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Version 4: Illinois TRM Final TRM Update List 24 th June 2014.

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2 Version 4: Illinois TRM Final TRM Update List 24 th June 2014

3 TRM Request Tracker Version 4.0: Illinois TRM. Item Prioritization Thank you for updating your tracker items! Since last call 11 removed from list leaving: On-hold - 36 Open - 57 High – 32 [18 Exist, 10 New, 4 Question] Medium – 18[4 Exist, 14 New] Low – 7[1 Exist, 6 New] About 2/3 rd open items Commercial/ Industrial, 1/3 rd Residential /Multifamily

4 Impact of Open Measures on Budget Version 4.0: Illinois TRM. Item Prioritization Budget was set up for 40 tracker items We have reviewed the measures and if set at current budget we would suggest: Include 32 High Priority Include 4 medium existing changes and pick 4 of the new Not included: 10 new medium and 7 low Based on the measures, we can address all 57 in the time frame for the V4.0 update. Hour impact – 128 hours Budget impact - $21,400

5 Now we need work papers… Version 4.0: Illinois TRM. Item Prioritization New simplified format of the work papers:format Summary of new measure or change If new measure – blank template to provide content If existing measure – copy version from V3.0 and apply redline changes. (Add ‘comment’ for additional context that should not be in final characterization) Section for stakeholder input

6 Who and by when (assumes 57 items)? Version 4.0: Illinois TRM. Item Prioritization August 1: Work papers for existing measures will be completed October 1: Work papers for new measures will be completed Let us know ASAP if you are unable to create work paper for your issue – e.g. because the original modeling was performed by another party. (1) High(2) Medium(3) Low Grand Total RequesterChangeNewChangeNewChangeNew Amy Buege4 4 Benjamin Lipscomb11 2 Bridgid Lutz4 3 310 Douglas Dougherty1 1 George Roemer2121 6 Jennifer Hinman1 1 Jennifer Hinman, George Roemer 1 1 Kevin Grabner9 3 12 Matt Drury 111 3 Nathan Brown, Anne McKibbin 2 2 Rich Hackner 4 4 8 Roger Baker 1 23 Shraddha Raikar11 13 Travis Hinck 1 1

7 High Priority Version 4.0: Illinois TRM. Item Prioritization Request SummaryRequest TypeRequester Name Make multifamily common area lighting-HVAC interaction factors consistent between Res and Non-ResChangeAmy Buege Treat lighting in multifamily common areas as non-residentialChangeAmy Buege Lighting HOU and peak CFChangeAmy Buege Error in Residential LED DownlightsCorrectionAmy Buege Cooling savings for C&I Thermostat ReplacementChangeBenjamin Lipscomb Thermostat AdjustmentNewBenjamin Lipscomb Correction to EFLH for Unknown building type [**Part of FLH update request below**]ChangeBridgid Lutz Addition of pipes < 1" diameter to Pipe InsulationChangeBridgid Lutz Commercial Building InsulationNewBridgid Lutz Include additional equipment conditions and gas savings in DCVChangeBridgid Lutz Ground Source Heat Pump ReviewChangeDouglas Dougherty Boiler Tune-ups using historical PY3 data for savings factorChangeGeorge Roemer Guest Room Energy ManagementChangeGeorge Roemer Boiler EconomizerNewGeorge Roemer Update Building Types in Section 3.4, GlossaryQuestionJennifer Hinman Furnace Tune up for Small businessesNew Jennifer Hinman, George Roemer Update early replacement definition and assumptions in residential HVAC based on GPY2 evaluation researchChangeKevin Grabner Update algorithm and assumptions for Variable Speed Drives for HVACChangeKevin Grabner Update models/assumptions on EFLH for heating and cooling [**]ChangeKevin Grabner Update models/assumptions on HVAC-Lighting Interaction FactorsChangeKevin Grabner Update algorithm and methodology for industrial steam trapsChangeKevin Grabner Update algorithm and values for thermal regain factor for pipe insulation "TRF" for ILChangeKevin Grabner Update assumptions to current Illinois state energy code (see Measure 4.4.17)CorrectionKevin Grabner Update Tables 2.5 and 2.6 to reflect high impact measures in EE Plans for GPY4-6 and EPY7-9QuestionKevin Grabner Confirm that C&I Cooling Degree Days in Table 3.6 do not contain an errorQuestionKevin Grabner New measure request for dual enthalpy economizerNewRich Hackner New measure request for radiant heater bandsNewRich Hackner New measure request for high efficiency pumpsNewRich Hackner New measure request for ductless heat pumpNewRich Hackner Compressed Air NozzlesNewRoger Baker Include ENERGY STAR ceiling fans in TRMNewShraddha Raikar Translation of California Climate Zones to Illinois Climate ZonesQuestionShraddha Raikar

8 Medium Version 4.0: Illinois TRM. Item Prioritization Request SummaryRequest TypeRequester Name Energy Recovery Ventilator (ERV) [**Duplicate**]NewBridgid Lutz Controls for central domestic hot waterNewBridgid Lutz Energy Management SystemNewBridgid Lutz High Efficiency Central Domestic Water Heating Plants for MFChangeGeorge Roemer Boiler Pipe WrapChangeGeorge Roemer Energy Recovery Ventilator [**Duplicate**]NewGeorge Roemer Boiler Reset Controls for Residential [**Possible Duplicate?**]NewKevin Grabner PC Power ManagementNewKevin Grabner Water Flow Shut-off (Showerstart) DeviceNewKevin Grabner Refrigerator RecyclingChangeMatt Drury ENERGY STAR Clothes DryersNewMatt Drury Central boiler controls with remote averaging indoor temperature sensors [**Possible Duplicate?**]New Nathan Brown, Anne McKibbin Add Steam balancing Measure/main line air vent replacement measureNew Nathan Brown, Anne McKibbin New measure request for stack dampersNewRich Hackner New measure request for Convection OvensNewRich Hackner New measure request for Compressor Waste Heat RecoveryNewRich Hackner New measure request for Insulated Pellet DryersNewRich Hackner

9 Low Priority Version 4.0: Illinois TRM. Item Prioritization Request SummaryRequest TypeRequester Name Low pressure HEPA filtersNewBridgid Lutz Laboratory/fume hood sash controlsNewBridgid Lutz Grease trap filterNewBridgid Lutz Water Heater Temp SetbackChangeMatt Drury Night Covers - Refrigerated Display CasesNewRoger Baker C&I Ground Source Heat PumpNewRoger Baker Add Large mass Cold Cathode Lighting technologyNewShraddha Raikar

10 On-hold? Presentation title to go here “New measure request for adding doors to refrigerated cases” - equivalent to “ Night Covers - Refrigerated Display Case” (Open/Low)? “Variable Refrigerant Flow” and “Cycling refrigerated compressed air dryer”– apparent activity last round

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