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N ORTHWEST ENERGY STAR ® H OMES [Presenter Name, Company] | [Date]

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1 N ORTHWEST ENERGY STAR ® H OMES [Presenter Name, Company] | [Date]

2 AGENDA 1.Why ENERGY STAR certified homes? 2.Program overview & history 3.Northwest ENERGY STAR Homes program 4.Program features & savings 5.Builder & buyer benefits 6.The future of energy-efficient homes


4 HOME ENERGY BILL BREAK-DOWN Average home energy consumption: Source:

5 ENERGY STAR for Homes is an energy-efficient home program based on building science & best construction practices.  15% more efficient than homes built to state energy codes  Third-party verified  Voluntary  Improves whole-home performance ENERGY STAR CERTIFIED HOMES HOW CAN WE REDUCE THOSE COSTS & SAVE ENERGY?


7 A BRIEF HISTORY WHO? ENERGY STAR began as a joint program of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) & Department of Energy (DOE) WHAT? The voluntary labeling program was designed to identify and promote energy-efficient products, and over time, practices WHY? The program is designed to help us all save money and protect the environment through energy-efficient products and practices LET’S START WITH A LITTLE BACKGROUND

8 1992 EPA introduces the first ENERGY STAR qualified product line, personal computers & monitors 1995 EPA launches ENERGY STAR certified new homes that are more efficient than the energy code 1996 DOE joins the team in with the intro of household appliance labeling 2009 Certified homes surpass 1M mark; 17% of all homes nationwide Saving enough energy to power more than 20 million homes Removing the emissions equivalent to those from 25 millions vehicles Helping save Americans $14 billion Source: “Green Begins with ENERGY STAR Blue,” EPA, 2008:> A BRIEF HISTORY 2002 More than 100,000 new homes have earned the ENERGY STAR label nationwide

9 ENERGY STAR IN THE NORTHWEST  Different climate  Different building codes  Different market trends BUT THE NORTHWEST IS A LITTLE DIFFERENT…


11 ENTER NORTHWEST ENERGY STAR HOMES… THE NORTHWEST ENERGY STAR HOMES PROGRAM Encouraging the construction of homes to ENERGY STAR standards specifically designed for the Northwest. It has been operating as a four-state regional initiative in Idaho, Montana, Oregon and Washington since 2005.

12 Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance (NEEA) is a non-profit organization using the market power of the region to accelerate the innovation and adoption of energy-efficient products, services and practices. NEEA is supported by & collaborates with the Bonneville Power Administration, Energy Trust of Oregon and over 100 Northwest utilities. NORTHWEST ENERGY STAR HOMES WHO IS PROVIDING THIS CUSTOM PROGRAM? The specifications, incentives, trainings, marketing…

13 THE EVOLUTION NORTHWEST ENERGY STAR HOMES Create infrastructure, develop custom spec for achieving savings Recruit & train Verifiers that can drive the program forward Educate consumers & generate demand, ramp-up for increased specs Develop tools for partners to use for training & marketing The following program support has been provided, past and present, to set the stage for builder success with ENERGY STAR for homes: 2005 2012 2008 2010

14 20052012 2009 2010 20112007 2008 54% consumer awareness 4.3% market share 15.4% market share 10,000 certified homes CONSUMER marketing begins REALTOR training begins V3 ENERGY STAR 20,000 certified homes 2006 19% consumer awareness NORTHWEST ENERGY STAR HOMES WHERE ARE WE TODAY? 433 Number of active builders in the program (2012) 20,000+ Northwest certified homes (through 2012) 52,560,000 kWh of energy saved (through 2012)

15 HOW DOES NORTHWEST ENERGY STAR HOMES COMPARE TO CODE?  Remains at least 15% more efficient than current state codes  When codes go up, ENERGY STAR goes up 15% above that  Makes it easy to comply with energy codes and adapt to code increases ENERGY STAR CERTIFIED HOMES

16 When building “green”, it pays to start with measures that affect energy usage as a baseline. ENERGY STAR CERTIFIED HOMES ELEMENTS OF “GREEN” LABELS ENERGY EFFICIENCY  Envelope  HVAC INDOOR ENVIRONMENT  Bulk Moisture  Radon  Materials RESOURCE EFFICIENCY  Site Planning  Water  Lighting  Appliances  Pest Control  Ventilation  Combustion Safety  Materials  Renewables 1 2 3


18 PROGRAM FEATURES 2 Tight Construction 5 Water Heating & Fixtures 4 Appliances & Lighting 3 Improved Insulation 1 Windows & Doors 6 HVAC Equipment WHOLE HOUSE APPROACH

19 1. WINDOWS & DOORS  Low U-value windows  ENERGY STAR qualified doors PROGRAM FEATURES 4. APPLIANCES & LIGHTING  ENERGY STAR qualified lighting  ENERGY STAR appliances: o Dishwashers o Ceiling Fans o Exhaust Fans

20 2. TIGHT CONSTRUCTION & AIR SEALING PROGRAM FEATURES  Reduces thermal bridging  Keeps out allergens, insects, rodents  Reduces HVAC load requirements 3. IMPROVED INSULATION  Increases efficiency levels  Proper installation prevents energy waste and reduces noise

21 5. HIGH-EFFICIENCY HOT WATER SYSTEMS Conventional Tankless Heat Pump Water Heater Solar Hot Water PROGRAM FEATURES

22 6. HIGH-EFFICIENCY HEATING SYSTEMS Gas Furnace Heat Pump Ductless heating & cooling system PROGRAM FEATURES

23 THIRD-PARTY TESTED & VERIFIED Every builder works with an independent, third- party Verifier to ensure each home meets the program requirements  Ensures required measures are used & installed properly  Measures performance by testing the actual leakage from ductwork & the thermal enclosure  Provides technical support & building science expertise  Coordinates the administration process of certification PROGRAM FEATURES QUALITY ASSURANCE Program oversight ensures and enforces quality


25 WHY BUILD ENERGY STAR? THE BUILDER ADVANTAGE  Consumer demand for energy efficiency is on the rise  84% brand awareness for ENERGY STAR label  Competitive advantage; tool for differentiation  Certified energy-efficient & green homes sell faster, for more money  Staying ahead of state code reduces costs when codes change (and they do change)  Heightened attention to detail and third-party verification results in reduced customer call-backs  Program participants have access to technical and marketing support

26 WHY BUILD ENERGY STAR? CONSUMER DEMAND KEEPS RISING*  91% of consumers surveyed by NAHB say they want a whole- house ENERGY STAR rating in their next home  Mortgage default risks are on average 32% lower in ENERGY STAR certified homes (this percentage increases as energy efficiency increases due to lower operating costs) Certified energy-efficient & green homes sell faster, for more money  Seattle certified homes sold at a price premium of 9.6%  Portland certified homes sold for 3% to 5% more and 18 days faster *Sources: NAHB, What Home Buyers Really Want (2002); Earth Advantage Institute, Certified Home Performance study (5/2009); Institute for Market Transformation, Home Energy Efficiency and Mortgage Risks research report (March 2013)


28 WHY BUILD ENERGY STAR? MARKETING TOOLS Sales collateral, advertising templates & messaging

29 WHY BUY ENERGY STAR? THE BUYER ADVANTAGE Program Requirements:  Better envelope & insulation, better windows & doors, better heating and cooling  Fewer air leaks, well-sealed envelope & ducts  Home double-checked by an independent, qualified Verifier  Overall less energy used Homeowner Benefits: Fewer drafts, more comfort Cleaner indoor-air Peace of mind, lower maintenance Lower energy bills = = = =


31 LOOKING FORWARD THE WAY WE BUILD GETS UPGRADES TOO  New products are developed and/or become available in the market  Existing products undergo improvements in performance & functionality Steps taken today, large or small, will decrease the costs to make these improvements down the road.

32 LOOKING FORWARD ADVANCED PERFORMANCE SAMPLE MEASURES Advanced framing, double wall, ICFs Spray foam insulation Triple-pane windows Improved air-barrier Ductless heat pumps Heat recovery ventilators Heat pump water heaters LED lighting

33 T HANK Y OU ! For more information contact: Visit for more resources

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