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FGT First General Technology Inc Tel:+886-6-2632460 Fax:+886-6-2650141.

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1 FGT Http:// First General Technology Inc Tel:+886-6-2632460 Fax:+886-6-2650141

2 FGT First General Technology Inc. Introduction Capital:NTD$:11,200,000 Founded:2005 Business :Automation Control Components/Flow Control System/Power System/Total Solution for factory procuress Headquarters: NO.6,Shin-Ai Rd.South District,Tainan,702,Taiwan The corporation has of production design factory more than 500 level ground in the Taiwan Tainan peaceful industrial district, is one unifies by the engineering design plan, the specialized European and American date proxy service, the entire factory equipment plan is the guidance, grasps the zealous spiritual service field, provides the most advanced system regulation the technological resource, the innovation research and development system regulation design plan, the specialized processing electric power monitoring, makes the regulation monitoring, the equipment automation development design company

3 FGT Our Strategy Technology Marketing Sales Marketing Industrial environment Competition situation Customer inquiry FGT’s situation Analyzed Sales Analysis of Industry Select the target industry Marketing Position Making Strategy Technology Action Plan Policy enforcement Information feedback Monitoring and correction

4 FGT Our Organization FGT USA FGT USA FGT Japan FGT Japan Engineer Sales 1 TEAM Engineer Sales 1 TEAM FGT N-Taiwan FGT N-Taiwan Engineer Sales 3TEAM Engineer Sales 3TEAM FGT ChongQing FGT ChongQing Engineer Sales 2 TEAM Engineer Sales 2 TEAM FGT S-Taiwan FGT S-Taiwan ADMINISTRATION DEPT. Marketing Director Sales Director Engineer Director Engineer Director Marketing Sales 5 TEAM Marketing Sales 5 TEAM Marketing Sales 1 TEAM Marketing Sales 1 TEAM FGT FA parts FGT FA parts Marketing Sales 3 TEAM Marketing Sales 3 TEAM FGT Power FGT Power Marketing Sales 2 TEAM Marketing Sales 2 TEAM FGT China FGT China FGT Equipment FGT Equipment

5 FGT Employment 14164 International Department Sales Department 3 ADMINISTRATION Department 3 Engineer Department 24 Marketing Management 4 Production Department 39 Staffs 5 3 Corporate environment

6 FGT Our Technology Products Flow Control System PC-based traffic monitoring systems HMI operation Pressure,Flow,Temperature and H/W parts produce FGT20-Series Compressed parts produce TMFC-Series Flow meter, Controller products HT3200-Series Humidity/Temp Sensor Products Industrial piping systems Automated pipeline design and planning Piping system monitoring/recording

7 FGT Our Technology Products Power distribution Panel/Gas Cabinet Panel High and Low voltage distribution panel ( VCB-ACB- MCB-MCCB-MC) Gas Cabinet Panel (Tank pipe-Filter-Valve- MFC&MFM-Display-Controller) PLC+HMI Design and Plan PLC System Plan &Design Touch Screen (HMI) Plan& Design Control Panel Industrial machinery and Auto Controller panel Main business focus on normal Control Panel, include Power, Operator, Clean monitor Panel. Plan Factory Automation Design

8 FGT Ethernet Fieldbus & I/O Equipment Controller Systems Work station Application Control I/O list Histories Station Operator station KSB Control ValveHT3000 Humidity/Temp Sensor BIO300 Environment control System EJA/EJX Pressure Sensor HFM200W-LS Gas Flow meter Generator Power systems HVAC SystemPiping Systems ACB&VCB TB Bus way Factory Controller Systems IPC Client

9 FGT Transmission VERSAMAX PLC Controller Quick PANEL 1HMI RM5 Inverter AK/AHK/AGK Step Motor NP200 Temp.Controller F350P Flow meter Temp. SystemsFlow SystemsPiping SystemsSensor I/O SystemsAlarm Systems ST56 Alarm Lights Static elimination System Laser Switch SIB-3R Static elimination Sensor DV81 Air Valve 8300/3660/3810DS Gas Flow meter PT3000 Pressure Sensor CVD equipment IPC HMI Client Ethernet Fieldbus & I/O PT75 Negative Pressure Sensor SLJ Area Sensor Control Equipment I/O list FGT20 Pressure Switch BJ Photo Sensor Equipment Controller Systems

10 FGT Our Sales channel Rule End-User Engineer Corp.OEM Machine Sort to parts Agent

11 FGT FGT’s Headquarters Our sales channel-Taiwan Area South North Middle

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