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Partnering and Engaging with the Public & Private Sectors: The Youth:Work Jordan Model.

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1 Partnering and Engaging with the Public & Private Sectors: The Youth:Work Jordan Model

2 Job Placement - Context Target group: underprivileged young men and women, ages 15 to 24, who lack educational, economic and leisure opportunities, safe places and an enabling environment in their communities that supports their positive development: Youth not enrolled in the educational systems Unemployed youth Economically-inactive youth Facts about Jordan: More than half of the population is under twenty years of age. Women’s participation in the labor market is among the lowest in the world(15%) The unemployment rate in Jordan is 18% and 24% for the target group we are working with.

3 Employers are not prevalent in targeted neighborhoods Youth do not prefer to work in remote areas especially when housing and transportation are not provided. Gap between private sector needs and qualification of youth Low wages offered by the private sector. Limited knowledge among youth about existing employment opportunities. Preference to wait until jobs become available in the military or public sector. Youth rejection of labor intensive positions – (culture of shame ) Social factors, parents reluctant to let daughters enroll in vocational training or join the workforce. Job Placement - Needs and Gaps

4 Job Placement - Addressing the Needs Private sector engagement Consultation with private sector ( Visits, roundtables, job fairs, early engagement of the private sector in the design and implementation of training: Life skills, IT & English, demand driven Vocational training - Hospitality, HVAC, Secretary, Salon Services Work with companies to make their environment more friendly and attractive to youth. Launched the “Employer Ambassador Award” initiative

5 Job Placement - Addressing the Needs Public sector engagement Strategic partnership established with Ministry of Labor to ensure demand driven approach to job placement Matching YWJ youth with demand driven vacancies being promoted by the MOL in partnership with major private sector companies Initiated discussion on policy issues such as improving working conditions and adopting YWJ employability models with the vocational training centers as part of their programs. MOL with collaboration with YWJ is trying to fill semi- skilled job vacancies with Jordanian nationals

6 Job Placement - What did We Learn? 1. Customize training courses according to market needs leads to: a)Higher success in employment. b)Satisfaction and trust from both youth and employers. 2. Develop referral system that complement efforts between the public and private sectors, incl. civil society, which leads to more effective implementation and utilization of resources. 3. The need to guide policies to support employability efforts

7 THANK YOU Wajd Safi Employability Specialist at YWJ

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