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NABERSNZ ™ - One year on? Vanessa McGrath – NZGBC Lance Jimmieson - Jackson Engineering Advisers 1.

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1 NABERSNZ ™ - One year on? Vanessa McGrath – NZGBC Lance Jimmieson - Jackson Engineering Advisers 1

2 Agenda Where did NABERSNZ come from? The benefit of hindsight The introduction and growth of NABERSNZ Understanding NABERSNZ How NABERSNZ relates to Facility Managers How to maximise your building Next steps 2

3 National Australian Built Environment Rating System (NABERS) 3 Australian History & Results

4 Aussie Rules Nov 2001: Mandated in Australia 2,000 m 2 + buildings must disclose a current Building Energy Efficiency Certificate (BEEC). 4

5 Property Council Australia - Quality Grading 5

6 NABERS in Australia 6

7 The impact on the Property Market 7

8 NABERSNZ - Introduction Existing building performance rating system Energy performance benchmarking Compare energy efficiency of commercial office buildings Range: 0 to 6 Stars Three types of ratings 8

9 NABERSNZ - Philosophy: To compare apples with apples Make allowances for: Climate Hours of operation Core service delivery functions Standardised methodology 9

10 NABERSNZ - Progress to date Pilot training & assessments February 2013 Official Launch June 2013 12 Certified Ratings (Published) 352 Self Assessments 175,579m² of commercial office space has undergone a Certified Rating thus far 10

11 NABERSNZ - Results (m 2 Rated) 11

12 NABERSNZ Rules Energy Loads 12

13 What does NABERSNZ rate? 13

14 Tenant loads Power and Lighting to Tenancy rentable area Power and Lighting to Tenancy service areas assigned to a single tenant Tenant- controlled supplementary air conditioning to meet a special tenant requirement Generator fuel for a tenant Tenant- installed signage within or on the building 14

15 Base building loads Central plant i.e. chillers, boilers, AHUs Centralised supplementary services provided for tenants Lifts & escalators Toilet exhaust fan Exterior lighting Lighting and power in common areas Exterior signage Generator fuel where it serves central services Car park ventilation and lighting for tenant use HVAC to meet normal office needs HVAC to meet normal office requirements Automatic blinds to control internal temperature 15

16 Data Required Survey plans measured to PCNZ standard Leases, BMS records, after hour records, occupancy surveys Computer count Utility bills, check meter readings, diesel delivery bills 16

17 First time is always the hardest Major challenges: Lack of adequate metering NLA surveys Lack of up to date single line diagrams Need for retro-commissioning 17

18 Facilities Managers Influence MeasureNABERS impact Partially in-sourced building management 1.3 Stars Where building, asset and portfolio manager all feel able to affect efficiency 0.9 Stars Efficiency penalties/incentives to maintenance Contractors 0.4 Stars 18

19 Facilities Managers Skills MeasureNABERS impact Efficiency training program in place 0.5 Stars Where facilities manager reports a higher level of energy efficiency knowledge perform better 1.3 Stars 19

20 Energy Efficiency Consideration Part Load (pumps, fans, chillers, boilers, etc.) After-hours strategy (base building system) Economy cycle Re-heat and humidity control Allowing for a single-tenant or a multiple tenants 20

21 Next steps Is your building NABERSNZ ready? Find out Enabling works? First certified rating- can remain private Focus on the journey Energy efficiency improvement plan Engagement from tenants, property owners etc. 21

22 Education options NABERSNZ Practitioner course A basic knowledge of the Rules, the data required, metering requirements, common problems in existing buildings. Access to the reverse calculator NABERSNZ Assessor course Carry out NABERSNZ Certified Ratings Access to the rating tool 22

23 Questions? You can contact the NABERSNZ Team at the New Zealand Green Building Council: Email: Web: For further information on NABERSNZ visit: For more information on how your organisation can improve your energy efficiency visit: 23

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