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LAUNCHING IDEAS THAT SECURE BUSINESS™. 2 About Raytheon Corporate A recognized leader in technology Annual sales of $17 Billion Ranked #119 on the Fortune.

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2 2 About Raytheon Corporate A recognized leader in technology Annual sales of $17 Billion Ranked #119 on the Fortune 500 Over 85,000 employees worldwide Extensive global presence Serving customers in 70 countries worldwide

3 3 Raytheon Corporate Milestones 1922 - Raytheon is founded as the American Appliance Company of Cambridge, MA WWII – Raytheon becomes the #1 producer of radar tubes surpassing both GE and RCA 1969 – A Raytheon computer guides man to the moon 1983 – Raytheon’s big breakthrough in semiconductors with the MMIC chip 1976 – Raytheon begins developing Patriot missile system technology 1991 – Raytheon’s Patriot missile is a huge success in Desert Storm 1922 2002 Raytheon’s Historical Milestones

4 4 Raytheon’s Financial Stability

5 5 Raytheon’s Stock Performance

6 6 Raytheon’s Vision for the future Enhance global reach Expand into new vertical and geographic markets Create new Partnerships Establish new Sales Channels Utilize existing intellectual property Leverage core technologies and competencies Launch new products and services within the corporate business marketplace The eCenter was created from this vision

7 7 Raytheon eCenter Technologies Mission Statement: To provide innovative, enterprise class, tailored solutions including IT Security, Network Management, Managed Data Storage and Backup for customers seeking a financially sound, secure and trusted partner that consistently delivers a superior customer experience.

8 8 Corporate Structure

9 9 The eCenter Story 30 Years of experience in managing classified information and data centers for the top US Government agencies Pioneering complex system integration eCenter brand introduced in March 2001 Commercial products and services launched in February 2002

10 10 Central U.S. location for easy access Zoned high security building perimeter 24x7x365 site security Totally redundant power, UPS and HVAC Below-grade, windowless construction limits risk from natural disasters Earthquakes, hurricanes Floods, tornadoes eCenter Technologies™ Data Center

11 11 eCenter Services Monitoring, Management & Reporting Managed: Security Storage and Backup Hosting Systems Integration Application Development

12 12 Managed Hosting Custom tailored OS Platforms Windows 2000 and NT UNIX Linux High Availability Internet Connectivity Highly secure environment 24x7x365 Management and Monitoring Professionally Trained and Certified Staff

13 13 Managed Security *Certified Information System Security Professional Physical Security Network Security Procedural Security Content/Data Security CISSP* certified Security Team

14 14 Other Security Services High Performance Security Assessments Consulting Security Engineering Network Management VPNs Firewalls Trending and Analysis Denial of Service Attacks Intrusion Detection

15 15 Monitor, Management & Reporting Network and Hardware Monitoring Servers Routers and Switches Other Application Monitoring Support Trending, Performance and Analysis

16 16 System Monitoring Methodology Complexity increases as you vertically scale the stack as does the vulnerability to outages. 1] Companies are most vulnerable in layers 1-4. 2] Layers 5-7 present the greatest need in the marketplace for monitoring. 3] eCenter’s MM&R offering can address all 7 layers of the OSI stack. 4] eCenter’s people, systems and tools constantly monitor critical applications and systems in order to meet the needs of your business.

17 17 Managed Storage and Backup Data Storage and Vaulting Managed SAN, Disk and Tape Media Remote Data Storage Advantages Scalable solutions Only pay for what you use Redundant disk architecture Housed in a defense grade facility

18 18 Application Development Application Development and Support Peoplesoft, SAP, Siebel... Programming and OS Support Java, C++,.net... Oracle, MS Access, IBM/Lotus... Linux, Windows2000, Sun server environments Web Development eCommerce Solutions

19 19 System Integration Solid project management skills A pool of 1700+ software professionals 30 years of system integration experience A wide range of success stories Large custom projects with several million lines of code and 100+ systems to integrate Smaller scale projects requiring rapid design, development and deployment

20 20 Some Examples: Large scale projects Integrating 120 Common-Off-The-Shelf Products into a single system creating several million lines of custom-developed code NASA - Multi-Petabyte Data Storage Management System Small scale projects An e-commerce site that integrates satellite imagingsatellite imaging order processingorder processing back-end fulfillmentback-end fulfillment Design through implementation completed in 30 DaysDesign through implementation completed in 30 Days Medium Sized Web Hosting Company, 100 GB managed storage

21 21 The Ability to Grow with You Space, Power, & Access Managed Hosting Application Support Managed Firewall Today On-site security services Multi-site load balancing and content distribution CRM integration And storage Data Mining & Warehousing Custom Application Development Future-defined Technologies & initiatives E-Commerce integration 6-24 months+ 24 months+

22 22 A Trusted Partner... eCenter Trust that we have the technical expertise Existing, experienced staff, versed in many operating systems and vendors Hands-on experience combined with world class technology innovation To date over 5 million lines of program code written and maintained ISO 9001 certified Trust that your data and infrastructure are secure All employees attend security training and have formal background checks More than 75 Certified Information Systems Security Professionals (CISSP) Over 500 Security Engineers throughout the company Collaborative practices allow security specialists to share a vast knowledge base Trust that we are here for the long haul Raytheon has been in business for over 80 years Raytheon has been managing data centers for over 30 years Raytheon is a diversified Fortune 200 company

23 23 The Right Stuff “We believe the winning vendors over the next 2-3 years will differentiate themselves through providing, or being a key component of, solutions that deliver ease of management, availability, and throughput.” McKinsey & Company, May 2001

24 24 Some of our Customers

25 25 Strategic Partners

26 26 What it all adds up to... Raytheon creates and manages applications that no one else in the world can deliver, because our customers require applications that no one else in the world has...

27 27 Section Title Launching ideas that secure business™

28 28 For more information contact: Ardent Partners, Inc. 1507 Cascade Court Naperville, IL 60565 (630) 320-0066

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