, Sylvania, Tennant Field Service

8 Robust, Off The Shelf Packaged App Core Functionality Includes: Work Order Queue Customer Overview Job Status Turn-by-turn Navigation Work Resolution Parts, Labor and Expense Tracking Signature & Photo Capture Email Service Confirmation Time Tracking Real Time Credit Card Processing FieldTech

9 WorkCenter Light Duty Work Management/Dispatch Work Order Monitoring and Status WorkCenter

10 What Sets FieldTech™ Apart? Pre-Built Applications “Out of the Box” applications ready to deploy Self-Managed or Partner Managed Once trained you can manage the solution internally, or Softech can manage the solution for you, or a little of both. Business Process- and Service-Centric: Supports field service best practices and enforces business rules and work processes, ensuring consistent service delivery Industry-Leading Security: Supports the highest level of security in the industry to keep your data safe and secure Economically Friendly An Enterprise application at a lower price and TCO

11 Rapid ROI No Manual Paperwork Eliminates Data Entry Reduces Errors Saves on paper forms Reduces Admin Time for Techs Average company finds 1 hour per day per tech Reduction in training time Reduces Days Outstanding Invoice the same day as the service was provided Inventory Monitoring Helps track small parts and items that are left off the work order Helps reduce theft Rapid ROI

12 Rapid ROI (Strong Business Case) For Only $600/Service Tech Plus Services You Get: Increased Revenue Capture If each Service Tech captures $917 / year of previously missed billings, solution paid for 1 st year. Reduced Inventory Loss Ability to reconcile inventory with receipts. Improved Inventory Turn & Yield Management Ability to order inventory more accurately and charge the proper amount. Increased Productivity of Mobile Manager If each Service Tech can deliver one more order per day, and each order is worth $50, than the business receives $3.9M in more revenue per year. ($50 x 260 days x 300 Service Techs) Increased Customer Satisfaction What is the value to your customer of getting their order sooner than later? Improved Management Visibility What is the value to capture new revenue at the point of service and reduce the loss of inventory? Reduced Paperwork & Data Entry Errors What is the savings in data entry reconciliation from manual workorders, and what is the cost of office supplies, paper storage, and data entry personnel to support a manual field process?

13 Source Refrigeration & HVAC Overview Specializes in commercial refrigeration, service and construction, HVAC service, construction and EMS controls 475 mobile Field Engineers performing service tasks Challenge Digitize paper time cards and service orders Reduce 1 week of order cycle time by reducing paperwork, data entry, and managerial review Reduce phone calls between Field Engineer and call center Inefficient inventory and parts order management Solution Service Work Order Application Integration to Dynamics SQL and WennSoft Benefits & Results Reduced time to bill from 14 days to 4 days Reduced back office administrative labor by 20% Processed more than 48,000 service orders ◄ Back to Customer List Environment Microsoft Dynamics/SQL Wennsoft Symbol MC70 Environment Microsoft Dynamics/SQL Wennsoft Symbol MC70

14 Next Steps  Verbal Commitment  Solution Workshop  SOW & Other Contracts  Build Project Plan  QA Testing & Pilot  Rollout  Support

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