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WWW.EAGLECMMS.COM © Eagle Technology, Inc. “Continuously Commission your Facilities” An Integral Team.

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1 © Eagle Technology, Inc. “Continuously Commission your Facilities” An Integral Team

2 © Eagle Technology, Inc.

3 © Eagle Technology, Inc. Facility Managers Need Tools Neglected - Operational & Maintenance issues Manage/Track Maintenance Analytics Instant response to Alarms and Emergencies Track In-house or Out-sourced Maintenance

4 © Eagle Technology, Inc. Commissioning Overview Identify all Assets to be Maintained Multi-Cycle Scheduling Demand work Order Requests Automated Work Order Distribution Resource Assignment ROI Analysis BAS Data Interface

5 © Eagle Technology, Inc. Complete Asset Records Manufacturers Recommended Maintenance Data Operational Data throughout Lifecycle of Building What ProTeus with BAS Interface Does for Facilities

6 © Eagle Technology, Inc. What Proteus with BAS Interface Does for Facilities Data on Conditions, Trends and Costs Justify Value of Building at time of Sale A Must for Intelligent Buildings

7 © Eagle Technology, Inc. ProTeus in Facilities Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Education FDA-regulated High-Tech manufacturing Government Hospitality Office buildings

8 © Eagle Technology, Inc. Facilities

9 © Eagle Technology, Inc. Is the Facility Manager Prepared for the New Direction?

10 © Eagle Technology, Inc. BACnet/IP LAN HVAC Controls PC Workstation Web Server CCTV Lights Blinds CMMS System Integration

11 © Eagle Technology, Inc. ProTeus and BACnet Allows exchange of data between BACnet and ProTeus. Generation of work orders based on critical alarm indicators or on runtime triggers. Interface provides secure, consistent and accurate data transfer from BACnet to ProTeus. Individual alarm configuration provides customized reporting system.

12 © Eagle Technology, Inc. Benefits Automated work order generation Consistent & accurate data transfer Individual alarm configuration Best use of resources, activate PM’s based on runtime Improved asset management reports Streamlines the asset planning process

13 © Eagle Technology, Inc. Value-Added Higher level of tenant satisfaction Info at your fingertips to make management decisions Track budgets, know where money is going When selling a building, ops data can be provided to the buyer A MUST, not an add-on to any Building Automation System with BACnet

14 © Eagle Technology, Inc. Questions! Eagle Technology, Inc North Towne Square Road Mequon, WI USA Telephone: Toll Free (USA): Fax:

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