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30.04.2015 1 ICT Platform for Object Oriented Knowledge Håvard Bell, Ph.D. Norwegian Building Research Institute.

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1 ICT Platform for Object Oriented Knowledge Håvard Bell, Ph.D. Norwegian Building Research Institute




5 IFC  Industry Foundation Classes  From DRAWING to MODEL  Not lines and surfaces, but building OBJECTS  Way of exchanging building information IFC Architect Authority Builder Owner Model server

6 IFC + IFD produkt modell Images from: Byggforsk, Olof Granlund, NBLN University of California, Stanford University Building design -Functional spec. -Estimates -Budget -Specs Knowledgebase -Predefined solutions -Design sheets -In house knowledge bases Laws and Regulations -Building rules -Building regulations CAD software -Drawings, calculations -Architect, engineer,… VRML -Visualization, 3D models Simulations -Comfort -HVAC -LCC -Light & sound -Insulation -Fire -Environment -Lifetime- analysis Building specifications -NS 3420 (bill of quantity) -NS Calculations, estimates Product ordering -Product databases -Price databases FDVU -Rental, sale -Maintenance -Warranties Remodeling, refurbishing -Remodeling -Demolition -Refurbishing Progress and schedules -Scheduling -Logistics, 4D

7 Effect of IFC?  “Low friction information logistics”  Lars C. Christensen, Selvaag Blue Think  New decision processes:  Earlier access to information  Possible to simulate decisions and see the consequences earlier

8 Information Exchange in the Building Process Information- model centrerd Document centered Check out/check in data File exchange: Data is not exchanged, drawings are (e)mailed. Model exchange: Data is exchanged on application specific formats and drawings are (e)mailed. Model server: Data is exchanged using a neutral format. Data is available in a neutral model server and is accessed from different applications. Drawing Model Legend: Document Model file Standardized model data Data centrerd (Thanks to Lars C. Christensen, Selvaag Blue Think)

9 IFD  International Framework for Dictionaries  ISO (DIS)  Needed to define concepts and relations  Are we talking about the same thing?  The semantics of IFC  Adoptable on national or project levels  A “column” might be defined as an IfcColumn plus some customized attributes, or even attached objects

10 日本語! Norsk! ?? English! IFD (BARBi) Communication Method? IFC Speaking

11 BARBi  Bygg og Anlegg Referanse Bibliotek  Norwegian implementation of IFD  Complete and working implementation of IFD  999 activities/processes, names, 6600 definitions, 1939 properties, 8757 objects/subjects, ca 1300 relations, etc..  Based on EXPRESS (EDM, EPM Tech.)  Will provide a free reference library to the Norwegian Building Industry  Anyone can access and use it  Import functions from LexiCon  (Netherlands's IFD implementation)

12 BARBi Example I:  A concept may consist of:  Global unique ID  Names (may be several)  Definition  Unit(s)  Value(s)  Etc.  Products are defined through properties  A set of properties (concepts) and perhaps values, defines a product

13 BARBi Example II:  Door:  In Norway: –“Høyde” (height) –“Bredde” (width) –“Brannklasse” (fire category)  In United Kingdom: –“Height” –“Width” –“Fire Category” –“Security Class” DFI7362LHAS00CC E34FJ55693HD340 A3R33693U88CC3 8944GGQQL9883C

14 Service Provider Model Produkt leverandør Produkt leverandør Manufacturers Country a Produkt leverandør Produkt leverandør Manufacturers Country b Service Provider ? $$$$ $$ $$$$$ $$$ Owner

15 BARBi and China  Letter of Intention signed between Chinese authorities and Norway  June 2004  Provide a Chinese IFD platform  Support in establishing IFD data

16 IFG  IFC enhancement for the GIS world  Close to completion  Allows the 2D map world to talk to the 3D building world and vice versa  You know where the building is in the world Here!

17 IFG Aim: 3D? Yes, but what is it? 3D? Yes, here it is! 3D Kilde: Statens Kartverk Today IFG (Thanks to Jøns Sjøgren, Home Builders Association)

18 NBI’s Knowledge Base  Over 800 design sheets  Best practice  Research  Etc.  Over 50 years of experience  Highly regarded in the industry  Example:  How to properly lay a bathroom floor

19 NBI’s Knowledge Base  Highly used…  …and not used

20 Application NBI’s Knowledge Base NBI’s Knowledge Base

21 Three Ingredients NBI’s Knowledge Base (IFC/IFD) BARBi (IFD) Model Server (IFC) NBI Service

22 Lifetime Analysis  Factor Method  Empirical data collections  Theoretical Formulas  Statistical Analysis  Developed over time  (Not my area of expertise…)

23 NBI Service Lifetime of Building?

24 What material? NBI Service IFC Model

25 It’s 32DFE854KE NBI Service IFC Model

26 What is 32DFE854KE? NBI Service BARBi

27 It’s Aluminum NBI Service BARBi

28 OR…

29 I don’t know NBI Service BARBi ?

30 NBI Service What is 32DFE854KE?

31 NBI Service It’s Aluminum

32 What is definition of Aluminum? NBI Service BARBi

33 It’s Aluminum NBI Service BARBi

34 DFE854KE is Aluminum NBI Service IFC Model

35 What is Lifetime of Aluminum? NBI Service NBI Knowledge Base

36 Years NBI Service NBI Knowledge Base

37 Aluminum at your place lives 40 Years NBI Service IFC Model

38 NBI Service 40 Years

39 NBI Service Thanks!

40 IFC Model BARBi NBI Knowledge Base NBI Service Lifetime of building? What material? Well defined material? Get lifetime data for model’s area 40 years Overview

41 Demo…

42 Questions?

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