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Barbara Lilley Library Development Specialist II Division of Library Development Room 10B41, Cultural Education Center Albany, NY 12230 Phone: (518) 486-4864.

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1 Barbara Lilley Library Development Specialist II Division of Library Development Room 10B41, Cultural Education Center Albany, NY 12230 Phone: (518) 486-4864 Fax: (518) 486-5254 e-mail: Web Site: The New York State Program for the Conservation and Preservation of Library Research Materials

2 ELIGIBILITY Eligible agencies include those that have been: 4 chartered by the Board of Regents of the State of New York; OR 4 accepted by the Board of Regents for filing under not-for-profit sections (section 216) of the Education Law; OR 4 registered with the office of Charities of the New York State Department of State; OR 4 granted not-for-profit status under section 501(c)(3) of the United States Internal Revenue code.

3 4The 11 designated comprehensive research libraries 4Institutions wholly or in part under the control of direction of any religious denomination, in which any denominational tenet of doctrine is taught, are constitutionally ineligible to receive State financial assistance. 4New York State agencies and collections which are part of State agencies, including New York State Historic Sites. However, State University of New York (SUNY) colleges are eligible to receive discretionary grant funds. NOT ELIGIBLE

4  personnel costs  service and consultant contracts  supplies and equipment for project activities, or other activities : Expenditures may include : All expenditures of discretionary grant funds, whether for personnel, contracted services, supplies, equipment, or others, must be for preservation activities described under FUNDABLE ACTIVITIES Eligible Expenditures

5  General operating expenses, indirect costs or overhead charges  the acquisition of library research materials in any format, either to add to the collection or to replace deteriorated materials by purchase of reprints or microforms  capital expenditures for building construction or modification  providing standard library shelving  physical processing  basic disaster planning  microform readers  computer equipment  basic security measures such as burglar alarms, locks, fire extinguishers, etc.  salaries and/or benefits for existing personnel Funds will not be awarded for activities or expenditures judged to be the ordinary responsibility of the institution. These activities include (among others): Ineligible Expenditures

6 FUNDABLE ACTIVITIES Planning & Screening Includes:  General conservation surveys  Consultancies  Selection of materials Does NOT include:  initial preservation planning

7 FUNDABLE ACTIVITIES Environmental Controls & Storage Includes:  Upgrading mechanical HVAC systems F Special shelving or storage furnishings Does NOT include:  Stop-gap measures ' Standard library shelving

8 FUNDABLE ACTIVITIES Reformatting -- Microforms Includes:  Preservation quality microfilm F Preservation quality microfiche F Color microforms Does NOT include: 'Microform readers or reader/printers

9 FUNDABLE ACTIVITIES Reformatting -- Non-microforms Includes:  Photographic negative duplication F Copy prints of photographic images F Sound recordings F Photocopying (sometimes) Does NOT include:  Digitization ' Video tapes ' Cassette tapes ' Photocopying (usually)

10 FUNDABLE ACTIVITIES Physical Treatment Includes:  Collection cleaning projects F Protective enclosures F Rebinding, minor repairs & mending F Major conservation treatments Does NOT include:  Basic housekeeping ' Physical processing ' Learning-by-doing projects

11 Includes:  Limited to 10% of the grant award F Only when closely connected to preservation work itself FUNDABLE ACTIVITIES Bibliographic Activities

12 FUNDABLE ACTIVITIES Other Fundable Activities Includes:  Disaster recovery F Research F Specialized training F Preservation informational materials Does NOT include:  Preparing disaster plans ' Purchasing emergency supplies ' Exhibitions ' Publishing guides or catalogs


14 Conservation/Preservation Discretionary Applications are now online You must have a NYSDS username and password to login!

15 Register for username and password Fill out your name, contact information, and institution information. Your account will have access to C/P Discretionary grants only for the institution you specify. Account information will be sent via email within 48 hours. Register Early!!!!!


17 Read Edit Submit

18 Login

19 Choose a Grant Program

20 Links to cooperating applications Link to Create new application Guidelines

21 Navigating the Online Application Initial Application Forms Final Report Forms


23 Initial Application Checklist

24 Final Report Checklist Print/ Save application links


26 Coversheet Institution information is pulled from SEDREF database Your username/ password is associated with an institution

27 Religious Affiliation and Institutional Eligibility

28 Type Summary Description here….. Project Manager Information Project Title Save button


30 Type narrative here….. Links to each of the Project Narrative categories Save button

31 I. Description of Institution or Agency A. Size of the institution’s operation Topics  Annual budget 4 FTE staff

32 I. Description of Institution or Agency B. The agency’s total collection of library research materials Topics 4Quantity of materials 4Types of materials 4Collecting policy 4Number of items acquired & amount expended in the last year  Other relevant background information

33 II. Institutional Commitment To Conservation/Preservation II. Institutional Commitment To Conservation/Preservation A. Institutional conservation/ preservation activities Topics 4Current and long-range preservation plans 4Surveys? 4Institutional funding for preservation 4Other sources of funding

34 II. Institutional Commitment To Conservation/Preservation B. Environmental conditions in which preserved materials will be stored 4Extent of existing controls 4Possibility or plans for improvement Topics

35 II. Institutional Commitment To Conservation/Preservation C. Preparations for disaster 4Written disaster plan? 4Available resources Topics

36 II. Institutional Commitment To Conservation/Preservation D. Security arrangements for protecting the collection Topics 4Theft 4Mutilation 4Inappropriate use

37 II. Institutional Commitment To Conservation/Preservation II. Institutional Commitment To Conservation/Preservation E. Participation in cooperative or regional conservation/preservation activities Topics 4Cooperative projects 4Shared cons/pres staff or facilities 4Bibliographic databases 4Participation in regional preservation activities

38 III. Accessibility of Collections to the Public A. Access policies and practices of the institution Topics 4Hours Open 4Number of patrons 4Items loaned or used on site 4Cooperative access programs

39 III. Accessibility of Collections to the Public B. Cataloging or other forms of bibliographic control Topics 4Type of cataloging or arrangement 4Use of regional or national databases 4Use of other standard bibliographic resources

40 III. Accessibility of Collections to the Public C. Ownership of materials 4Owned by institution 4Copy of deposit agreement Topics

41 IV. Research Value of Materials To Be Preserved A. Description of materials to be preserved with grant funds Topics 4Subject area or content 4Format (books, mss, photos, maps, etc.) 4Quantity of materials 4Condition and specific preservation problems 4Type of research for which materials are likely to be used

42 IV. Research Value of Materials To Be Preserved B. Significance of materials for research 4Relevance to the institution’s collections 4Demand for the materials by researchers 4Short-term topical interest? 4Long-term historic interest? 4Scope of interest -- local, regional, national, or international 4Informational value or artifactual value, or both? 4Similar collections elsewhere? 4Institutional priorities Topics

43 V. Plan of Work A. The timetable for the project 4Beginning date 4Hiring date and duration of work for new personnel 4Schedules for existing staff 4Contractual work schedules 4Schedule for all other significant project activities Topics

44 V. Plan of Work B. Conservation/preservation activities to be carried out during the project 4Work to be performed 4Materials and techniques to be used 4Vendor proposals and cost estimates Topics

45 V. Plan of Work C. Personnel and vendors involved in the project 4Project manager 4Personnel to be hired 4Existing staff to be used 4Consultants 4Vendors 4Qualifications Topics

46 VI. Institutional Contribution to the Project A. Contributions of staff time 4Time existing staff will spend directly on project activities Topics

47 VI. Institutional Contribution to the Project B. Financial contribution towards overall project costs 4Portion of total project budget to be provided by the institution Topics

48 VII. Education Pre-Planning A. Need for the proposed Training 4Have institutions committed to sending staff? 4Were local institutions surveyed on their preservation education needs? Topics

49 VII. Education Pre-Planning B. Training objectives 4What information should the attendees leave the training with? 4Are there activities they will conduct After the workshop? Topics

50 VII. Education Pre-Planning C. Publicity 4Will listservs, mailing lists, newsletters be used? 4How will wide publicity to all eligible institutions be achieved? Topics

51 VII. Education Pre-Planning D. Information dissemination 4Will a publication be created? 4Will the training materials be shared on a web site? Topics

52 Documents/ Attachments Bids Resumes Institutional Authorization Form Final Report Signoff Microform Guidelines Form Cooperative Agreement Form

53 Choose a document to upload to the database


55 Conservation/Preservation Discretionary Grant Program BUDGET Column A Column B Column C Project Total Institutional Grant Request Contribution

56 Navigating the 5 Budget Tabs Add Record Budget Totals Budget Tabs

57 Jane Doe Director $24,525 0.12 $2,943 $2,000 $943 $2,943 $2,943 $2,000$943

58 0.09 $264 $0 $264 $0

59 consultant Adam Advice2 days @ $300 $600 $300 contractMicrofilming Inc. 400 pieces $4000 $0

60 1000 folders0.15 $150 Gaylord $150 boxes 200 $3.00$600 Hollinger $600$0

61 Travel to vendor Finalize contract $0 $500

62 Institutional Authorization Form Print and Sign this Form

63 Submit the Application Submit button

64 Confirm Submission Warnings for incomplete narratives Save/ Print application Confirm submit button

65 FS 10

66 Local Agency Information Funding Source: Contact Person: Agency Name: Mailing Address: Telephone #:County: E-Mail Address: Project Operation Dates: C/P Discretionary Grant Program Beatrice Bibliophile, Director Booktown Public Library 111 Library Lane Booktown, NY 00001 (518) 111-1111 County July 1, 2006June 30, 2007

67 FS-10 Page 2

68 FS-10 Page 3

69 FS-10 Page 4

70 FS-10 Page 5

71 FS-10 Page 6



74 FS-10 Page 8 Continued




78 General Reports General Reports Link

79 Search Discretionary Awards by Year Choose a year Results

80 Search by keyword in Title Type search word Results

81 Thank you for coming! Please fill out the evaluation forms

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