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Kris Brown Sales Channel Development Manager 800-296-4810, x.152# An Overview Of e PNMobile for merchant owned mobile phones.

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1 Kris Brown Sales Channel Development Manager 800-296-4810, x.152# kbrown@eProcessingNetwork.Com An Overview Of e PNMobile for merchant owned mobile phones & devices

2 Who needs this solution? Residential Services HVAC Companies Landscapers Painters Exterminators Contractors House cleaning services Pool cleaners Gutter cleaners Pressure Washers Carpet cleaners Home improvements Photographers

3 Who needs this solution? At Home Marketers Pampered Chef Baskets Candles Amway Avon Herbalife Creative Memories – Scrapbookers Passion Parties Rent A Clown

4 Who needs this solution? Mobile Merchants Delivery Companies Taxi/Limo Services Shuttle Services Outdoor Vendors Art Shows Flea Markets Farmer’s Markets Craft Fairs Bake Sales Bike Rentals Girl Scouts

5 Features 1.Swiped and manually entered credit cards 2.Signature Capture. Touch screen phones only; signatures are stored on our gateway along with the transaction receipt 3.Email Receipts 4.Check Processing. Manually keyed check information only; iPhones and Androids only 5.Add to Online Terminal Only or Internet Basic gateway accounts

6 Benefits Onetime License Fee per phone Add unlimited phones to a single gateway account Merchant’s cell plan = No out-of-coverage calls! Replaced dedicated, single use wireless terminal Intuitive user interface All transactions stored on ePN’s PCI compliant gateway servers Meets Visa’s Best Practices Guidelines for Mobile Your Processor

7 Bluetooth Card Readers Android devices, Blackberry, and other Java phones Magtek BulleT Woosim Porti-SC30 Citizens CMP-10BT *Android only

8 “iOS” Card Readers iPhones, iPads, and the iPod touch Magtek iDynamoID TECH iMagInfinite Peripherals (With or without barcode scanner for inventory) Models for iPhone3 & 4 Order From TASQ Retooled with connectors for iPhone3, 4, and iPad Order from ePN iPhone4 and iPod touch

9 Merchant Support Center

10 e PNMobile Config

11 e PNMobile Branding In the Reseller Support Center, go to Account Config, then Branding

12 Search for: “ePNMobile” Download e PNMobile From Appstore/Android Market

13 Activate Account : TermID: {ePNAcctNumber: DevID}

14 Credit Card Sale


16 Check Sale Check processing supported through GETI, Payliance, and EZ Check Manually keyed check info only

17 Electronic Signature Capture


19 Basic Facts: Founded in 2009 by Jack Dorsey, one of the founders of Twitter Works on iPhone, iPad, iPod touch with iOS 4.0+, and Android devices with 2.1+ Reader is shipped for free No merchant account required, transactions processed under a “Square” MID with ChasePaymentech They review an applicant’s use of social media in consideration of the merchant app There is no customer support phone number on their web site! Features: Up to 10 phones per Square account Reader is REQUIRED, plugs into headphone jack Supports Tip & Tax Calculation Electronic signatures SMS (text) receipts Online Reporting Only accept payment in 50 US states

20 Square User Agreement: New Accounts. For new accounts likely to exceed $1,000 in sales per week, contact Square support to inquire about accelerating your payout schedule. contact Square support Reserves. “We may temporarily suspend or delay payments to you and/or designate an amount of funds that we must maintain in your Square Account or in a separate reserve account…” Square FAQs: Can I use the Square app to capture my customer’s email information? Square does not share any customer information (i.e. NO) Why does the Square app need to know my location? In order for the Square app to function, you must allow the app to know your location (i.e. GPS/Location must be enabled on device)

21 Restricted Merchants: (1)any illegal activity, (2) buyers or membership clubs, (3) credit counseling, (4) credit protection or identity theft protection services, (5) direct marketing or subscription offers or services, (6) infomercial sales, (7) internet/mail order/telephone order pharmacies or pharmacy referral services, (8) multi-level marketing businesses, (9) inbound or outbound telemarketers, (10) prepaid phone cards/services, (11) rebate based businesses, (12) up-sell merchants, (13) bill payment services, (14) betting, including lottery tickets, casino gaming chips, off-track betting, and wagers at races, (15) financial institutions offering manual or automated cash disbursements, or merchandise and services, (17) sales of money-orders or foreign currency by non-financial institutions, (18) wire transfer money orders, (19) high-risk merchants, including telemarketing merchants, (20) service station merchants, (21) automated fuel dispensers, (22) adult entertainment oriented products or services, (23) internet/mail order/telephone order firearm or weapon sales, (24) internet/mail order/telephone order cigarette or tobacco sales, (25) drug paraphernalia, (26) occult materials, (27) hate products, (28) escort services, and (29) bankruptcy attorneys. Is Square secure? Although the card reader does not encrypt at swipe; their gateway has been certified as PCI compliant.

22 Square Pricing SquareePN Merchant AccountNot RequiredResellers ContractNone Card ReaderFree$50 to $150 Setup$0$45 Monthly Fee$0$5 Transaction Fee$0 for CP.15 for CNP.05 Monthly MinimumNone Card Swipe Rate2.75%n/a Card Not Present Rate3.5%n/a If you processed $1000 per month with the Square it would cost you $27.50 if you swiped the card and $35 (plus.15/trans) if you didn’t swipe the card.

23 QUESTIONS Kris Brown Sales Channel Development Manager 800-296-4810, x.152# kbrown@eProcessingNetwork.Com Tech Support: 800-971-0997

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